Rod Stewart

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Rod Stewart brilliant and has sung songs and never hid his advancing years. I like his older voice too.peace
And, Peebles, he's got those Betty Davis eyes going.
I red, I thought this was quite interesting. Nearly swallowed by a whale....laugh

** Hi Red...

Sorry about that.
Cat Steven wrote, The First Cut Is the Deepest.
Thanks, Luke!

I'm a big fanlaugh

I read somewhere that this song was offered to him but he was busy and turned this down

my son and I used to wake up to this songlaugh

those sexy spandex...

Rhythm of My Heart is my favourite. We play it each time we leave a port.
I also like Rod Stewart. This is one of my favourite songs:


Have to confess, have never been a HUGE fan of Rod, aside from a couple of songs of his; you posted one of them and this one.

This song takes me back....when we were teenagers sunning ourselves on Waihi Beach in the summer holidays, and this song blasting over the loud speaker of the local surf club.


I forgot this blog was still on herelaugh
This is an oldie that topped the charts here in SA a loooong ting

** time
....and I like this one too.....thumbs up

hug heart wings
Rodney never lost his fan base they've been with him for more than 40 years!
Hi Luke wave

I was a big fan of his...and remember my son playing all his songs. smitten
Like Chat sez, if one likes his style then you stay his fan for a long time.

One has to salute this once grave digger for surviving so long. handshake cheers
pedro27: "A mortal sin"(meet us in the forums)

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