short distance relationships

.... within 20 minutes drive; just across the graveyard; in one hour drive town; in the same village; on the other end of the same city; two tube stations away....the one that i was married to, was only 16 km away, and we met almost every day.
As far as i can remember (one or two night stands do not count) , i had them seven. We did not last. The distance was to short. laugh
It didn't work, it didn't work, it didn't work, it didn't work.......... of course IT didn't work. Relationship is just that - a doesn't work by default. To make it work, was our job. We didn't want it so badly, we were calculating, we had some other priorities, fears, doubts, comfort zones, climate......laugh

Virtual/real/virtual/real....i believe my reality is based on my thoughts. Everything begins or stops in my mind. I am what i think, and the line between virtual and real is nebulous. It's like saying I'm only the body and not the mind.
I have experienced how my virtual became my real.

In general, whoever i crushed with, their passport was never on my mind.

...and NZ giggle i don't remember I have heard the name since school days.

Comparing LDR nowdays, to all my SDR's, I'm missing the physical contact.
The fact is though, in nine months we spend together, for the last three years, i was enjoying more love and passionate sex than in seven years of my marriage.

...and got in a better shape, too. smile

So, get involved. If you don't like it anymore, you can always blame it on the distance.laugh

Amen. dancingsanta

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you need have a few drinks this is to complicated for a Friday night
Some people you don't want to be around all the time but a holiday is exactly right wine
Very well said blood
However, LDR or SDR it's the comfort zone that so many choose not to leave.
For many they don't want to do the work or effort. In a world of instant gratification we want but, not willing to give. We may have become too complacent and maybe a bit angry of our past failed relationships. The real question is how bad does anyone want anything? As this generation gets older and time is sometimes running out on us maybe some are just content in chatting in LDR because it's less complicated. No real responsibility anymore.
I commend you are still getting the physical contact it makes you more, "human"
For those who gave up and stopped looking stopped hoping and just content on email correspondence more power to them.
Their game is probably over. For the younger crowd if they can still find a partner up close and personal more power to them as well.
On this site it may never happen because nobody is willing to go the distance, make the effort or keep a decent dialogue going.
I would like to see it differently and be proven wrong one day.
Often by human nature we take for granted what we have up close and personal. The things that are out of reach we tend to yearn for it the most because it's what we know we really can't have. professor
Long distances, short distances, it doesn't matter.

What matters is that two people are able to enjoy and appreciate each other company.

It takes less than 48 hours for an aircraft to do a complete trip around the earth including 2 fuel stops so anyone can travel within reason to the furthest point from their home in less than a 24 hour period.


As already has been mentioned distance is not handicap only an excuse.


Many talk the talk BUT very few here walk the walk innocent

We can all make any excuse why something can't happen

Get off your keyboards and make it happen

Yeah, I much prefer a short distance relationship, about the length of her tongue. kiss
JersyjimY, wow yep in one word you MAY be able to explain urself, yet I seriously doubt it, congrats on your true colors<<<<<<<<dancing
"I have experienced how my virtual became my real."

Ah, I was missing these so words from my mind so much. Thanks!

So Blue is cheated?

Just tell me your SDR happened before the LDR.

Or your LDR is an open relationship?

You can try out other men while apart and he can do the same.

Anyway.. I am not saying it is a crime.
uh oh

Apart from that, not all of us publish our relationships. Especially, if we didn't find the guy here. I appreciate the ones who found them here and publish it, because it is good for the site and to the people who say this doesn't work.



I dont want to try other men


wink banana wink
But we all know what happened in CS jail. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Was it Scotty or Ian? tongue
Usha I kept my soap on a rope

I still haven't doogled that term. laugh

Wait a minute till I figure out what happened.
I really didn't have to know what that means.

Eish.. doh crying

To "Drop the soap" is to accidently, or absent mindedly, put yourself in a vulnerable position. Derived from the idea that in a prison shower, if you were to drop the soap, and bend over to pick it up, you would expose your anus to rape.
I really didn't have to know it. Especially the urban dictionary version.doh
Then why bring it up dunno

You will be talking about skyping while pulling the limp banana again soon

wink banana wink
Hey, leave it there. We both have moved. I think I apologized to you. But you started it by spreading a rumour.

I have to admit you are a decent bloke. That's all I will say.
Not until now

But I accept your apologywow
there was a girl friday for a time, I wanted more yet she was only willing to come around all weekend. I guess it worked out ok as I worked all week. No complaints here as we shared the best we both ever had for over 7 years. The thought of knowing friday was coming round. That was enough to make ya smile in the middle of a good dreamkiss
That was a good compromise Bentlee.
Mr Johnjim, it's always complicated for the majority.laugh
Elegs, i pick my holiday partners wisely - only those who are allowed to share a bathroom when i'm taking a crap. laugh
You said it well too, Mr Masqerader.
Lafonda, as simple as it can be. wine ......until we start calculating.
Mr oldyoungblue laugh , its more about the money than distance, seems to me, as i'm reading the bloggers. The majority values financial security before the love.
Mr Jimnastics . ..............................witty. laugh
You're wellcome, mr What.
Mrs lovelyUsha, i've reread my blog two more times and - nope. language misunderstanding. I have no idea what made you think i was cheating.
My opinion and I reiterate again just my opinion is that bloggers don't want a relationship

They love the interaction
The banter
The one up-manship
The infighting
And the drama

If they met and formed a relationship long or short their blogging life would be over

And as we all know today's headline is tomorrow's fish and chip wrapper

rolling on the floor laughing
I agree entirely with your comments Mr Blue!!

In fact...even those who live locally don't want to meet.
They prefer someone far away so they can use the distance as an excuse and obstacle .roll eyes
...just keep the short relationships on a ...and the long relationes short! grin
Hello bloodyawful wave I m currently in a very short distance serious friendship, which is at times too convenient . confused It s taken us awhile to realize that the time we spend apart gives us an opportunity to bring an appreciation of the close friendship we have. Yes it sounds crazy, rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing , but what the old saying, Abstinence makes the heart grow fond. Hope I made sense.
Sorry bloody, bouquet

I didn't get you right.
bloodyawfull Contributions
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