Disgusting disgraceful and much more.

Many IRA set free in GOOD FRIDAY AGREEMENT killers, but in the name of peace were freed.

I watched a helicopter in one of the Irish festive marches video 2 brit soldiers being in wrong place at wrong time, the video shows them being marched off into a field and point blank shot in the head blues

Now we should not be opening that can of worms and hopefully May steps in on this one.

I am extremely sorry for all ON BOTH SIDES who lost loved ones but enough is enough.

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Red, if you don't mind me saying, that ain't gonna happen scold

Rumour has it, Track likes being on top roll eyes

The same issue exists in Spain regarding old killings and crimes during it's civil war, the things of WW2 (and for a long time Belgium regarding its rape during WWI), Serbia, My Lai (only 1 was charged, but the trigger pullers were many), Treblinka, Palestine, Kosovo, Congo, Angola, etc. Why should old murders ever be forgotten?
Itchy laugh laugh we will see.grin

Nope my coin keeps my feet on the ground I'm not perfect grin so need something to keep the live hug teddybear
Keep the LOVE alive. laugh laugh
Ken I hear you, all these atrocities happened different countries , different laws, I don't think we can lump them altogether.

Irish and Brit conflict went on for years, and yes I am no naive enough to think atrocities on both sidesblues

Then years of hard work to see a solution, got to give credit to all leaders for to find a path through such differences. FORGIVENESS, FORGETTING, OR ACCEPTANCE that this was the only way forward.

Prisoners set free, IRA given free pass to move around. If this soldier goes to trial, what then, seek out prisoners who were set free, hunt IRA down scold I think not.

Good Friday Agreement ends all that or it will return to bad old days, and the fractions of terrorists left under cover will come to the fore all over.

As itchy pointed out makes a mockery of those killed and the years of hard work to have peace.

Seems the best hope now is a change of leadership, perhaps then this madness can be put to bed forever very mad
sorry red but these soldiers murdered these people and were allowed to be free while they should have been tried and jailed ..I s one law for some I thinks is a farce trying them now 1 person shamefull really is not justice
Sorry John if this soldier is brought to trial, that is just what it would be.

How would the peace agreement go on if British families wanted justice after all these years for their family members who were murdered with nail bombs etc. Do we then hunt those down who got a get out of jail card. Or take freedom passes from IRA confused

Even now we keep the no border in Ireland it is a big sticking point in Brexit. You cannot have it all ways.

Keeping our younger generations safe and in good minds is more important. If they see after all that has gone on peace can reign a very good message. teddybear
Zman WHO would we vote for confused
Wow zman didn't know that, but hey ho, the way he portrays himself now didn't think him a good decent bloke, so never delved into his past.grin

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