Disgusting disgraceful and much more.

Many IRA set free in GOOD FRIDAY AGREEMENT killers, but in the name of peace were freed.

I watched a helicopter in one of the Irish festive marches video 2 brit soldiers being in wrong place at wrong time, the video shows them being marched off into a field and point blank shot in the head blues

Now we should not be opening that can of worms and hopefully May steps in on this one.

I am extremely sorry for all ON BOTH SIDES who lost loved ones but enough is enough.

Comments (51)

If that is going to happen, there is going to be more blood baths.......we can never get peace, if we don't learn to forgive, no matter how hard it is to do should only be a memory, for to learn, to not do it again.
They opened fire on a peaceful civil rights parade and killed 18 innocent civilians.

The only injustice here is that the families of those killed have had to wait this long.

And if it were either loyalist or republican paramilitaries had done it, I also believe they should have been brought to trial for it.

Nobody is above the law. Especially those who are supposed to keep law and order.
Molly we could then go further.

Who put nail bombs in London hitting police, their horses, and civilian bystanders.

Who bombed pubs especially where service personnel drank off duty.?

I could of course go on about mothers wives and fathers and husbands who lost their loved ones.

To drop those bombs on civilians was not war it was killers.

Those young men who were taken into a field and shot in the head, were not on duty, nor carrying weapons, that was an act of murder.

See molly hug it can go on and on. We all agreed in the Good Friday Agreement enough was enough.

We could of course start witch hunts on who played those bombs, who cold blood killed those two young men for justice for those families doh but that would mean bloodbaths hatreds would surface again.

No one in their right minds wants all that again after so much progress has been done to forgive and forget.

Anyways news has just said this soldier has been charged with murder. blues blues

I thought me going out waving banners for pure injustice was over. Seems not.

it was in fact a civil war.....and exactly every single war can only stop, by using forgiveness.....mentality of giving back is only making new bad blood to in a civil war, there are even more reason to give back.

We had a civil war in Finland and a very horrible , where even women, that had done nothing, was taken to the forest in the final outcome and with cold blood executed.

From my Fathers side, there was involved on one side and from my Mothers side on the other was brothers and sisters against each other .....neighbors taken to the back of the barn, killed and put into manure pile.

But the wisdom safe our Country, the winners stopped the executions and let them go home.....and the government that was full of the winners, made quickly new laws to give land to the poor, that had been to looser and the take the land from the rich one, that had won the war.

Without forgiving, Finland had never been so solid together, when facing Stalin's army, that attack Finland with 20 times bigger it has always been a good lesson for me by my self, so I don't see any reason, why a enemy can become a friend.

Digging in after 40 years, when already made peace, is nothing else than seeking revenge and far from any wisdom.
Correcting.....why an enemy can not become a friend.
Northern Ireland has come a long way in the last 20 years. There has been virtual peace from both sides and they are working together.

However, Bloody Sunday has always hung over this. This was not the usual Catholics against Protestants tit for tat killings.

This was an orchestrated mass murder by British soldiers who were ironically brought in originally to protect the Catholic community from the Protestant loyalists who were bring them out of their homes.

The paras (parachute regiment ) were the most feared people in NI as they constantly carried out atrocities against the very people they were supposed to protect.

Read the Saville Report which was commissioned by the British Government if you want more details on Bloody Sunday.
Berkard thumbs up yes I agree with you. I did hear stories and another side to 2nd world war from my mother who was German and escaped from Russian zone after the war. She held deep inside all her life a hatred, I am so glad I could not hold hatred in my heart.

Atrocities civil war or otherwise as always been there. I could and do not still understand when killing is right and when it's wrong. Killing is killing blues
Oh molly molly hug no killing is different its killing

I have myself been a soldier, my ancestors my sons and all have been trained and seen things (not myself) but my sons when they have left Iraq, Bosnia what they saw , they all work together and think differently than civilians. The army is their family. My youngest son saw two of his colleagues jumping out of a tank on fire in Iraq they were in flames, the civilians whom they were helping stoned them, jeered them, how do you feel they would feel?? Now Iraq is trying to take brit soldiers to trial. doh

I am so glad my sons after a few years of course have moved on and become civilians again. They hold no hatred in their hearts and just say they can tackle anything in life after theve seen the way some people have to live.

