What about before

Have you ever thought about what you may or may not have done before to deserve what you got now? Reading about karma....not only karma in this life, but karma carrying over from many lives before. It is said that if we treated people bad in a previous life, we will be treated bad in a life yet to come...possibly this life. So with that said, are we exactly where we are today because of multitudes of life decisions? Being a simple person, I always thought we were where we are at because of present life decisions.

What about it? If you are a miserable bastard today and believe you have never wronged anyone, maybe it is payback for something a 1000 years ago. Or, maybe you are just an idiot and failed to see something from somebody's perspective eye whom you put tears in.


Anyway, where is Robert? I was waiting for part II.


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Johnny bro cheering
As you sow
So shall you reap
Give my regards to Robert. hug
peace bouquet teddybear
I actually think we are here to learn and experience so if you look at it like that then its possible you have experienced good lives and have now chosen to experience a not so good life....rather than karma....I do believe in cause and effect but not something that is gonna follow you through lifetimes....wave
Hmmmm.. interesting. It's a scary subject.

If you know little about Theravada Buddhism, you will know that Buddha apparently had 550 odd lives, or was born 550 odd times before he attained Nibbana/Nirvana.

I don't want to think of Nirvana. Apparently a woman can never be a Buddha. So I just live my life till I am born a man.mumbling

Then if you haven't read, you must read Gina Cerminara's book, Many Mansions.

I don't like the idea of Karma carried forward. I must be able to see what I am paying for. My bad this life, should be punished this life.

Anyway, if the B**** can wait another life time to catch me, I must have done something good this life. grin

Have a good night!wave
Catholicism teaches that babies are born with original sin AKA two thousand years of bad karma. Not a hint of good karma in there.

They teach thst babies who die before being baptised don't go to heaven, but go to a type of limbo, as they have sin in them. I always thought thst was a particularly cruel teaching, especially for parents who had stillbirths.

I am more a reap what you sow person.

Or sometimes, unfortunately, reap what is sown for you.

Early childhood is basically when our lives are shaped, and it is events and treatment which happen then have tje most profound effects on us., bad or good.

But apart from that, it is up to ourselves.

Short version ..no, it's not true.
Karmic laws,etc.and Christianity:

Just a little pre-Easter commentary.

ROBERT !?!??

rolling on the floor laughing

Donnie Darko-Frank
Ash, I haven't opened your links, but links cannot prove anything one way or another about something (afterlife) which can't be proven either way anyway.

In Catholicism, there is not just heaven and hell believed in. There are ante-rooms such as purgatory and limbo as well.
I didn't invent Catholic teachings, but I did have to learn them, and endure them.
Hello Tim, a long time no see. It is nice to see you again. Yes Tim, supposedly even over 1000's of years time span, we will still reap and sow

Thanks Tim.

. wave
Hello M4,

I read somewhere once where the Chinese believed that the soul can choose which body to inhabit. So, when you talk about choosing...that is what comes to mind. It is interesting you say it is more of a choice of free will, rather than some long debit/credit sheet that needs to be balanced in the end.

Hello Usha,

Hmmm...is exactly what I thought when you say that women can never be Buddha...in other words, never reach full enlightenment? I presume anyway.

I am very happy you have recommended that book. I am very curious about Edgar Cayce...and as a bonus, it fits into this subject as well. grin I just ordered it.

Be good Usha...it is never too late for the B**** to catch anyone...I think anyway. laugh

Thanks for sharing Molly.
That is why I posted the links.
Teachings come in many forms.

Morning Johnny!
I think Robert is wearing a bunny suit.

rolling on the floor laughing
Hello Molly,

That is also interesting...being born with original sin, not a hint of good in there. If that is true, that makes me really wonder about the purpose of our lives. In other words, we are born in debt. In other words, this life is, by default, dominated by evil...if you will. Usually religion is taught to somebody from childhood days...perhaps a way to rid the default evil within us? If true, if we remove religion from our childhoods, does that mean there is a higher chance of displaying evil in adulthood?

...a lot of questions I suppose.

Thanks Molly for that information...I have never heard that before. I have heard of the original sin, but didn't understand about what it meant.

Hi Johnny wave

I agree with M4 on this one. YES, it is a choice we make before we incarnate.
Nothing to do how we behaved in past lives and having to pay for it!
Hello Ash,

Why for days (28 days to be specific) has Robert been just standing there in the shadows? rolling on the floor laughing


P.S., I will check out some of your links when I find some time...probably in the next 10 weeks....been very busy lately. :(....but I will check them. :)
Johnny, I don't think removing religious teaching from people increases the chances of evil.

I think morality and humanity discussion is more important than any manmade religion.

