repaying reparations slavery and such

i only visited the states in a matter of hours.
I don't like the spirit of this. same witht he native american refunding.

I firstly would find it bull as living in USA now would be better than living in below sahara Africa now.

And i can't negate that below sahara Africa would have been much better without the mass deportations of best tribesfolk.

I do seek an answer and other opinions.

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I think you're missing the point, Len.

If peoples' ancestors were forcibly brought to the USA, what their standard of living would be in Africa is irrelevant.

To my mind, the point is that endemic abuse and discrimination has held, and still largely holds African and indigenous American people in a position of disadvantage.

The greater the poverty, the harder it is to dig your way out of poverty, so financial reparation may even out the playing field a bit.

The trouble is, I'm not sure it would work all that well in a culture of historical and continuing racial discrimination.

On the one hand, it's accepted that harm is eligible for restitution, but recompense for African and indigenous American citizens appear to excluded. To compensate would be symbolic of recognising equal rights.

On the other hand, perhaps directly dealing with a wider remit of discrimination might be more effective for society as a whole.
Then you don't understand reparations for native americans.....they are for broken treaties which were signed and are legal stolen by circumventing again their own government laws and forced assimilation by having to attend residential schools....the fall out from all of these still continues today so it wasn't as if it was a one and done this has lasted over generations and still continues today....nobody really gives a shit whether you like it or not...many people and their families still deal with the reprucussions today through abuse passed down from residential schools to alcoholism and drug addictions to deal with trauma and abuse....they don'
What impact do you think reparation would have on individuals and communities, M4?

I'm trying to relate it to my own experience of being raised by my mother who survived WWII Germany. I appreciate that the legacy of war goes on for generations - I can see traits in my daughter which have their roots in my mother's experience and that I have passed on.
Would be a very good reason to hate black people, the best way for the liberals to make a Hitler attractive.
Be a bit like the reparations after WWI only less fair. It would mean the progressive era coming to an end once again and be like the world between the wars. I see it as the single most awkward policy to render America socially crippled.
Like America is socially able-bodied...?

Jesus, you're really f*ck-witty at times, Rumps. laugh
I'm all for reparations, L. Let's start with anyone who actually was a slave themself, with the cash coming from a special tax on anyone who directly owned slaves. Then have beneficiaries of the racist affirmative action policies of the alt left, have their financial successes compared with all others. A special "racial advantage tax' on these folks could be assessed, also added to the reparations coffers. Might become an enlightened world movement. A good place to expand these services might be Britain. Former Colonials and the Irish would certainly qualify for such redistribution policies, ya think? Or Cockneys gentrified out of shishi London to Essex. Plenty to contemplate here.
Jack I see reparations as a chance to implement healing programs for one in order to heal trauma and generational trauma...many of those who attended residential schools are still living as the last one didn't close until the 1990's I cant put a price on abuse....killing language and culture and creating a generation that knows nothing about parenting due to placement in residential schools during their formative also cant put a price tag the ongoing physical and s*xual abuse that continued in families for generations due to abuse in residential schools....and you cant put a price on alcohol and drug addictions and the fall out from that on families due to trauma....not to mention the number of suicides that have occurred....also there are land claims still before the courts and some that have not even entered yet due to illegal land sales and broken treaties......the reparations should be a hell of a lot bigger than what they are for what these people and their families have had to suffer and are still suffering....I guess some kind of reparation is better than nothing and I see it as a symbolic recognition of their suffering and trauma.....wave
okay i did throw too much together.
the two topics are different. homegrown to import

My opinion doesnt matter indeed. good we have that cleared out of the way too.
i'm going to ignore the native american side here. but i did learn some things.

So for ex-slaves.
USA 1865 for the South then. North was earlier
Canada 1834 (1793 upper canada?)
UK 1833 or 1807(trading)

Maybe i should focus more on the divide or racism, because it seems that is more a driver than the heritage.?
I hear these things popping up more in South Africa than in example the South Armerica beyond Brasil.?

Poverty as a driver? it could really be.
is it a last straw principle?

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