I think they saw worse than what we can imagine and even think the good Friday Agreement was the best way out of the delima both countries were in.

It's all sad very sad handshake
“Crime is crime is crime. It is not political, it is crime,”

Margaret Thatcher
That's ok, Red.
I really didn't expect you to see it objectively.
As you say, soldiers are like a family. The kind of family that even when they do wrong, they are protected from those outside the family.

The Irish army is not involved in aggression, in that they don't invade other countries. They only go abroad as part of the UN Peacekeeping corp. But if one of them committed an atrocity, I would expect them to be brought to court for it. As I said already, nobody is above the law.
Jaap thumbs up
Molly that is quite disingenuous of you.

I was talking about soldiers when they are trained to look out for each other in war conditions. THEY ARE A FAMILY.
If you have got to know me even a little you will know I would not excuse my sons in
Anything they did against the law. !!

Your mind set is like my mothers I can see that, but I still loved her did not understand but loved her until she died.
That is what I meant about family, Red.
But it is them v non-them, isn't it?
I u understand that mentality. I don't agree with it, but understand it.

I know the police have the same type of thing going on. We had a case here of a policeman who couldn't put up with the bad practice /corruption he saw and became a whistleblower. They totally closed ranks and set out to destroy his career and his life. They even put false paedophile charges on him. This happened from the top down. They are a 'family' and protect their own from outsiders even when in the wrong.
The Two Faces of a Coin

There is an ancient proverb that goes something like this:
Even if you cut away at a coin a million times, there will always be two sides.
Red, I couldn't agree with you more handshake

where some cannot move away, others will use, because they don't WANT to ....

It's an insult to both sides of the dead sad flower

mumbling mumbling mumbling doh

Respected EXRED.
You're very right.
Killing Murdering Blasting Bombs
All are for to extend their power and show to World they are brave. doh yay
All propaganda on media all over the World.
We can't find the truth it's such a Floolish Media. frustrated peace hug
I was talking about soldiers when they are trained to look out for each other in war conditions. THEY ARE A FAMILY.

I think what Red mean is when a soldier is doing active duty then they trust and depend on each other even more than blood family. Yes a bond is formed, there is no other way.

I agree that atrocities committed based on personal beliefs and actions should be punished.
The words: Forgive and Forget, are just words that console most at the time and don't really mean a thing. Most folk will never forget and only forgive in words.

Molly hug hug hug
Ash that coin you were talking about, I sanded it dow removing all writing etc from both sides. I then used immense heat and engraved LOVE on both sides. No matter which side it said love.teddybear
Itchy great song, and your words so true, it's an insult to those that died on both sides. Let them rest I say hug hug
Tim yes all sad indeed. Its hatred all over the world, it makes for dirty air.handshake
Luken yes forget , forgive, are just words but said often enough it has knock on effect. Like a smile folk smile back at you not knowing why.

In Ireland they said it would take generations for hate to grow out. Consentrait on the children, don't segregate them join them in schools and activities.

I know with my own mother how things stayed in her mind, but she loved my father so very few times in my life did it come to the fore with her. That hatred, and she said once history does not give truth on what happened all one sided.

I felt very sad for my mother holding that inside all her life.

I do hope we get past all this, and it does not bring hidden hatreds to the foreteddybear
Red, I try my best to avoid such controversial issues that may result in dispute and disagreement due to a difference of opinion.
I know of parents who were tied up and were forced to watch their toddlers get raped over and over again. Will they be able to forgive and forget? I can tell you of many such atrocities but all of them fill me with disgust. Even this Brenton Tarrant, who committed the shootings in NZ this morning, cant just be judged cos we don't know what led up to him taking this decision. Unless of course he is mentally unstable and was influenced. And I guess that will be his plea.
I cannot go on the blogs closed to comment on the New Zealand, sad flower

How so very sad when terrorists strike again. I just cannot believe it happening again sad flower

Now dreadful videos shown on internet frustrated

No respect for those that's lost their lives.sad flower

I think the biggest threat to humans is not global warming its terrorists.

