"No One Is Perfect" Therefore We Supposed To Make Mistakes!( By falicia's Own Experiences)

So Do Not Worry If You Do Make Mistakes!
Just Learn from Them!
And Try Not To Do Them Again!
Do Not Let Any one To Disrespect You, Because You Did a Mistake!
That is How We Learn In Life! By Doing Mistakes!
Many Discovered and Great Inventions Are Been Done by Making Mistakes!
So Hold Your Head Up!
And Do Not Worry!
Thank you!
By falicia

What Is Your Opinion?

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Comments (7)

Hello falicia wave Years back an older engineer friend of mine taught me, when a person makes a mistake, and learns from them, its not a mistake, its a lesson, a life lesson. And how a person handles making a mistake does show the true measure of a person.
Already from young, I said, that first time making mistake is understandable.....second time in the same thing making mistake is bad......and the third time a mistake in the same thing is not acceptable anymore.
I have work it well in my own life, but then I realized, that in one thing I failed and that is in relationshipsfrustrated

So I had to take a real grip on my self.....have been completely by my self for 6 years .......and when I was last week to massage, a Lady ask me, if I'm still alone and why.....so I told her, that I have no problems to get somebody, but I have to confess, I am scared.....perhaps I have no made an other kind of mistake, staying to long alone and now afraid, that somebody come and mess up my peaceful lifedunno laugh
One also has to forgive themselves as well as learn from the mistake.
Good stuff.wave
Unfayzed hit the nail on head too thumbs up
Respected Falicia head banger
You're very right No One Is Perfect. doh
Perfect people's have nothing to do here. wave
They live far from the imperfect people. blushing
Have no concern with materialistic World. : love

peace teddybear bouquet
It kinda sounds like you're pretty good at making some errors,. . .. and maybe even a coupe mistakes, . . . Are we talking about the mistakes you've made with your choices in your lovelife, .. . or are we talkin about something a little more seriouscool

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