Hollywood College Scandal - Question I Have.....

By now most have been aware of the massive Hollywood College scandal involving celebrities paying to have their children accepted into universities that they may not have earned a spot on their own. If you are unaware I will provide a link to the scandal. My question is this.

Should the students who benefited from this scandal be expelled from school?

It's a simple yes or no question. I say yes they should. They did not earn their way in. The actions of their parents deprived some other person from attending that school.

It is no different than if their parents had stolen an automobile and given it to the child. The child is not at fault but still cannot keep the car.

What say you?

Comments (6)

the ones waiting to start, won't go

and the ones already in, are going out

according to colleges
to think, Beatles said, 'money can't buy me love"confused
The real GOD in no MONEY.
yes because they got in through deceit......wave
Boot those junior aristocrats. They are blocking me out of the student-debt racket.
How about the ones who already graduated? This is widespread, goes back a while, and touches even your royal family

And when I say goes back a while - Fred Trump donated to Wharton, when Donald went there. But that of course is probably just generosity and COMPLETELY different.

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