Both good and evil are part of the human psyche. Understanding this,and learning to channel the good over the evil is what is important.
Hello Daniela,

Thank you for your insight. I do know that you have a lot of knowledge and experience in this area. Whether a choice or perpetual karma, both views do have something similar in common, in that, past lives have existed for us.

I agree with that Molly. I think religion attempts to instill good in the fabric of human beings....not necessary...if there is another way of instilling that similar good in people.
Thanks for the compliment Johnny..blushing

I wouldn't consider myself particularly knowledgeable in this specific area but...
Learning from experience and not being religious helps me see things in a more rational way.

Although I do believe in past lives and also a collective consciousness...we are also given a choice whether we want to incarnate or not and what do we want to work on...

Future lives on earth don't have to be either if we choose not to be recycled.

However...I do believe in the law of cause and effect ...in this life...according to our actions.
when people talk about karma, I have to think about all the people

that did bad things to others, I mean, real bad things

still, they died peacefully
your comment is exactly to the fact......just simple without man made storiesthumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

And what I understand, Buddha means the same as Osiris meant to Egyptians, no matter you are a man or a woman......it is the pure righteous of your heart state.

you made it just more clearerthumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

Seems no one, err not enough people ordered the pay per view, nor bought a seat to the once in a decade event. So, it got cancelled. But hey, at least you saved 5000 dollars on the bet.

Maybe the contest will take place at another time in the future. cheers
How do Johnny wave
There was a time I was drawn into re-carnation and the possibilities of there being any truth to it all, as inviting as it all sound, I eventually closed the book on the matter mainly because of my belief in Jesus in all he thought and preached... unlike man roll eyes God did not complicate life so it's my belief he blessed his creation with one soul, one body.

I do not believe everyone gets what they deserve anymore then I believe what people get is what they deserve eh" or is that the same thing confused giggle
I believe sometimes things go wrong for right reasons, reasons why I'm convinced there is more to coincidence then what meets the eye, I however do not believe in Karma and again because of my beliefs in Jesus Christ. angel
Frank said...
"28:06:42:12 comes from the lunar year: 27d 7h 43m 11s = 27:07:43:11 add or subtract 1 from every number.. and u get 28d 06h 42m 12s"
cheers another Full Moon blog so we will see you both (together)..or just Frank.rolling on the floor laughing banana banana

I will let that image sink in.
You can skip my religious links.peace
Nope never thought something was coming back to bite me in the bumgrin

Maybe some event gave me a guilty conscience sigh

But we all know laws of average, and we will all have done something in our lives that pricked our consciences, plus they also say we dont get out of this life alive grin so yes somethings will happen to us that's sad. Or kicks us in the gut banana in the whole of our lives.

Nothing strange really its life peace
this is it we only get one go around in this life on earth. this is a testing ground for eternal life.
Hi J,
People don't really hate me in this life, so I'm guessing I did not do tooooo badly in my past life..banana laugh
Mr string .... thumbs up

I do so love it when we're on the same page hug wine
Maybe, maybe not.

One never knows..

I once wrote a story about a field where different flowers were arguing over which flower group would take power and reign over the field of plants. The carnations won for a time. They were known as the REIGN-CARNATIONS! wow

Also, you ever hear of Veja Du?
It’s when you’re doing something, and you suddenly discover, you’ve never done that something before. Weird, huh? confused

I thought it’d go 28 days, but after a bottle of prune juice and some fiber, I’m okay. I’m regular again. grin
rolling on the floor laughing Bunny Tracks
Flower Power..applause
Re Mollybaby: Look at the damage Catholicism has done to the world....sad flower
What preposterous bullshit anyway. At least Buddhism makes a little more sense (in my opinion).
Hello Meth,

Yes, I think many do die peacefully....but maybe the dying is the penalty...or otherwise? dunno Who knows what the afterlife is....I certainly do promote maintaining and living a long happy life. There are some people I know that I truly think that they are unable to remain on a steady course in life...or unable to make decisions in life that promote an enjoyable...or at minimum, a peaceful path. And of course, people just born into challenging environments. :(

...just pondering thoughts here...I know nothing.

Hello Bek,

Thank you for sharing your opinion.
Hello Robert,

Nice to see you hear. I think you are right, it was best you pulled it. I didn't have the 5K anyway. laugh

...good things...

Hello IW,

It sounds like you have similar thoughts as me...about what happens in this life is what ultimately defines....creates our "full-circle"...as somebody once defined it to me.

But, the question that came to mind as I was reading your comment was....who is our God...and what are his capabilities...I suppose. With the right Being as being our God, perhaps there is more to karma. I know I am not being very specific with this last comment.


Hello Ash,

The higher self diagram is something I have never heard of before. That is interesting and I appreciate you sharing it with me. thumbs up


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