I have been a

trained First Responder and I have rendered First Aid to/at car accidents, stabbings and gun shots, dog bite victims and kids who fell out of trees now and then across the span of multi decade career. I am not in any kid of First Responder profession anymore, but I still maintain my CPR and Basic First Aid and HazMat awareness level certifications current and I keep a medical First Aid kit at home and in my vehicles. For many things I am prepared. Even if surprised by the incident.

<Like the time a female housemate woke me up from a mid day nap to reveal that while prepping a potato for the microwave with a steak knife, she had somehow missed the potato and stabbed the knife blade through the top of her hand deep into the potato. The potato was now skewered to her palm. Working on the theory the knife blade itself was plugging the wound and preventing the blood from spurting out I threw on some clothes and drove her straight to the ER. The whole trip there I was praying the potato would not fall off. If it had then I would be bringing a woman partner stabbed with my knife inside my home into the ER with no proof of the story. To jail I would go. Luckily the potato was well skewered and stayed on until the doctors pulled it off. Yeah, as my step daughter said about the incident later, who is stupid enough to do something like that? And we both named the woman. rolling on the floor laughing >

Anyway I was watching an after action medical emergency video today. It occurred to me that my little med kit in my truck would be wholly inadequate for this scenario and I need to add more CAT tourniquets, and maybe some more gauze pads. I am wondering also if a small plexi glass half back board would be something worth adding to the pick-ups storage bin.

This video below about two people on a motor cycle that lost an argument with a truck is graphic, bloody and intense, so if blood and real world injuries bother you, don't watch it.

The narrator gives his medical conclusion. I respect his knowledge but I would probably want to T the 2nd injury too. Also I am not really so sure as to whose injuries here are more severe. To me, stopping the video and looking at person 2 and the position of her hips and legs, I am thinking maybe her injuries may be at least as, if not more severe, but this is an opinion.

I am quite happy that I was never first on the scene for this kind of scenario. There is something about exposed broken bones that makes me cringe and here we have a lot of that. So I need to improve my med kit and enlarge the scenario possibilities when I travel. How about you? We have some med professionals here. Do you fully agree with the narrator's suggestions?.


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I'm also a trained 1st responder, prior USCG aircrewman & know some ER nurses,

I've seen & heard of enough bizarre incidents to know that the more incredible a story is the more certain it to be true.
Nobody could make that shit up.

Mic's Paradox Of Bizarre Happenings -
The more improbable/impossible that something happened - the more likely it is that that's EXACTLY what happened.

A short while ago, I did post op wound care for a guy who had a toe amputated.
The 1st time removing the dressing he expressed concern that I might get sick or freak at the sight.

Me - Seriously? A cleanly amputated toe?! You're shittin' me, right? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Q) What do ER personnel call a motorcyclist without a helmet?

A) An organ donor.

So what is your opinion of the narrator's comments? Do you endorse his assessment?
Overall - yes.
Skinny Medic sized it up well IMO.

As he said - assess & secure the scene.
It was on some part of a road, but couldn't get the overall view.
Maybe(!) recruit bystanders (if any) to alert traffic.
This might be trickier than it seems...some overzealous bystander so recruited might try to halt traffic & get self injured.
Bystanders are wild cards.
They can offer the damned craziest 'beneficial suggestions'.

I'd be less concerned about 2nd degree burns from asphalt than possible spinal injury incurred in moving the victims.
Maybe relieve discomfort by sliding something (vehicle floormat, article of clothing, etc.) under the victims. "A small plexiglass half backboard" would be s good option.
2nd degree burns are more easily resolved than spinal cord injuries with MUCH less chance of permanent damage (paralysis).

An easy way to add a tourniquet to one's 'kit' -
Wear a military style web belt & buckle.
It's always with you, infinitely adjustable, easily applied and simple to adjust/relieve the pressure.
If more than one standard sized such belt is available they can be easily joined tip-to-buckle to extend the length, should that be desirable.

I'm aware of a motorcycle incident in which a leg was totally amputated.
The victim had applied his own web belt/tourniquet and was basically waiting for the ambulance to give him a lift to the hospital.

I'm also a strong proponent of prevention.
Daredevil Evel Knievel wouldn't ride one on the street.
His take on it -
When he was performing his stunts, he was in control.
Riding on the street he'd be surrounded by people operating machines and he didn't know what they might do. And their machines are a lot bigger'n his.

Incidents involving a motorcycle & a train, truck or car (or a stationary tree, for that matter) usually end poorly for the motorcyclist - simple physics.
I'm with Evel on that one thumbs up

Some bystanders can be a real pain in the @ss - hell bent on doing SOME thing...and usually something that won't help & might complicate things.

