Terrific timely book....

In the Closet of the Vatican, by French open homosexual, F. Martel. Fits nicely in with the hypotheses I acknowledge in the memoirs. In particular, those reflective of modern genomics and the usual multi gene locus sources for behavioral preferences, modified by experience. On the behavioral spectrum, we are learning how some strong behaviors tend to sort with others, although most of this is at the stage of hard to test hypotheses. Methinks the treetop wanton choices of anonymous, repeated, unprotected sex that helped spread HIV AIDS, may well be linked to the choice of homosexuality, however influenced by the genome initially. At least for males, sure, we know of heterosexuals who may have a few conquests on the rare weekend. Don Juans. And more clinically, for the weaker sex, Nymphomaniacs. But nothing can come close to the behaviors in the baths, waysides or public restrooms. The multi dozen weekends. And so it is with many homosexual men in the R Catholic Church. This brave author, a reporter by calling, spent years interviewing functionaries of the Vatican, and claims a large proportion are admitted active homosexuals. When the officers act together, oh ye astute peebles, no surprise that the troops follow suit. And remain protected. And are in denial. And blame their victims. And may self select into the craft, in the first place. I suspect much of these things are communicated, wink and nod, during seminary days. Clericalism. And so on. Celibacy doctrine is rare, in most western religious traditions, and wasn't part of the Church for centuries. Perhaps till the faggots took over. Lots more. All sort of fits together, no? Including the frantic PC push to have these choices seen on a normalcy par with heterosexual sexuality.

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The problem is not so much about understanding that the Church is full of Homosexuals and even p*dophile......we know that already.......but what is important here is, why they have made a nest for them self there?
If we don't understand what Homosexuality is in the real and make our Hetero sexuality a supremacy and because of that treated them in the society so wrongly, then we are and has been involved in filling the Church with them, so we have nobody else to blame, than our self......and the simplest mind should already understand, that when there was enough of them and also in powerful positions, it is no surprise at all, that they got marriages by Church Leaders out of the Church......and make it all looks like a celibacy.

So if we want correction to happen in the Church, we need to change our behavior by our self too, as we are not any Saints either.
Not all saints, we? Present company excepted.
The heading says it all - terrific "timely" book.



Jeez, I'm not even a Catholic and I am sick of all this. scold The Church destroyed all records of ancient civilization, burning everything they could find by the ancient Greek philosphers and anything intelligent from our distant past, in hysterical fervour. Ironic they are now being vilified, tarnished and destroyed in their turn by even more bigoted hysteria. Where WILL we all end up.

Oh wait, I know. Demolishing statues, not reading anything at all, and violently rejecting anything that smacks of tradition or history in any way. That sounds like a recipe for success.

I have no problem with atheists following their own path, the problem is that they are like Trump admirers - not content to happily follow their idol, secure in their belief his ability and charm will prevail, but obsessed instead with raging against anyone wanting to follow any other path. Or out to make money out of those obsessions. Oh well.

Yep, and thanks, Biff. Well, just stuck my nose into this big book again, and here's a quote---regarding the vicious Machiavallian struggle of Vatican fags against Pope Francis, who seems to get it. "Francis is said to be among the wolves. It's not quite true, he's among the queers." And this author, perhaps with merely anecdotal evidence, claims that the more these puffters act rabidly homophobic, the more likely they themselves have chosen the homosexual lifestyle, in the closets of the Vatican, and in my parish, half a century ago. And on Trump, more than most, I held this nose while voting, and wish he'd have an Angel on his shoulder at all times, especially while tweeting. Many things needed his sort of shaking up in DC, and in this task, he marches blindly onward, through the fog. With Bernie or Hilary, there'd be no needed changes, for better or worse. With luck, we'll avoid the much worse under him, and a few needed changes will arrive. But what do I know?
Oh Vier go read one of my books instead, there's no depth to them at all, they are as relaxing as having a muffin with a cup of tea laugh
OK, as soon as I finish this memoir. This other book is just what I needed to read to do so, but now there's more work rewriting to do.
Awful, bloated, pseudo-intellectual writing style.

p.s. If you hate 'faggots' so much you should give them back their glasses. thumbs down
I'm not university educated, only life educated. Regarding the subject of taking advantage of the "weaker", or manipulation, there is the mob mentality and peer pressure. This is evident in both homosexual and heterosexual environments. And, rape is not about pleasure, it's about control. There are too many who have/would do unspeakable acts to grow and maintain power.
Still not one? Doesn't apply to this pseudo intellectual. I collect 'em. Can't say the same about being a poof. You? And, easy enough to pick out the Irish in any creative writing class. You will know.
Yes, PF. Thanks. So true about rape and other such abuse being almost all about differences in power. Which makes abuse of kids so much more disgusting.

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