New Zealand - What we know so far:

At least one gunman opened fire at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, at 1.40pm local time on Friday
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has declared the attack a terrorist attack
49 people have been killed - 41 were killed at Masjid Al Noor Mosque, seven at Linwood Masjid Mosque and one died at hospital
48 people were rushed to hospital with gunshot wounds and 20 are in critical condition
A gunman live-streamed his deadly attack on Facebook using a GoPro in footage too distressing to show
It was posted on a Facebook page belonging to Brenton Tarrant
It is understood the killer is an Australian who published a chilling 74-page manifesto before the rampage
Cops have arrested three men and a woman, with initial reports of one wearing a suicide vest proven incorrect
A 28-year-old man has been charged with murder and will appear in court tomorrow
Two others remain in custody and it is not clear if the fourth person was involved in the attack
Police are searching a property on Somerville Street, Dunedin in relation to today's attack
New Zealand and Australian authorities have confirmed the suspects were not on any watch lists
The Bangladesh cricket team were at one of the mosques and escaped the shooting
Cops defused improvised explosives found on nearby booby-trapped cars
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called it "one of New Zealand's darkest days"

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared the mosque massacres a "terrorist attack" and said it was one of the country's "darkest days".

Three men and one woman are in custody following the shootings at Masjid Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Masjid Mosque in Christchurch at around 1.40pm local time.

Initial reports one of those arrested was wearing a suicide vest were incorrect, as cops warned "let's not presume the danger has gone".

New Zealand Police commissioner Mike Bush said a man in his late twenties has been charged with murder and will appear in court tomorrow.

He added police were still trying to establish if the other three were involved, though one likely had "nothing to do with this incident".

Police also defused a number of improvised explosives which were found on nearby booby-trapped cars following the bloodbath.

Ardern confirmed 41 people were killed at the Masjid Al Noor Mosque and a further seven were killed at the Linwood Masjid Mosque. One person later died from their wounds at hospital.

As she raised the country's security to the highest level, the PM said: "It is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack."

She said the four people in police custody held extremist views, but had not been on any police watchlists.

"It's not a matter of someone having slipped under the radar," the PM said.

One white-supremacist gunmen filmed the footage - too shocking to show in its entirety - on a GoPro camera and streamed it to a Facebook page.

He fired automatic weapons as people ran for their lives and executed people at point blank range - including one girl who lay on the floor screaming for help.

Full story with video:

Comments (30)

sad flower so very sad
Indeed this is sad. How awful.
Sad, sad, so very sad, what hatred has to be in some people to do something so awful
sad flower sad flower sad flower teddybear
I have look on this blog for whole the day and very few looks have interest in it......if there is terrorism done by extremists claiming them self to be Muslims, then the blog of it is going to be full of comments.

I have specially wait for to see Diamond commenting here.....only to figure out, what kind of person is he really.....but no response from him, what tells enough for me, who he is, in the real.

No matter who is the victims of terrorism, my heart is fully with everyone of themcrying
From Twitter:

BREAKING: Stranger attempts to enter court to stab Christchurch terror attacker. He has reportedly been arrested.

Willy I don't think rambling posts on a mobile twitter post is breaking news
Please try to contain your posts to actual facts thanks

Sorry Cecil. I'll try and find a better source for you.
I saw it.
one person i know lost two connections there.

this gun has nothing to do with civilians.

He shot
he executed hurt people and gained nothing
Sure hope they get the guilty ones who did this and also that not more will die
Those in the hospital in critical conditions teddybear
Willy heard any more about the wounded in the hospital ? teddybear
No Jenny.
To be honest I've not watched or listened to much of the news...
but what I have, it is indeed so very sad sad flower
All of Canada is talking and showing on TV nothing but what has happened in New Zealand teddybear
The real cause of the bloodshed was the immigration policy that let allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place. thumbs down
Friends of mine where from Indonesia 1/2 Dutch,
Australia would not allow them in until much later.
Don't know about NZ but imagine it would have been the same
Hi Bekard long time no see.
I have to agree with you. When it comes to non muslim attacked the muslims. Very little comments. But when extremist muslim did it...the blog will be ton of comments.
My condolence to the all victims in New Zealand.. may this tragedy will never happen again. sad flower
George Bush Sr. stirred up the wasp's nest and since then they have stung anyone wherever they fly. They should have left alone under the Saddam Hussein's control with iron arms. Too late now.
The survivors of what happened in NZ are telling their stories, it is so awful and so sad sad flowerteddybear
I see blame game now blues only person to blame is unhuman beings who did this.

