Terrible News

Having a great family support system makes it fairly easy to deal with what my aging parents are going through. I'm glad I have no need to throw a pity party and can find things to be grateful for. What a jolt I got yesterday when my neighbor called to say one of our friends who hasn't been feeling well got some test results back showing she has Lukemia.

Lukemia? Crap with a captial C.

This is a very pretty woman in her sixties, very nice. I only met her two years ago, she walks her dog by my place twice a day. She lives about five homes down and walks to her 91 yr. old blind Mum's home everyday to fix food or give some care. The mom lives alone and does fairly well, not sure what is now in her future. I often send extra food I made with her to give Mum.

I don't know much about Lukemia nor do I know what to say. I asked my neighbor who has been friends with her for many years how she handled the news. The neighbor said that until she wraps her head around it, she doesn't much feel like talking about it.

I was thinking how awful her situation was until I heard the news of the shootings in New Zealand and how many families are going through agony. I was listening to a country music station when that news report went through. I almost wish I hadn't heard it because now I'm filled with sadness for so many.

I count my blessings and they are many.

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Yes unfayzed that is exactly my thoughts today. When I heard that news I had to go out walking in the woods to get my head right.
Yes very lucky and grateful for the life I live.hug
Since the start of the year the various news around the world has been really thought provoking and distressing.
Having a good family support system is a blessing that many never have alas.
I hope and pray that we never become accustomed to such tragedies and except then as the norm.
Faith steps in for those alone which is a blessing x
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