The Sound of Silence

Take a listen to this rendition. I like it.

Like someone commented on the official music video..

“Simon and Garfunkel’s version was a warning.
Disturbed’s version is the anger we didn’t listen.”

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Can someone please upload the video for MiMi? Thank you! bouquet


Mimi will end up with 155 video's conversing

Hi Mimibouquet
Thanks Merc hug bouquet

That’s alright, Merc coz MiMi loves comments on her blogs! applause

Sorry Mimi,

Was too late to post song. Tripped on the cord, otherwise I would’ve been #156.

Like the meme and the song smitten

Merc, Harb, Luke wave
Harbaaaaaaaaaal handshake

Terima kasih applause

I think you’d be able to figure that one out wink
Lukeon applause

Great to see you too Berrybouquet
Berry rolling on the floor laughing

hug bouquet
Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence (Original Version from 1964)
Thanks, Stringman handshake
you're welcome wave
Mimi - simply put adjacent on the left of the youtube link for the video and also
adjacent to the right of the youtube link and you will "upload" the video yourself. tip hat

It's nice that someone is paying tribute to Paul Simon's song.
I could see the 'Disturbed' version more appropriate perhaps in a play for dramatic effect.
However, musically, it is more lacking in both instrumental complexity and vocal range.
Regardless, in both versions Simon's lyrics is the real star. head banger
Whoops. I should have realized that the coding links wouldn't appear in the text of my comment.

So, I will leave a space between the beginning of the bracket and the rest of the code for both turning
the command on and ending the command.

Adjacent and to the left of the youtube link put [ youtube] to start the command
and adjacent and after the youtube link put [ /youtube] to end the command.
In both cases eliminate the blank space immediately after the [
Hiya Jim wave

Thanks for the tips but MiMi still can’t seem to upload any YouTube videos from my cellphone. blues

MiMi however can do it from a laptop or a desktop but currently MiMi’s laptop has decided to desert her crying
Naughty laptop. scold
rolling on the floor laughing
Luke....don't see you often enough....bouquet


I like both the original and the cover.

Here is another's my personal favourite, but then I'm biased.....Brooke is one of our own home-grown.(warning....grab your tissue box)



The instrument-free group. I've heard of them before, but hadn't listened to this song until now.


They do a great "Hallelujah" also.
Brooke Fraser is now on my Spotify playlist head banger

Thanks, Berry. Love her rendition too smitten
OB wave

Pentatonix! They’re awesome. Art likes them too.

This is my personal favourite.

Welcome Mimi....

hug this thumbs up
My personal favourite of Hallelujah...

Often I love the sound of silence.
Fay applause bouquet

Nice vocals by the Penta group thumbs up
They remind me of another vocal group, Manhattan Transfer.

I also enjoyed the vocals by this lady, who I am unfamiliar with;

Oh my goodness, I liked that. laugh

I don't often listen to music. I listen to weather sounds because it calms my extensive tinnitus which I hear, but also see like neon lights.

There are clicks and rumbles in the vocals which to me are reminiscent of my preferred rain and thunder sounds. I liked the vocalist creating a storm against a backdrop of threatening skies with the sounds I find most soothing.

I've just read the lyrics. I hadn't realised how much the words are evocative of a storm (and how fitting they are with my tinnitus experience).

I found the juxtaposition between the pacifying sounds and the contrasting emotional content very chilling. The one emphasises the other, showing our potential one way, or another in stark contrast, but also intermingled as one.

I'll have to take your word for that, Jim. I find the original version bland and a little grating at times because I hear differently. I'm guessing you might not be able to fully appreciate the colour content of the video as I do. laugh

Thanks Mimi, for a rare musical experience. wine
I've heard the song before, and love it.

The shock for me is a Mimi blog which allows posts roll eyes

Maybe comments will be allowed until every possible cover has been posted?

There's a Crocodile Dundee echo to this version. Call that a knife guitar? THIS is a guitar.

I think the only reason she allowed comments was because she needed someone to post it laugh

I really enjoyed this version mimi.......bouquet

I’m familiar with Dana Winner because way before Art, I had an online relationship with Bob, a Belgian.

I got to know about Dana Winner through him. He’d send me his favourite songs of Dana Winner for my listening pleasure.

This was back in 2014 grin

Ik Hou Van Jou ( that’s ‘I Love You’ in Dutch grin )

As for my Arty, he’s such a romantic, he’d send me songs like these....

Jac! I’m not sure if I’m reading this have synesthesia?

Wow! Just WoW! shock
You don’t know nothing, Molly!! scold very mad roll eyes mumbling

rolling on the floor laughing
Biff, I like the instrumental version you posted love

That is one monstrous guitar, that one! wow
M4 applause hug bouquet
"PLAY NOW: Marble Lines"(meet us in the games)

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