When given the choice of leather or fabric upholstery I prefer to sit on, the answer has always been fabric. My main chair is fabric but one of my office chairs is covered in a man made Ultrasuede. Usually, I drape a towel over the Ultrasuede so it doesn't show signs of wear. Leather seating from experience, is usually stiffer than fabric and I'd guess it's because of longevity. Leather tends to stretch and pucker.

Last month when I needed a rental car, a got a Mazda SUV with leather seats. Yeah, uncomfortable as I imagined despite all the motorized adjustments possible.

The one thing people mention about leather is the smell. There's a mystique about processed animal hide that people are attracted to. Maybe having leather goods is a sign of wealth? I don't know.

We were at Ikea last weekend and on my shopping list was a chair. I must have tried 20 and one high-back fabric style was my top choice. They also offered a leather cushion version for $100 more. Decisions, decisions... back & forth trying the fabric versus the leather, there was a bit of Deja vu... the leather smell reminded me of a baseball glove I had as a kid.

I bought the one with black leather.

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I'm partial to leather. The scent is intoxication. There is some pretty convincing vegan materials so I have been known to sniff before purchasing
I like leather.it lasts well and easy to care.for.
I prefer to sit on nice warm material..it's more comfy.

Although I like the smell of leather...I don't like the thought that an animal had to die to shed its skin.sigh
Have leather seats on car, way easier to clean than fabric.
I like leather because of its durability.

Hello Chat. wave
I prefer leather everything
and the men who wear leather?

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I also like grin
I'd prefer to sit on cloth myself.
fiorenza... old?
Thanks for reminding me. I forget to take advantage of all the senior citizen discounts at the bagel restaurant.

Hi Bear... fabric especially in a car. When it's 97 degrees outside and you sit on a leather seat wearing shorts, well it's a pain you don't easily forget!
Hi chat I know what you're referring to.
Not fun getting on Leather seats in a hot car in FL. The back of my thighs have screamed.

I like the leather seats in my car, I think it is the first time I ever owned them.
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