Voy a mi bola

Move along please folks unless you can help me with some Spanish colloquialisms because I suspect my leg is being gently pulled ... not going to say what I've been told they mean in case mischievous types promptly agree. And LOOK at them - I do not want to use these phrases unless I know they really do have the well-known colloquial meaning I'm told they have wow

1. Me cago en la leche - literally, yup, I crap in the milk. Um.
2. Ser la leche! (milk is surprisingly popular, eh?)
3. que chulo - no way I'm telling someone they're a pimp until I know it's cool uh oh
4. Eres el puto amo - or a male whore!
5. No me jodas - sounds potentially extremely useful. Please confirm.
6. Vete a la mierde - ditto.
7. Que te follen - what I'm told sounds useful, the online translator disagrees. help

Estoy flipando - en colores laugh

Any or all of the above, ta ever so very much kiss

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Qué fuerte! Este blog me mola!laugh

Qué fuerte I knew, the next bit I had to look up rolling on the floor laughing there's some salty stuff, eh? You can see my problem!
How the devil are you, anyway, you've been quiet for yonks? wave
I've never heard that version of No.4

Chulo is very cool!

You should ask Ish to confirm all, and add more.
I'm obviously hoping Ish (and Daniela) will also see the blog, I hoped you'd know more of them but thanks for confirming #3 yay

See, I was told #4 is 'you're the coolest, you OWN it, you are the fcuking master!' which frankly I'm unlikely to ever use but it intrigued me dunno (I can write it here, no-one ever reads comments)
I learned a load of them, but not using them, forget them blues

It's amazing how bad language is usually what you learn first laugh
La puta madre can be a compliment. You're the dog's bollox.

But puta madre is also son of a b*tch
olala ..tantas curvas y yo sin frenos. love

all good here. y tú cómo estás?
Well, bad language is needed when people are too angry to remember any words in English and Need To Be Told laugh

The tone of voice is fairly universal, as is the internation f swearie. I was quite pleased to find merde hasn't changed much (mierde!) I'm not a big swearer but sometimes only having English and Afrikaans to cuss in is limiting. Afrikaans is by FAR the most satisfying whether you hit your thumb with a hammer or want to tell someone their fortune, but so few people understand the results sigh
Molly, sadly more likely to need the latter than the former sigh but keep searching your memory por favor laugh
Bogey, genial! and damn I love that curves one but unless I switch teams ain't gonna help me personally. Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies smitten
Swearing is a universal language.

I don't speak Polish but I understand when they say Kurwa!
Si Cristóbal Colón te viera, diría: Santa María, qué Pinta tiene esta Niña!smitten
Hola Biff..

I must admit that some of those expressions I've never heard...at least not in this area anyway.

Here we have many Latinos who have also their own expressions and sometimes they have a complete different meaning in Castellano doh

I like : que chulo...which is used a lot here ..even to kids and animals.

Vete a la mierda = toma por el culo...which is my favourite and not quite so strong.

Que mala pipa tienes! To someone who is bad tempered.

I'll have to think of some more Tomorrow as I am brain dead now laugh
Haha my second Polish word laugh

#7 is supposed to be "fcuk off" - definitely handy - but the online translator is phrasing it differently with way less impact and opening a rather odd conversation instead sigh
Pinta, pinta, what is pinta??? the online translator says pinta! dunno


wine a wine for the ultra smooth gentleman in that booth, please
Daniela I've just seen the time myself, I'll chase you for more tomorrow, thank you! yay
Vale...buenas noches.
Hasta mañana hug
no evolution... .


What the heck!ee

You mention Bolas in your blog title. This is a PG rated website, mentioning men’s 'XX Bolas in marble bags is pushing the envelope. Sheesh! doh
Note: Don’t know how those two “ee”s and “XX”s got in there.dunno
Daniela - about to teach for a couple hours, hasta tarde wave
Bogey, you have vanished again sigh don't stay away so long this time

Robrt you completely misunderstand me blushing the heading is I am going to my ball and that apparently means I will do what I want (apparently!)

Never heard any of the above phrases used.

Comon one's I know...
Cara con mala leche.... Sour face
Puta Madre... Mother whore
Cono ('n' with accent)... pu**y
Que Cabron or gilipollas... Bastard, a**hole, prick etc

However, my favourite is "Tienies culo de pollo" .. You have a chickens a**!
Seguro que si, amigita. A gustos, no hay nada escrita. No accounting for taste. Got a million of 'em.
Hey, stranger!! have a beer beer

Funny, I would have thought you'd have a lot of lovely Spanish insults laugh and I was looking for colloquialisms generally, not just swearies, you know. Tut.

Still - (leche getting it in the neck again) I will add tienes culo de pollo to my vocabulary, although I have NO idea when I would use it writing


Still waiting on Ish and Map and who'd have thought BN wouldn't have something to add? Maybe he's like Z, mainly confining himself to English.
Vier - gustos, yet another variation and meaning for gusta and gusto, I suspect that is one verb that will ultimately defeat me. Along with the evil abre.

Tiempos difíciles por delante sigh
No tengo idea de lo que estoy diciendo, solo quiero parecer importante.

e importante pareces! cheers


Oh MAN what a language frustrated

So. #1, I was told, means "I am so disappointed" No-one ever heard of it, so that's out.
#2 is supposed to be "Coolest! Excellent!" yeah, ditto.
#3, okay, added, I will cheerfully tell people they are pimps and track you lot down if I get punched in the face. scold
#4 not going to call anyone a male whore since it obviously is NOT understood to mean 'you da man!' That was a close shave, eh? wow
#5 - damn I'm sorry no-one confirmed that one. Supposedly 'don't fcuk with me' and that's gotta be handy.l
#6 - supposedly 'go to hell'. Ditto would have been handy.
#7 - supposedly 'fcuk off'. Ditto.

Not that I am normally so aggressive but I think I might be tangling with Spanish workmen again soon and I needed some of these last time. This time I'll be ready.

Oh and Sola, that cono-with-the-curly-n, the translator says that means damnit. So not as strong as you thought grin
Track, using #4 for the first and last time with the meaning I thought it had - eres el puto amo!

PLEASE look at my previous comment before you get offended rolling on the floor laughing

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