Country life..again

Everything done and I'm ready for an afternoon of rugby but first must just check the chickens, big mistake, took a few bits of salad stuff with me chucked it over the fence. Oh dear I've a chicken hobbling worse than me, I'm waiting for a new then decides it didn't want catching and let's play hide and seek below the fig tree, air is now turning blue. Finally caught the little darling, under my arm and hobble to the garage to find a box, no boxes I know cat basket, cat basket is in the garage loft more blue air, now where my brains were I've no idea because I'm now climbing the ladder still with little poppet under my arm, yes it's looking at me all the time like I'm bonkers, dam can't reach the basket, back down grab a broom, back up, yes still haven't put down the chicken, hook the basket and down we come. Chicken is now sat on the kitchen table while I think, shame I didn't do that first. I know I'll go to my farmer neighbour and ask their advice, now bear in mind walking is not easy so I pop the chicken in the basket on the seat next to me and drive the 200 meters. Explain to said neighbours I think it's ill do I need to go to the vets with it, chicken is thoroughly checked while their laughing to inform me nothing wrong with it it's just old.
Back now I can watch the rugby, Sat quite happily and a mouse runs across the floor. Normally I manage to guide them out through the front door, not this one, furniture moved so it runs to the other end of the room, more furniture moved, Hoover going, yes they don't like that friend comes round to make sure I'm behaving and relaxing. Now there's the two of us trying to catch it, me with a useless leg and as she's just had an op on her shoulder one arm.what's it doing, it's climbing my bottles of wine in the rack and I'm not happy at that, as we take out the bottom row up it goes, next row up it goes, it now has a broom up its bum and sets off across the floor again. Yes finally got it in a bucket and dispatched, it should never have touched my wine.
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Am I invited?
To the rugby or chasing chickens and mice.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing sorry couldn't help laughing. I would feel the same if a mouse touched my beer beer
er, to whatever you have in mindblushing
I wouldn't mind I've three cats and one was asleep on the sofa when it all kicked off, it just raised its head, looked and went back to sleep.
doh oh no, starve them if you want them to catch mousey,sgrin
Is what cats do best, sleep, big cats, small cats
is in it's nature way of life.
I would but they'd catch more mice. Went upstairs one night to find a mouse Sat on the bed having a wash and a dam cat Sat next to it.
doh Emmy wow

Well like you said country life.
Better a mouse than a pig grin or ratgrin in yout bed laugh
I used to be a towny, now I don't smell the shit in spring and I airiate the lawn with my heels.
What you need, not a husband
an exterminator will do bestlaugh
But normally nothing gets killed here, but this one just went too far.
Hi emmy,
Im just curious as to what game you were watching?
It was the Wales one, I at least got to watch the full England one
Awwwe the country life.complete with mice and sleeping cats.wondering.if the barn has bats? Lots of luck ...
Yes I've those flying around too along with cows breaking into the garden and eating my roses.
All. That chicken may be a sentinel life sign. And yep, rodents, can sometimes have formidable streaks. My big strong Bravo does chase all sorts, especially favoring red and grey squirrels. Of course he never catches any, and I wonder if he'd know what to do if he did. But years ago, another 50 Kg dog, a golden retriever named Beau, cornered a field mouse in the garage here. Some chasing around went on for quite a while, bringing tears of laughter to all present, including the young twin girls. But here's the kicker. Finally, the tiny rodent seemingly had had enough. It stopped and reared up on its hind legs, all 8 cm, squarely facing down the large canine. Beau then looked back at all of us, everyone chortling uncontrollably, as if for approval. He then sat down a meter or two away from the intrepid little creature, hackles now down. Then the mouse proudly, gingerly, sauntered off, underneath a wood pile. And Beau next gave out a few doggy cries, then walked over to us, tail way down between his legs. True story, folks.
You must be eggstatic there's nothing wrong with the chicken, a trip to the vet with it would have been no yoke hole laugh
I am and its still hobbling today poor old thing.
is it legal to shoot in that country of yours?
Yes, but not easy to get a licence. I never kill my animals unless they are suffering, then it's not me.
I didn't mean to shoot animals

but to practice in your back yardgrin my back yard too smalllaugh
I need one to shoot the rats but to get a gun involves an exam and police checks.
wow, really. here you can buy a gun with your
driver license. is why we're kaputlaugh

with a .22 caliber would be enough to practice.
I wouldn't shoot a squirrel, but I could shoot a rat. thumbs up
I grew up shooting rats so I'm ok with that but these will get poison
laugh ok, hoe do you say rat in French, le ratgrin
Oui jai les rat
oh, les rat, ok
when in town, I'll bring my Hennessy
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