AI, and just what goes on in counseling...

...Individual adult therapies, groups for children, families, couples, even our dogs. Most folks would be surprised to learn of how the various programs that train counselors teach the craft. Many adhere to unproved dogma, such as rank behavioralism, or Freudian psychodynamics. Where there is some evidence of efficacy, as with CBT, didactics are often sloppy. You read papers or books on the techniques, then have supervision during training, on what goes on in working with your charges. Rarely, mostly in learning family work, two way mirrors are involved. but systematic testing on knowledge, techniques or success is not the rule. No wonder we hear of so many incompetent counselors. But when AI advances enough, perhaps using depth cybernetics, based on quantum phenomena and speed, and including near human levels of relating, psychotherapy may finally be much more effective. And as an added bonus, no more having the doctor trying to put her hand up your kilt.

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Here they do it with the help of earth spirits, crystals, sacred fires, some cactus and even cacao with shamans guiding you through your emotional problems. Some cleansing rituals are also involved. Don't know if it works as I have not tried any of it yet. People pay for it so it must work at some level.
Yep, ES. All that and more. As P T Barnum new well, often if you charge folks more for some things, they value these more. This way to the EGRESS, folks.
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