The Sound of Silence

Take a listen to this rendition. I like it.

Like someone commented on the official music video..

“Simon and Garfunkel’s version was a warning.
Disturbed’s version is the anger we didn’t listen.”

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Synaesthesia, yes, I'd forgotten the name for it.

But it's only my tinnitus sounds I see as neon lights, not any other sounds. At least I don't think so. My world is pretty colourful. grin

I also can't smell anything much if it's noisy. I dunno what that's all about. dunno

Maybe I'm just easily distracted. laugh
Cool! grin MiMi can now brags about knowing someone who has this condition to her girlfriends back in her hometown applause
What a great blog, I haven't seen one like this in a long time.

WTG MiMicheering


I didn't realise it was cool. It certainly doesn't feel cool when I see orange lights.

Orange should be banned, except for on fruit and vegetables. talk to hand

PS. Donald Trump doesn't count as a fruit, or vegetable. Not for these purposes, anyway.
I’m happy that you’re happy, hpylady cheering cheering cheering

Here, have some cakes and coffee while you’re here laugh

cake cake coffee
Jac rolling on the floor laughing

Cakes and orange juice for you, Jac? wink

Mimi I thought you won the lotto because from my desk top it looks like you have a wad of money..A closer look reveals a pretty fan blushing laugh

I have no choice but to agree with Molly because I thought it was weird I was allowed to post..That's right you needed your link inserted properly roll eyes laugh hug

Hi Berry bouquet

In regard to Jac's posts I learn something new every day thumbs up

I hope you need help with the rest of your blogs because this a a fab/educational read bouquet
Merc applause

You now make me wanna cry coz I wish they were money instead crying

When I first chatted with my Arty, I thought he had money....but I soon realised he doesn’t blues moping

It was already too late coz I was kinda very smitten with him by then smitten

However, I did sorta got back at him in a see, when he first saw my pics, he thought MiMi had got big boobs and only discovered they weren’t when he met me in person! MiMi stuffed Kleenex into her bra when have her pics taken so that they’d appear bigger!! rolling on the floor laughing
Mimi your so funny you remind me of an Asian version of Joan Rivers laugh applause

Let's face it the willy would be more fun to play helicopter with rather than a wad of money in ones hand daydream

Kleenex hey? conversing

I will be buying boxes of kleenex tomorrow..Pamela Anderson eat ya heart out batting
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Talking about coincidence!

Just saw this while I was scrolling FB.

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