He always said the Swedes could interview him in the embassy, as he thought the charge was trumped up to extradite him to America.

He did not hack into America for info he was given it . Beware reporters as whatever misdemeanours you report, you could be hounded.

My own Goverment barf come on then May jail melaugh

Comments (48)

Leakers and whistleblowers will always be shown and broadcast as treasonous devious back stabbers against any country they blow the whistle on, I say good on them for an increased public education of what really goes on behind the closed doors.
Just once in history I would like to see a whistleblower given the respect and accolades he/she deserves rather than having to fight total destruction by the people they informed on.....wave
Bentlee I'm afraid you are correct blues sad world teddybear
M4 yes so would I. We all remember Kelly the scientist who blew the whistle on sexed up dossier. Which happened to be true. I felt so sorry for his family.

This time it is us the Brits, the Americans, and Ecuador who are strange bedfellows. Everyone shouts about human rights dunno none for people who were massacred, and non for jailed soldier who sent Wikileaks the info, and Swedes too let's not forget them very mad they could have interviewed Julian in the embassy. Now my own country kept him in a prison, no outside fresh air, and later years no internet, and less visiting g rights, the fellow must be stir crazy by now. What human rights has he had ::dunno:

I am so ashamed of my own country on so many levels at this moment in time.blues
Now Corbyn is getting into the debate confused hope he means it not just gaining brownie points.

The rest of the world looks on, I have to look to RT news as ours does not show much blues
It's due to US pressure, no doubt. The last thing the US government wants is a safe haven for truth tellers!
Bd totally agree it's disgusting, very mad
Oh now they put out videos of what the bloke got up to in 7 years in a room. What was the experiment, how long for a man to go crazy. doh sick all of it, oh what was that he put lives at risk wow tosh the deeds of American soldiers massacre was done.

If America didn't go around the world telling everyone that they act against human rights etc, they may have a point. Shambles, trumped up charges of rape, hacking etc all to stay friendly with a country doh
Sick world we live in.frustrated
Corbyn has always been an admirer of Assange's - they have many sympathies in common.

Not usually at odds with you but this time - nope. There's nothing noble here. He's a narcissist with a troubled childhood, an insatiable appetite for the spotlight, and an arrogance which has made him think himself above criticism, above the need to be responsible, and free to say or do anything he pleases.

Whistle-blowers are essential, otherwise our governments get way too complacent, and yes I've laughed or gasped at some of probably-true stunts Wikileaks has pulled in the past, just as I was supposed to. BUT - whistle-blowers must be prepared, at some point along the line, to pay the piper and must blow their whistles with that in mind. He's been a hacker and a Russian tool and a bit of an all-round politics-manipulating grandstander and now, to his disbelief, he is actually going to have to defend himself. Boohoo.

I have no problem with those who poke the establishment when they need it, I've been a Private Eye fan for years, and part of my cynicism is because Assange had a run-in with Ian Hislop some years ago and then accused him of trying to smear him as an anti-semite. Hislop isn't faultless, absolutely, but he takes the flak for what he says, and doesn't snipe from cover, so I have eyed Assange askance ever since. He stands for everything that is manipulative, biased, and sensation-driven about our current media. Call him a hero, and any hope of the media becoming responsible again and reporting actual, you know, FACTS, accurately and in full in our lifetimes is gone.

Devil's advocate here devil and I know when I say JMO I will doubtless be the only one with this particular opinion. dunno
Well Biff wether ASSANGE is narcissistic or not is irrelevant! We are all flawed with something grin

Wikileaks is more than ASSANGE himself, but he does play a big role in uncovering what all governments and prominent people try to con us with.

Wikileaks is not affiliated to any one country, and I believe in this world we do need such as whistleblowers etc, but they have to keep on the move scold grin no no that's not why I move laugh

The video cannot be disputed!! It s a fact as to what happened, governments should not go around the world telling folk their human rights stink, when there own stinks.

Now countries scratch each other's back confused leaves me wondering about Sweden And America.

Now as to some ladies who shout rape to morning sex wow sure makes it harder for ladies who HAVE been raped to even try to bring rapists to justice.

Old time mental wards give more freedoms to patients than Julian has had, he is bound to need help in the future, I am sure my own country could have found a way around this debacle sooner, OH its scratching Americas back.
Wow now I'm worried, this tablet as directed me to a video on u-tube about Julian ASSANGE doh are they watching all my moves uh oh to what I get hot under the collar about. confused don't like it.
To be fair to the embassy for letting the cops in, he doesn't seem to have been the easiest guest. Smelly room, feces on walls, loud music, hacking your host's phone and leaking photos of him, is not guest behaviour I would encourage here ... this is funny, though. Stephen Colbert's "Assange is not a good roommate" -

Biff I for one do not necessarily believe everything I see, read etc.

Anyway as I said 7 years wow without your freedom, and America over your head, enough to drive anyone crazy, sticking 2 fingers at the so called democratic country for their non help.teddybear

I cant bare 6 months grin in the same place never mind 7 years teddybear
Bentlee good video, let's hope the secret part of America doesn't get hold of him and a secret suicide happens (professor Kelly) whistleblower. blues sad flower
So bloke not only 7 years in a room, now 50weeks in a cell blues another reason Britain is going to the dogs when someone doesn't get fair trial. Tomorrow another court action wether he gets extradited to American, by passing so called charges in Sweden. Disgusted and ashamed of my countries actions. blues
frustrated He chose the embassy and could still have been there if he hadn't abused their hospitality, if only by releasing mocking photos about his ultimate host (I know you think the other stories are fake and he was a joy to have around). Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

A while back he was offered a 6 month jail sentence, followed by lifelong protection from the other countries after his hide, and declined it.

