Its D day today for our Brexit and thought I'd bump zman up dunno dunno can't find him on this very important day.

Hope he has not been handcuffed scold no not by female but by Spanish police for daring to voice an opinion blues

Or was his blog too longconfused for mods.

yay yay yay zman where are you, hoping you are well at least teddybear

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I bumped his blog toward yourslaugh
Red, day out yesterday on the east coast dancing am bringing the blog up to date shortly.
Luke thanks I couldn't find him at all doh just glad he wasn't in jail grin teddybear
Zman applause glad your not in clutches of Spanish cops very mad

Hope you enjoyed your walking.

I should have been with walking group but had the final part of crow fitting. It looks fine but if drops out wow I'll stay toothless grin I'd rather have my cheapy hols .teddybear
Red, having a missing tooth can be handy for drinking a pina colada through a straw drink pouring laugh
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing , never drunk that before but a beer would suck up fine laugh laugh cheers
Red in Spain there are female police officers, but they don't have a habit of handcuffing people.

Zman you were on the east coast ? Did you visit Daniela?
Mmm now ishtar zman might liked being handcuffed grin

He did tell me if on social networks he slates the Spanish government's they would handcuff him.doh so he is being a good lad and walking dancing
Red, can't say the thought of being handcuffed has any appeal doh

Ish, the answer to your question.....no.
Glad your a bit sane then, I have handcuffed myself to a fence sigh I was younger then laugh laugh
Red, I'm guessing that would have been Greenham Common dunno
Nope against fracking, laugh fracking I said laugh laugh plus GM crops.

Last I will do teddybear
Hey Red did you know it's a crime to never have had a Pina Colada? Guess your a criminal. They taste best at a beach on a hot day. We have many hot days and beaches.
Yep unfayzed I am a criminal grin I will Google the pino what's its name grin and see what's init laugh laugh
It's RUM and coconut milk usually frozen. My BFF uses vanilla ice cream because she uses so much rum it over powers the coconut. I don't drink it often but when I do I drink tooooo much.
laugh Red if he was prepared to do the crime then 'time' would surely have come next...laugh
Now that unfayzed sounds good but I cant take my drink anymore fore some reason, just beer
Luken only TIME grin will tell if they catch him laugh laugh

They have not got a cat in hells chance of catching me, I sign for my next property next Wednesday, and probably move beginning of April. laugh laugh

The only downside if fortune hunters are looking for me because of a legacy left fo me blues blues I'm snookered then peace

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