Moody Musicians...

My first recollection of a musician who was 'difficult' to work with was guitarist Jeff Beck. His first claim to fame was with The Yardbirds in 1965 where he had been fired in the middle of their U.S. tour for consistent no-show and explosive temper.
I read stories that he went on to form The Jeff Beck Group around the end of 1966 with singer Rod Stewart and bassist Ronnie Wood who complained about being on the road eating hard boiled eggs while Beck ate steak dinners.

Next on my hit-list would be Neil Young... he's the guy who walked out on Crosby, Stills and Nash a few times. Sorry, with his unpredictable mood swings dating back to Buffalo Springfield, once would have been enough for me.

More, more... I'll think of more.

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Hi Chattilion,

When it comes to musicians, actors, celebrities, there are sooooo many. Jeff Beck is actually one of the better ones, but like anybody, depending on what’s going on at the time with them.

Eric Clapton admits in interviews, he wouldn’t show up on purpose for concerts, recordings, he and Cream thought they were above it all. He changed when his infant son died. Stopped drinking and just changed for the better. He and Jeff Beck are good friend, along with Jimmy Page.

Others reportedly difficult to deal with at times, Jim Morrison, Rod Stewart, Steven Tyler, Mariah Carey, the rock star managers.. and the list goes on.

People are actually surprised when a famous musician is kind and down to earth with them. But then again, they deal with a lot of fans, media, under a microscope and performing the same songs every night when they go on tour.

That said, there are many good musicians. Again, just depends on when you catch them.
Yes rob, it's a long list.
I'm putting bad boy Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses fame near the top of the list. He's been known to sulk in the dressing room for the slightest disturbance, go on stage an hour late, pick fights with the fans, walk off stage... just because.
Richie Blackmore, guitarist for Deep Purple has thrown a few power struggles and tantrums.
I would put excessive drug use & trashing hotel rooms higher on the list of common complaints against musicians. laugh
Jim, you must be talking about Led Zeppelin.

We could retire on the money paid to hotels for compensation on the destruction they caused.
I wasn't necessarily thinking of LZ, as there are many others who did similar amounts of hotel trashing.
But, a good example nonetheless.
I'm already retired. I do so very early, years ago, and have been loving it. cheers
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