The Brits could have handed him over to go check out Guantanamo for himself, you know. And just think how you will enjoy reading his wikileaks about prison life.

So Biff you dont mind countries doing abysmal things and pretending there white than white. doh
ASSANGE brought it upon himself by reporting bad things about the ones giving him sanctuary. Any dog that bites the hand that feeds it deserves what comes next.

Actually he has thus far gotten off pretty easy compared to Karen Silkwood and some other whistle blower I recall.
Not much point in my saying anything else, then. You know that's not what I'm saying but you want to see him as an innocent victim and if we have learned nothing else on CS, we should have learned people will believe what they want to believe. And why not!

Whistleblowers have a place too, and think on 7 years in a room and internet, visits, telephone being knocked out anyone sane will end up a bit mad. Or PC have severe mental problems.

Whistleblowers when it's TRUE what they are blowing about should be applauded.
So then you also believe any astronaut going on a mission to Mars or further will be crazy when he or she arrives?
Sorry to go off-topic but it is an interesting question.
Ken badlydrawn has answered that eloquently grin

Ken I know accidents happen in war but was was the video but soldiers killing civilians blues

My own countries soldiers are hounded for inhumane acts, is USA differentconfused

I remember a professor Kelly whistleblowing on weapons of mass destruction, he so called killed himself, look into that, his docs say not enough blood or knife at site, nor enough barbiturates in his body, cover up very mad was it Americans or Brits who did the deed. No-one likes whistleblowers, so called civilized countries go around the globe pointing fingers at human rights BUT FOR WHOM MAY I ASK.

What if a nurse sees a doc killing someone, what if a policeman is seen abusing someone, need I go on, folk will be frightened to blow the whistle.

Julian ASSANGE knew better than most what retribution the Americans would give him, now he has the world watching.wow

I am ashamed at the judge and my own country for allowing this. If they think that helps there so called deep relationships with America well that's a laughteddybear
Badlydrawn thanks for very interesting link not off topic at all it's just what isolation does plus Julian ASSANGE had fear with that too.blues thumbs up
A civilian is just a soldier without a weapon. Leave one on the ground and pretend not to be watching. They go for it every time. Bang. But why wait till then?
banana laugh
Ken doh excuses for bad behaviour in fact disgusting behaviour. Those soldiers should be found and took to task to say the least, THE WILLING KILLED CIVILIANS, WOMEN AND CHILDREN. Dont tell me you dont find that disgusting. Whistleblowers are brave and needed
So now the swedes will open up the alleged rape case against julian. He Julian that is always said Swedes could interview him in the embassy. Now I wonder how much Swedes are in US pocket. the US really will go to any lengths to get him. Just look at the drone business, bloke who whistleblow on that is to be imprisoned so US even want to hide civilians deaths due to drone strikes.
It will be interesting to see if my country will oblige the US thinking they will get trade deals. You scratch my back mentality
And now they have taken Julian Assange personal things from Embassy and going to send them to US wow very mad surely that's illegal AND my government is letting it happen mumbling
Julian is traumatised and cannot go to court, he is in hospital in prison. They say psychiatrist that is he show signs of physiological torture. No way can a man be holed up as he was and stay sane.

Shame on my countries and others for not giving him support. My corrupt government do not believe doctors. When they say he is I'll. Freedom of speech goes out the window now. Fair play too blues
You should go to Buckingham Palace or 10 Downing Street and demand the person in charge come out to talk to you. Order them to let Asange go or if another nation has custody insist that England mount an invasion to free him.
All of us here at CS will cheer you on as soon as FOX TV carries the footage of you doing the above.

Show them you are not afraid of solitary confinement by throwing urine at whoever tries to block your entry to Buckingham Palace or 10 Downing Street.

head banger
Ken you make me laugh but there is a big injustice going on.blues
If just before you throw the urine you bare your breasts to the TV cameras I think we can pretty much guarantee you prime time television coverage and great interest in your words and thoughts at the various and sundry investigative inquiries that will follow.

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing my breasts touch my knees these days rolling on the floor laughing
Yes, I am counting on it. The shock value should allow the toss of the urine to go almost unnoticed before it splashes on the evil person blocking your audience with the Queen or acting Prime Minister. I guarantee that security camera footage will be the hottest thing on YouTube in only a few minutes. :)
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing your red hot t
This afternoon Ken, what you on dunno laugh laugh
Now they are debating whether to send Julian to Americadoh They reckon a court must decide.

I cannot believe this at all, nothing proven all lies because the man or WikiLeaks told the truth, it was not lies that happened and America goes around the world telling people how to behave. doh

I had hoped Mr Trump would intervene
So now Julian in Feb will face court to see if he has to go to America for advertising true facts doh

Just terrible blues
Trump needs to put an end to this. It wasnt fake news scold
Yep My-Lover, but the man has so much to do watching his back as well, I hope in the end he will intervene.

War is bad but that was soldiers killing civilians this truly has to be stopped, those soldiers found and sorted.

They were not waving banners or throwing things these bystanders, and these soldiers animals shall we say just dived in and killed. Now Julian has not hacked into anywhere, not like our governments do he published info he was given

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