How weak can a guy's shit be?.....

Julian Assange. Ungrateful, alleged woman abuser, whiny snow flake, soon to be jail bate.

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U mad?
To not be taken seriously! Haha, I just think, yeah, he's a shithead, but what's so wrong about him? If it wasn't him it'd been someone else.
Disgusted at all involved very mad
When he gets convicted here, after quick extradition, hope he's placed in his own very special correctional living environment. He was so eager to show gratitude to the kindly Ecuadorians, that he'll certainly appreciate this. Cell mate to 6 ' 6 '' well hung Brother, with a hankering to white skinny tail. Wikileaks Jullian and Big Mr. Leroy Vaseline can----a match made in heaven.
Why do you always have to be sleazy in your comments. Are you not ashamed of what atrocities are being covered up. You always mention Hitler just see what he covered up drinks people. Oh I suppose with you its rules for some and not othersbarf
He's not been near a courtroom yet but you have him tried, convicted, sentenced & working out who his cell mate should be, this kind of American "justice" needs to be exposed, we could open a site to do it, and call it confused I know Wikileaks rolling on the floor laughing
I don't care what this jerk's redeeming features are, he needs to be locked up along with that twisted freak switch hitting traitor Bradley Edward Manning who should have gotten the firing squad.

These two enemies of the United States put US troop's lives at risk with their treasonous acts. They need to be put in a cell together so they can both get the fudgepacking they deserve.

But I do get a belly laugh from the liberals in the US who don't know what to make of it and are all mixed up. On the one hand this is the guy who exposed that the Democrats RIGGED THEIR OWN PRIMARY AND SCREWED THEIR OWN VOTERS (one of the biggest news stories in US history that the press (which is almost entirely controlled by the Democrats) virtually ignored).

On the other hand he is a foreigner who stuck it to the US. American Democrats LOVE that.

So they don't know what to make of it.

In the end, the fact that he is a rabid s*xual abuser of women means nothing to them, and the Democrats side with the guy even though he f*ck them over.

Democrats are just mentally twisted in that way.

I hope Assange has a good proctologist. He's going to need it where he's going.
Yep, all. The new Wikileaks covert club membership gesture might be bending over and holding ones ankles.
Litmus test of the trump supporters. The badly educated like Assange and the slithery bastards hate him.
As always, CC, there's a certain logic to your comment. Sort of like short skyscraper. Army intelligence. Clued progressive. And such.
It's not journalism when you put American solders lives at risk. It's an act of espionage against the United States and Assange must be punished. He and that circus freak Bradly Edward Manning should be put up against a wall and shot. Then we can hold a trial.
As always, CC, there's a certain logic to your comment. Sort of like short skyscraper. Army intelligence. Clued progressive. And such.

Hahahahahahahahaha! Well said!
Don't you think you're being a little harsh? I know the man is a bit of an arrogant prat and he did stuff he shouldn't have but he also blew the wistle on so very evil stuff. Also, as others have already pointed out, we're not even in possession of all the facts, who are you to judge him?
Well, Matie AJ, you have a point. His alleged whistle BLOWER roles do have some merit. As do the Swedish charges. We should await more facts. But you don't have to be a Prof. Freud to appreciate his dismissing narcissistic style (disorder?). Nor a foreign service professional to appreciate the lack of appreciation for the kindness of the Ecuadorians, even if THEIR former president's Yankee hating motives may have been in play. Watching him fight the coppers as he was dragged into the Paddy wagon, whining about injustice, didn't help me be a little more open minded either. The alleged pig sty also was bad enough for him, but weighed heavily on the maid staff, who may have had to endure kitty poop on the floor, and Jullian crap all over. Lots more, but yes, harsh, yet perhaps on target. In most prisons, he'll be seen as below even child molesters by the inmates. They'll give him a lovely welcome. BTW, as a word lover, just love the word prat. Thanks.
@Diamond_Rain wrote "These two enemies of the United States put US troop's lives at risk with their treasonous acts." How? For exposing the killings of civilians and atrocities committed by US troops? Tell that to the families of the innocent civilians and children killed by the troops.

I usually do not respond to political comments, but this is just an exception. And is the last.
yes its just so much better to continue to allow the government to lie and pretend it doesn't happen....the f**ker are never gonna expose themselves tho but what ya don't know wont hurt ya.....teddybear
Whynotagain and M4 agree totally with you, this is not about the whistleblower it's about what was found out. If this turns out badly reporters are going to have to hide, or not report incase of being prosecuted doh

To kill civilians knowingly is murder !!!
To kill civilians knowingly is murder !!!

Not necessarily. There are numerous examples of why this is not true.

When the United States of America dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki it is estimated that they SAVED net at least 1 million lives and probably many more. If the bombs were not used and it became necessary instead for the Allied forces to invade the Japanese mainland, the war would have waged on for many more years and at least a million people would have died during the final invasion alone. Contrary to the history revisionist's anti-American propaganda, America's decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan saved the entire planet from years of the most horrible carnage and war it had ever seen and saved millions of innocent lives. It was one of the most moral decisions in human history.

The left doesn't like the fact that sometimes difficult decisions are needed to ensure the most compassionate outcomes. Holding hands and singing Kumbaya has no effect on the dictators who rise up in every generation hell bent on dominating the planet and who can only be stopped by overwhelming force. It is not compassionate to fail to take whatever military actions are necessary against these monsters, including those that may unavoidably kill civilians to stop these scourges of humanity from succeeding.

The United States of America is the most moral force for good in the history of mankind. We are not afraid to make the difficult decisions necessary in the name of preserving the maximum amount of life and liberty possible. And we will continue to do so in spite of the criticism from those too timid to make such decisions because this is the most moral course.
Tiera del Fuego. No lo creo, chica.
It is very often that us, as humans, refuse to believe the truth. Nothing wrong with it!sad flower
Although I reckon, I know of nowhere else other than Patagonia, that can give you a car roof full (or fool?) of snow and ice in July.
Maybe Assange could tell us!

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