What ever Happen ?

What ever Happen to Men Treating a Lady Like the way she should be Treated ,Holding the Car door Open for her , Pulling out her Chair for her to sit down,,,Showing up at her Place with Flowers to Take Her out On a Date to a Movie or Out for a Nice meal.Or Going for a walk hand and Hand and going some place nice where you can sit and Talk and get to know one another ,,well as Far as I.am concern that is long Gone ,,,These days all men seem to want is a Cheap Roll in the Hey ,and Talk about sex ,, No more Morals or Values left out there ,, Don;t take this the Wrong way I.am no Prude ,But I would Like to get to Know someone First before I take the Next step. I was Brought up with Morals and Values and Taught to Respect Myself . and to act like a Lady not some Cheap Bimbo ...I know there has to be a Gentleman out there some where and I sure would Like to meet someone Like that someday .. smitten

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Respected Sweetlady angel
Now a days values are changed in materialism. doh
Hard to find values respect true love. yay
I hope for you to find your Ideal. heart wings
Stay Happy Healthy and Blessed. heart wings
peace bouquet
I'm so glad some people are here for dating.
Women fought for equality, now they have to live with the consequences.
hi interesting blog,several weeks ago i took out a lady that i met on this site,i got dressed up ,nicesports jacket black trousers,leather shoes,etc in other words ,i made an effort!i met her outside the restaurant,held her elbow to steady her as there were steep steps to climb,once in the restaurant,i pulled back a chair,to seat her ,and she got all confused,as nobody had ever done that for her before!!we had a nice meal and interesting talk,then i escorted her toher car opened the door for her,a gentle kiss goodnight and arrainged to meet again,sounds good so far?a cople of days later during a phone conversation,she told me that i dressed and behaved like an 80 year old!!! go figure!!! i will not be seeing her again!!!
It appears those days are long gone.

I have trained a 60 year old German man to open my door.

It is exhausting trying to teach a man chivalry.

I left that alone and left him behind. It is not worth the effort. frustrated
What ever Happen to Men Treating a Lady Like the way she should be Treated ,Holding the Car door Open for her , Pulling out her Chair for her to sit down,,,Showing up at her Place with Flowers to Take Her out On a Date to a Movie or Out for a Nice meal.Or Going for a walk hand and Hand and going some place nice where you can sit and Talk and get to know one another

You mean guys don't do this anymore??wow wow

Chivalry is not dead but it is a rare commodity to find in a man.
Of course a woman acting like a lady may be hard to find as well.
I'm old fashion for sure.......but,but,but.....what is lost, is not only from one side.....both side are to blame.......what is going on, is similar to what a Muslim Lady wanted......she told, that she is a Feminist, but as a Religious person , she came up also with something completely opposite to a Feminist agenda.......how can that work in a relationship, as you don't know, when you have to act equally and when as the Leader in the family.......no matter witch one you have chose to follow, but it has to be all in the same line, so that your to be partner know, if he want to be in it or not......two opposite things in use, can not make any relationship sound.
Whatever happened to women that provoke such gentlemanly behaviour in men?!
There is your answer...
Oh Luke smitten
Well if women want to be treated the same as men and not act like ladies at all, then they can't expect men to treat them in a traditional way or give them special treatmentroll eyes
Lee, if people would just be nice to other people and respected the others wishes, the sex of the individual isn't even involved. Duh!
If I was going on a date with a traditional woman(very rare in modern society and greatly missed)then I would treat her like a lady, open doors her, pull the chair out for her, take her coat, hold her hand, when she crossed the road and protect her from any danger

Feminists tend to object to men opening doors for them and the chances are they will call a policeman and claim the man sexually harassed them…it’s not in a man’s best interest to get too close to a strange women in public and the meetoo mob has demonised all men for the actions of a few bad one’s

The ball is in women’s courts to end this metoo man hating mob, make it clear to men, that they don’t hate our guts and learn to act feminine or the divide between the sexes will get more and more toxic

Women should think long and hard about the way they treat men, cause one day they might need saving and cause of metooo mob, a man might be too afraid of being accused of s*xual assault,

It would be in a woman’s best interest, to stop all the man hating activities and start doing things to help men’s causes….women have so many places to help them with just about any problem they have, but no funding is allocated for men and men are seen as disposable by a rotten matriarchal society
Lee, I like men but I hope I don't get asked out by one who thinks like you do. In your mind, I'm DOA at hello
I agree where are the gentlemen
I don't expect a man to hurry round the car to open my door for me (Prince Philip remarked that these days if a man does that for his wife, you can be sure it is either a new wife or a new car) but I'm still taken aback when he doesn't walk between me and the traffic. Double standards, or common sense? He's generally bigger and more likely to be seen, making us BOTH safer rolling on the floor laughing

I truly think it is very young or very silly or VERY aggressive women who wave the s*xual assault banner when they are treated with gentlemanly courtesy. I don't see it as demeaning, good grief. It's unusual, to be sure. Younger guys these days darting ahead to a door just want to get through it first, not hold it open sigh

Going to dinner, going for a walk hand in hand, finding a place to sit and talk - that still totally happens, and is as much of a buzz as it ever was. But the rest - there are natural good manners, there are rather forced 'here we go little lady' manners, and there is boorishness. Help me into my coat, talk like a sensible man, listen to me, value me, and we have a road to travel. smitten (with you walking on the side closest to the traffic.grin)

I do think once couples get older sex does appear earlier in the 'courtship' - if it is going to appear at all. Time is no longer infinite, decades no longer stretch ahead, even a lifetime together isn't as long as it was. "I really like you, you really like me" it sure as hell doesn't take 2 months to know whether I like him. dunno If it was obvious sex was the only interest he had, well, we aren't ever going to have much else to talk about, so no point in going there. Guys realizing women are only interested in sex may have a different reaction. laugh
When you have it in your blood, you can not do it in an other way......I never go first out or in from doors.....I give the way even for my Daughter......and when my ex went into the car by her self......I open the door, ask her out, close the door and then open it again and let her in.......but when we first met in Indonesia we had a real struggle when entering the Taxi.....as in Indonesia only prostitutes go first into the car.....so when I try to get her in, she refused, then I gently bushed her to go in,but she turned at me, took a hard grip on me and pushed me with real force into the car......I had first in my head, that what in hell of a woman is she, but later she told me, that respected women, don't go first in.
So in Indonesia I had to learn differently and when she came to Antigua, she had to learn differentlylaugh laugh
Palm no one is like me and asking women out...is very low on my list of prioritestongue
Lee, it is best not to condemn someone you haven't met yet. Good luck with not searching
Palm, I'm not condemning you in any way...just talking about the subject and giving my views...nothing personal and don't feel bad
I didn't take it personal. I meant women in general
Errrrrr........I don’t mind being a cheap bimbo..I honestly don’t. shimmy batting flirty
Hello sweetlady, wave What ever happened to men treating a lady like she should be, dunno I m currently chumming around with a neighbor lady, I hold open doors, hand out compliments, take her out for meals, even cook her up meals.... we do allot of chatting,.... ( yes I m old fashioned) her kids are in shock someone treats their mother so good, they say that only happens in the movies.
I figure, manners, being polite, being a gentleman got lost somewhere in this fast paced new technology age. confused
As for the neighbor lady, we ve found we confide in each other more than we do with family, a long time friendship has turned into something special, that being a gentleman has found me a best friend.

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