While some sleep

Some are all about doing very evil things .
Yesterday morning I got up to some very bad and sad news indeed .
A woman I had known , very hard working , humble and minding her own business got killed together with her husband , she was so young and full of life , both of them I should say , but I really know the young woman and she was ( 34 ) years old . The killers left her two young children , thank God they did not kill them as well , she was such a good mother with her children , always saying she want there further to be brighter than hers .
This left a very sour taste in my mouth and also depress .
I hope the children would be in good hands .
I wish I could take them , because I know there mother was a lovely person .I pray the family get justice . R. I .P my friend .
If only the people in this world were not so cold hearted , well most people I guess .
Just venting my hurt and pain , this shook me up .

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That is shocking. Those kids will never be the same again.

How are you doing through this?

I sure hope they catch these murderers!

Sorry for your loss and God bless you!sad flower
This is horrific news. I'm so sorry
So sad to hear this cruel news.
No One has the right to murder someone.
sad flower doh
I am sorry about the loss. Sadly we live in a Universe where such things are not uncommon. We always mourn the loss of innocents. We hope her children will in time grow up otherwise normally and not have lives ruled by hate. Their loss was horrible of course. We presume from your writing they were victims of criminal activity and we hope their killers will soon be brought to trial and punishment.
You know , yesterday I started writing this blog , but I was to distraught to continue and So I deleted what I typed . Just last month I saw her waiting on a taxi to go home and I turned around and droped her home , that was the last time I saw her .
I cannot function properly .
She was such a humble , quiet person , nobody could say anything negitave about her .
This really hit me hard .
Thank you , each and everyone for your kind words , to help me through this trying times .
Only God knows .
Once again thank you sll
Very sorry to hear Ann. Please stay safe yourself...and I hope for the best out of this horrible situation.sad flower
hug so sorry about that news hug

It's like the worlds gone mad, with wars, killings, knife crimes, seems most days something truly sad comes on the news.

Let's hope these children get loads of loving and given time end up like their mum would be proud of .
Today at 12,30 am my precious friend will be laid to rest . The last child thinks his mommy is hiding from the bad men and she is waiting for the police to arrest them in order for her to come home , aching heart . R, I P Onicka Craft gone but it will take s long time to erase your from my memory .

I am trying to come to terms with this situation , unbelievable .
My condolences on the tragedy sad flower

While some sleep some are doing evil things indeed. The attacks in NZ are terrifying. We are living in an increasingly frightening world
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