We all see and hear our governments talking, media too, but we then do not go our and indiscriminately go out and kill.blues

This is so so sad sad flower for everyone,
Canadian TV just showed the killer going to court in NZ.
So much sadness everywhere,189 people killed in a plane crash
It is all too much pain for so many sad flower

the only reason is, a bastard, who is mentally sick and are affected by other wicked bastardsvery mad
a former Australian Prime Minister said, no one is taking seriously
the white nationalists uprising as a real threat

hiwave ......yes, that is the very facts.....and members here, that made blogs and comments about Islam terrorism and how Islam is about Satan, are just hiding in the shadow.......but by doing that, they telling what kind of people they arevery mad

Take carehug

exactlythumbs up ........the very same with Obama and Libya......this is, when Western world, think their Democracy, that is not at all a Democracy, need to be exported abroad, when these Countries are not at all yet ready for the way of any kind of Democracydoh

you are rightthumbs up ......, it is about Individual with wicked mindsvery mad
50 dead now and ten people in the hospital in critic condition.
May these fully recover.............teddybear
They Missed This On Purpose, Did You? Medias Secret NZ Christchurch Attack Agenda Exposed!

if that crazy killer, has really answered in the way, that it is shown in the video, then the media twist everything to what they want it to be and not to what it is.
Also it looks to be made political, when the guy is telling something else.....what means, that the politicians is using it as a tool to get their own agenda heard.
The death toll of Friday's terrorist attacks in New Zealand that killed 50 could have been higher if not for the actions of a man that witnesses and survivors are calling a hero.

Abdul Aziz, 48, likely saved lives when he engaged the gunman in a cat-and-mouse chase outside the mosque and later grabbed one of the shooter's own guns that had been tossed to the ground.

He used that firearm to smash the windshield of the gunman's car, prompting him to speed away, Aziz and witnesses of one of the two mosque shootings at Christchurch say, according to the Associated Press and other media outlets.

Aziz gave his account in an on-camera interview with New Zealand-based Newshub. He was at the Linwood Mosque, where eight people were killed. The shooter had arrived by vehicle from Al Noor Mosque, a couple of miles away, where he had already gunned down 41 people. Those figures were based on earlier reports before one more victim died Sunday at one of the scenes.

"I got to be honest it wasn't me, it was God who saved everybody," Aziz said.

His actions began when the gunman arrived and advanced toward the mosque, killing those in his path. Aziz picked up a nearby credit card machine and ran outside yelling, "Come here!"

Aziz, who had four children inside the mosque, said the gunman started shooting his way and that he ducked between cars of the parking lot. His goal was to distract the shooter so others who were inside could escape.

At first, his plan didn't work.

Abdul Aziz, survivor of mosque shooting speaks to Associated Press during an interview in Christchurch, New Zealand, Saturday, March 16, 2019. Aziz, 48, is being hailed as a hero for preventing more deaths during Friday prayers at the Linwood mosque in Christchurch. The gunman killed 49 people after attacking two mosques in the deadliest mass shooting in New Zealand’s modern history. Seven were killed at the Linwood mosque. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian) ORG XMIT: BKWS104
Abdul Aziz, survivor of mosque shooting speaks to Associated Press during an interview in Christchurch, New Zealand, Saturday, March 16, 2019. Aziz, 48, is being hailed as a hero for preventing more deaths during Friday prayers at the Linwood mosque in Christchurch. The gunman killed 49 people after attacking two mosques in the deadliest mass shooting in New Zealand’s modern history. Seven were killed at the Linwood mosque. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian) ORG XMIT: BKWS104 (Photo: Vincent Thian, AP)

“I wanted him to chase me in the car park as it would save more people in the masjid, but he didn't see me probably," he said.

He said the gunman ran back to his car to get another gun, and Aziz hurled the credit card machine at him, according to the Associated Press. He said he could hear his two youngest sons, aged 11 and 5, urging him to come back inside.

Aziz then went to the back and picked up a gun the shooter had abandoned that was next to a dead body. He squeezed the trigger but it had no bullets.

He said he continued to see gunshots flying through the mosque, and so he yelled out, "I'm outside, come outside.'"

The gunman dropped the gun he was using, Aziz said in a separate interview with The Sun. The shooter then returned to his car for a second time to grab another loaded rifle.

That's when Aziz said he threw the gun he had picked up "like an arrow" at the windshield of the shooter's car.

"It blasted his window, and he thought I probably shot him or something and ... he drove off and I kept chasing him," he said. Aziz said the gunman shouted expletives at him before he sped off.

Video from another driver indicates that police officers managed to force the car from the road and drag out the suspect soon after.
So we know as facts not surfaced yet fully. I got to the reports on Brendon's (the murderer) manifesto based exactly on ethnic states identity. This is exactly what is pushed on mainstream media. Brendon said that he visited many places of the world to meet many cultures he enjoyed and loved but, he said he can't accept them being outside of their lands and invading his land and replacing his people. Not hatred against Muslims or their ideology caused his act but, he believed that we indeed as groups and as group whites are under attack. It is difficult to argue with an attack on the white group is not existing, only white countries have forced diversity on them, only whites are lecture about slavery even if 'slave' came from 'Slav', the white ethnicity widely enslaved by Muslims in the times of their conquest of Northern Africa, and Europe. World fights against white supremacy but not against racism against whites. That is the cause of Brendon's outburst. Who said now that whites are the real victims? Yes, dear author, after Islamic attacks everyone is talking about how Muslims are the real victims and how the ideology of submission is somehow peaceful; here no one is coming to tell white travellers and environmentalists are the real victims so, you had silence in this post.
Group-based anger is a natural result of group-based blame, group-based responsibility, group-based politics and identity points.
The answer is hypocrisy
Have a good week everyone

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