LIFE HAS CHANGED, new update

Hello everyone, it has been 4 months since I have been going through with my illness. I have had 3 radiation treatments on my brain, and have had 33 radiation on my lung and 6 chemotherapy. Will be having a MRI on my brain and another scan on my lung to see where I'm at since these treatments. Then I will be going through immunotherapy every 2 weeks for a year.

I feel tired and get dizzy and can loose my balance when standing up, but other than that I feel ok.

I am finally back at my home after 4 months away, there is no place like home.

Thanks everyone for your concern, all the prayers and strong energy sent my way.

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Wow, what a marathon, well done you for being so stoical and fingers crossed for best possible news on the scans bouquet
Hopefully the worst part is over.
Best wishes...
Hope everything goes well.hug
hug hug wen so glad to hear from you.applause applause

Let's hope now your home you can have some peace for awhile. Let's hope the scan shows big improvements.

I wish you well dear man teddybear
Think of you often Wen, wondering how you're getting on hug

keeping us updated says a lot about you ... bouquet

Keep well keep strong, my thoughts and prayers are often with you teddybear

You're going the right way Wen...........thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

Glad your home...hopefully good news will follow...hug

hug hug bouquet
Hello Wen, handshake It s so nice to hear from you, am hoping, and praying everything works out okay for you. Looking forward to chatting with you, hug
Welcome home Wen and thanks for the update. Hope the worst is now behind you. When will you get these new results?
Hi Wen,

I am praying for you! Don't give up my friend! thumbs up
Wen, my fren, friend,

Good to hear you’re home now.
I always wish you the best.

Keep getting better. You’ve got my hopes and prayers.

Besides, you’ve got to get better soon. We’ve got a yard sale to do this spring or summer.
May God bless you, always.
head banger
Wen thumbs up
AMEEN. peace
bouquet hug
I'm glad that treatments are progressing and that you survived hospital food. laugh
I hope that the treatments yield excellent results.
Yes, there is no place like home. Enjoy the comforts.
Wishing u the best.of health...sad flower
Hi Wen , it is good to hear some positive news , so happy you are out of the hospital .
God is working on you , soon you would be back to your normal life .
Praying for you my friend .
"Anybody Got Any News About Wenever?"

"Its Been A While Now"

"Since Last Hearing From Him".....................detective
Nam your a good bloke you look out for everyone. I hope all keeps going good for him, but I expect the stuff he has to go through takes some getting over. He will update us I'm sure when he is able.
Sending him warm vibes teddybear
I sent him a message

Out of concern and he replied , he said he is alright .

I told him that he was missed and I am praying for him .
I think I sent it two days ago
He just cross my mind .
thumbs up was starting to worry when I noticed last week you hadn't logged in for a month, but now you're home you can catch up on the riveting political blogs laugh
Thanks for the update, I surely hope all the treatments work well and you are fully recovered after the year.
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