Sooo...assign 'em something - anything - useful to do... that will get 'em away from the scene.
In the vid, for example, rather than have folks gawking (gagging?) send 'em on an errand...find an umbrella. Or a vehicle floormat. Water. Blankets. Whatever.

I concur about the motorcycles. I have known about 8 or 9 people who were killed on motorcycles. I have known maybe another dozen with brain injuries and broken spines (from motorcycle accidents.

I am in total agreement with you about the burns from the asphalt. I mean who gives a rats butt? The injuries already received are the priority. The man's limbs are almost loss and in a few seconds if those T's aren't in place his blood supply will be. I don't give a durn about the pavement being warm we need to prevent the blood loss and make sure the spine isn't further damaged.

For the woman, Skinny Medic's comment about maybe dragging her off the pavement just put me in shock. With he spine partially severed and or a broken pelvis? What about first do no harm? That one looks so bad I even cringe at the thought of rolling her onto a back board. It may be better to perhaps strap her to a board in that position by sliding the board under her then transport her exactly like that so a surgical team can be the ones to make the decision (and bear the blame if it goes bad) to reverse twist that spine. Her pain hasn't set in yet, but I already know in a few seconds she is going to be screaming like H e ll. There is nothing like having a whole leg forcibly rotated 180 degrees to get someone's attention. A quick check of my papers, nope there is nothing in prior instructions about how to re set a dislocated hip on a scene. I can do an arm, but my training doesn't include legs. That's a pretty rare injury. That looks to me like an posterior wall acetabular fracture-dislocation. Surgery is a must. There are probably bone fragments scattered in her pelvic cavity. Her pelvis itself may also be dislocated based on what we see. Her body is still in shock or we would be hearing nothing but screams. To me, she may be much more seriously injured than the man. His only immediate concern is blood loss through the wounds and having some broken bones reset. This woman however may be expeiencing internal bleeding and organ shut down.

Just pour some water on the pavement to cool it if that heat is a problem. He ll, p iss on it if you have to. That'll cool it. Assess stabalize, immobilize, then arrange transport. Yeah the scene, other cars, that's a given. Have someone park a truck sideways to block traffic. Flares, etc.

The woman's hands seem okay. Another woman (if available) should go hold her hand and talk comfort to her, while you work on her. That will possibly help.

I hear you about the belt. But I prefer the new CAT types, when they are available. Tourniquets hurt, but here I may want 2 or 3 depending on what else we find. :)

"...a surgical team can be the ones to make the decision (and bear the blame if it goes bad) to reverse twist that spine."
And they can make those decision(s) after taking X-rays to accurately diagnose the situation.

Both those folks are "Load & Go!"
Get 'em to an ER/OR STAT!
"I hear you about the belt. But I prefer the new CAT types, when they are available. Tourniquets hurt, but here I may want 2 or 3 depending on what else we find. :)"
BUT however many tourniquets you have at hand (none or a thousand) - if you're wearing a web belt - you'll have ONE more.
And it'll do a right good job holding your pants up 'til you need it grin

Semper Paratus! (Always Ready).

When the US Marines landed in Guadalcanal
they had just one wounded, a marine cut his hand
with a machete, trying to cut off a coconut. This was of course
their first day in Guadalcanal, after that, all they had was hell.
I trust I won't stray TOO far off topic if I sneak in a plug for the USCG...

That's utterly absurd, meth. Totally unbelievable...

And a sterling example of Mic's Paradox Of Bizarre Happenings (see comment above roll eyes )

Interesting war story.
"How'd you earn your Purple Heart?"
"Uhhh... Let's just say it was hand to hand combat."

My known problem is with my big belly isif I take my belt off, at the first step my pants will drop off. laugh
rolling on the floor laughing

Someone who always comes up with 'what if' scenarios is referred to as a 'belt & suspenders guy'... can't be too prepared!

In that scenario 'belt and suspenders' really IS the obvious, literal & logical solution!

Very LoL, because back in the day due to the weight of required gear I did indeed where suspenders to aid the belt under my 'men in black' suit. I mean when you get the 9mm, 2 required clips of ammo, 2 sets of handcuffs, a pocket flashlight, pen, pa[per, an asp baton, maybe a 12 ox texan slap jack for those needing more love than an asp gives, a CAT Tourniquet, 2 nitirle gloves, badge, ID and calling cards, combat carlisle pack, 3 condoms, and a 2 way radio, I needed all the physical support suspenders and a belt could give me. banana peace

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