For Someone...

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A nice song. Let the guessing begin
Maybe I can share this one too.
(with someone)
16 years ago today... in a restaurant in Manhattan...

For you...a sweet surrender.
Nice blog.

This is for most of us.....for someone......thumbs up
Trust me it ain't for you.
Is it for someone you already know or someone you haven't started stalking yet, Diamond? uh oh
"my girlfriend says I'm a stalker. Well, she isn't my girlfriend yet"

Just kidding. How nice to see a mellowing in the OP. Long may love last.

he already stalked merolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
For someone meeeeee.
For Someone...

I worked in the building in the background where Mariah Carey is singing in the rain for 15 years.

Just hang on!

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