Revenge Or Forgiveness?

What Makes You Happier? hmmm
What is not often addressed is the effect over time.

We do sometimes see stories about what it's like coming home from war, but very rarely see stories about what it's like decades later.
This is not just a portrait of suffering. It's about relationships ... how that damage interacts with intimate relationships... with Love.

I recently saw a film, based on a true story “THE RAILWAY MAN” that tells the extraordinary and epic true story of Eric Lomax, a British Army officer who was tormented as a prisoner of war at a Japanese labour camp during World War II.

Did Eric Lomax really track down his former captor with the intent to kill him?

NO, but Eric's wife Patti says that, until he set eyes on his former Japanese tormentor, Takashi Nagase, he had been threatening to do him harm. However, The Railway Man true story reveals that, unlike the film, the real Eric Lomax's intention was more about finding closure rather than seeking revenge.
The movie depicts Eric meeting with his unsuspecting former captor in order to seek retribution, only to change his mind during the encounter.

Eric later wrote that the reunion gave him "a resolution for which he had been searching for years."

Did Eric Lomax forgive his former tormentor Takashi Nagase?

YES. In his memoir, Eric writes, "Meeting Nagase has turned him from a hated enemy - with whom friendship would have been unthinkable - into a blood-brother.
"If I'd never been able to put a name to the face of one of the men who had harmed me, and never discovered that behind that face there was also a damaged life, the nightmares would always have come from a past without meaning."

This is one dramatic example of someone seeking closure with the choice of forgiveness or revenge.
But there are many examples in everyday life where people can be eaten by their hate and desire for revenge and often the opportunity to achieve this never arises. So they will spend their life poisoned.

The solution really is to see if you can find your own closure by trying to forgive. After all, the other person may be mentally disturbed and/or had a terrible youth and/or upbringing which drove them to the evil deeds they committed.

You cannot change the past but closure must be found somehow. peace

Have you had such experiences? Or, do you know someone who has? daisy

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Forgiveness is a quality
Revenge has no redeeming
lf it is down to two options where one
is to seek vengeance l think the answer
is straight up, do the positive thing well there lies the answer. . .
Forgiveness is easier in the long run...and often times can be very vengeful too.

Hello Daniela.wave
Nam...I have commented on occasions far as I can remember...last time I did I wasn't welcome? dunno're always welcome on you see...and I DO forgive !

Thanks for commenting.handshake
Long time no see Nanu..wave

Thanks for
Hi Johnny..wave brings closure for YOURSELF!

As for revenge...such word should not exist in anyone's vocabulary.scold
Hiya Daniela!!!

"How nice to see you reappearing from time to time." I am Houdini....Now you see me, now you don't. Abracadabra...head banger yay

I am still around. Just that I don't see anything worth my time to comment on. The baseless anti this, anti that, political blogs and other 'bull shittings' are not worth wasting my precious time on.
Should I be flattered that you grace me with your presence on my blogs?smile

Maybe it's time for you to write your own blog? wink
Hello Daniela,

Maybe it's time for you to write your own blog? Houdini has written a couple. And I just wrote one about the concept of God.

I read and comment on interesting blogs, not the unsubstantiated and baseless political ones. I find yours interesting to read.
Thanks ever so much.
Now I'm waiting to see your blog?wink
Moving on, and being happy, can be the greatest revenge of all(indirectly, of course).

I recall an ex at my door one day, giving me a dressing down for something I either had or hadn't done.

I just kept silent and nodded.

He said: "What's up with you"?

I replied: "I've just realised I've totally forgiven you, for all the crap you've given me over the years".

He was lost for words.

With that, I closed the door on him, never to be seen again....thumbs up
Hello Berry..
Nice to see you found closure in your own way. smile
i think there's only two choices.
love or fear.
forgiveness (love) or fear (revenge).
forgiveness is not something i am always able to do, but it is something i always strive to do. sometimes... it takes me some time to process things to where i can forgive and let go. i think the letting go part is important, too. some things are harder to accept than others.
Hello Jono..
Thanks for your comment bouquet

I's not always easy..sigh
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