To All CS Language Experts..

It's not easy to communicate with ones from different countries. Even one simple thing like language could become a big barrier.

When someone mentioned the word "navel", I had to google it. I never knew it's actually the same thing described by the term "bellybutton", the word I have used for years.

This doesn't only exist in English language, but also in Indonesian and I am sure in other languages also.

I don't understand why we complicate ourselves using some different words when we mean to describe only one single thing. confused

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AND a navel is a kind of orange.

I say belly button I don't use the word navel at all except for when I buy navel oranges
That's the beauty of language. It is so rich.
I would hate if there were only one word for esch thing.

It is said that the Inuits gave many words for snow.
There are many words for rain in Irish laugh
With the same sound is naval that refers to a branch of the military.
Yeah. not to mention homograph. mumbling

And homophone too. frustrated
Yeah, me too. It's simpler, isn't it? grin

But to be beauty and rich doesn't need to be that complicated.. mumbling
I love the diversity, or we would end up like woolly sheep laugh laugh
Flash your arse and see if the language experts guess it's a bum.
The English word 'belly' actually originates from the Latin 'umbilicus'. In Italian it quickly changed over to 'ombelico'. It means 'belly button', hence also the English term 'umbilical cord' (or 'navel-string': there we have the word 'navel' again, which is of Germanic origin.).
When the vulgar Latin 'ombelico' was shortened to belly in English while its meaning was enlarged from 'navel' to the complete belly remains hidden. English often has kept two equivalent nouns - one from Latin or French origin and another from early Anglo-Saxon (hence Germanic).
Oh I love diversity too, as long as it doesn't make things complicated. grin

Can you just flash your arse instead? laugh

Wow! That was something. wow
Psst! Can I have your contact number. grin
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