If we are concerned in conservation for our young in the future, I think taking hatred out their heart, an initial reaction to bad happenings, will help too.

Hate just carries on like a terrible virus. Infecting many.

Luken yes I understand what your saying, and yes those atrocities are unimaginable for someone like me sitting in my safe home. Yes I realize forgiving and forgetting is maybe just cannot be achieved, I saw that with my mother when it creeped out of her soul. She still got on with life and taught us war was wrong and ALL sides did bad things. She could not rid herself of hate, covered it up to teach us a better way.

That's all I'm saying think of future generations, and I have never shied away from controversial issue when I feel strongly about something. I dont feel hate only deep sadness teddybear
It just seems ironic that most all global wars are in the name of religion which is beyond sad. All religions are guilty it seems.

I'm so sorry.
Unfayzed yes it makes me very sad, my thoughts at this terrible moments are with the families affected in New Zealand sad flower
forget is the way of the world..........................

forgive............ NEVER !!
I understand that SA I was brought up with it.

I have had to wrestle with that one too.

What does it achieve if we don't move on. Only inflict our young with the virus of hatred.blues

Such hard work over years and many lives lost to regain a modicum of peace, do we smash it all because the small fraction of hate rears its ugly head to bring it all back.

In Germany the small fraction of nazi's that group together, same as Ireland small group left from the troubles stirring it. Its quite easy I see all over the world to whip civilians into a frenzy and that hate comes to the surface. That is dangerous and very sad.

There is a BIG difference between



So true dont know if I could forgive those men who were marched into a field made to kneel and shot in the headblues or seeing legs and arms after a planted bomb goes off. Inhumanity to man.

Nor Iraq's who stoned burning soldiers jumping out of a tank. Civilians they were. THe result of one or too goading the rest on, mass hysteria blues

Move on we must or what then dunno

I even think of our miners strike the way the police brutalised our strikers. It happed so long ago, could not happen now, we move on.

"Ash that coin you were talking about, I sanded it dow removing all writing etc from both sides. I then used immense heat and engraved LOVE on both sides. No matter which side it said love"

That's it thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up teddybear

yes, the Religions bring in extremism and they are now and was heavily in the past, the biggest reason for wars, genocide and terrorism......even Buddhist extremist are working heavily genocide on Muslims in Myanmar, no matter Buddha was the most peaceful ever.
Specially when the Religions are Man made and have a Man made God, then many of the believers, act in line with that.....and I mean here EGO direction, where MY God is the only one, MY Book is the only right one....and all other are heretics or Satanic.

Like I have said many times before," How different this World could be, without Religions"
Red, you are the only one talking about hate dunno

I am smply talking about justice. They are not putting that soldier up against a wall and shooting him in cold blood -an eye for an eye. I don't believe in that.

He is simply being brought to court for the crimes he has commited.

I would think most people would agree that crimes shouldn't go unpunished.

If ones daughter was raped, or son shot dead in cold blood, I would think a court case is the very least you could expect, and deserve.
you are right....but the sentence should be handled i a reasonable time,after it is known who has done it.......after starting the process long after peace deal is looks more like in line with cases where crimes are done and cleared up with money and then when the money is used, starting again as a cord case.....what looks to be the case very often in USA in these days.
Bek, I totally agree with you. And so would the family of thr victims.

But when you have to deal wuth cover-ups and lies from both the British army and government for years, you'll know why it took so long. It wasn't until the Saville Report that the truth came out.

The soldier will probably get off anyway. That's another reason for waiting so long. Witnesses have died, etc.
Bekard yes I am rubbing my cointeddybear
Molly I mention deep seated hatred as I feel that's what this case is about 40years and as you say witnesses are past away. It's the timing too.

However you and I will have to agree to differ or we defeat the smallest part of moving on.hug
The coin..
I am extremely sorry for all ON BOTH SIDES who lost loved ones but enough Love is enough.
If I may..bouquet
Ash yes it can be hard but for future generations it's a must.

My coin will stay in my pocket to keep me on track hug hug

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