Moving Forwards, Going Backwards.

Tell me I'm not the only one that sits and wonders where their life is going sigh, anyone?

While I'm quite happy being single and practically living the life of a hermit out in the sticks, I will soon have to face the reality of moving from my home of 10+ years. The last time I paid rent it was no more than €200/mth, now on average in my area its between €800-€1,000. Starting again from scratch is very daunting wow. While all my friends are married, home owners and bask in the sun on regular foreign holidays, I do foresee myself turning into a bag lady, with milky skin, moving from home to home and smelling of moth balls.

Dont get me wrong I'm not ungrateful nor jealous of others, okay maybe just a little laugh, it's just the thought of starting over again is overwhelming, it does get better right? uh oh
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Move to Spainprofessor
And that wouldn't worsen the problem at all laugh

It would cross off the milky skin problem
Cheaper rent too, no need for a foreign holiday and the sun shines a lot...your friends will be envious
There just the small issue of not speaking Spanish, not having a job and knowing nobody laugh
Take the plunge, the water´s warm!
You pissed in it didn't you?
My trunks fell off tooblushing

Sometimes you need to go for it...a change is
Bnaughty: better opt for the smaller size next time wink
Loulou: Don't have a choice really, it's been on the cards for a while, who knows, it might end up being a good thing dunno conversing
Start learning spanish...thumbs up
I´m thinking a mankini would suit me betterinnocent
Looks like I'm moving to Spain laugh
Bnaughty: and you needn't massage suncream into your nipples
Too funny...then I imagined him in a

roll eyes
He's probably the only person that could pull it off grin
Steady on ladies, this blog is PGscold
Yes back to mothballs sigh
One way that it almost assuredly will get better is to belly-flop naked onto a bed of hot coals and broken glass. From there, it almost has to get better ...unless you get hit by a bus.

Hope this helps!
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