Yesterday in Newsweek; Trump is financially compromised by Russia

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For the rest of that interview go to this link;

It may take longer than most wanted, but eventually Trump is going to have to pay for his crimes. head banger
Follow the money?
Exactly ! That is what I have suggested from the start.
The illegal foreign money laundering is what I figured would be the easiest to prove beyond
a reasonable doubt, because all you have to do, is to follow the money.
Conspiracy, while very likely happened, needs a communication trail.
While a back channel mode of communication may have been established, it would be hard to find
and not necessary. Both parties understood without needing to communicate beyond what was done publicly.

Oh please, just how far left one has to be to believe this nonsense? LOL
"The illegal foreign money laundering is what I figured would be the easiest to prove beyond a reasonable doubt"

If it's easy for you, it must be easier for anyone in Congress. Somebody must not want to do it.
J - One neededn't be far left to not have the wool pulled over their eyes.

K - Yeah, that somebody was Mueller. Congress likely will pick up the ball and do it,
after it gets to see the full Mueller report.
This far...
...or this...
Mueller didn't come up with zero Willy.
There is an accumulation of evidence, which he was not comfortable with in prosecuting Trump,
as a sitting president needs to be impeached by Congress first.
He collected some evidence and chose to prosecute the Trump associated felons that he could by law.
Even Barr stated, that Trump is not exonerated.
More details will emerge, when the full Mueller report is handed over to Congress
and both the Southern District of New York and Congress continues their trials and investigations.
It's just a matter of time. Tricky d*ck Nixon was not rapidly removed from office either.
Those who side with Trump and spread his lies will not be judged favorably by history.
head banger
You are clutching at straws Jim . Trump will not be going anywhere . Get over it
e - keep that wool pulled over your eyes and continue to refuse to see the truth about Trump, if that oddly somehow makes you feel happy. dunno
Having a Russian operative in the Whitehouse disrupting the American way and causing damage to the country, does not make me happy.
how many million jobs has he produced , what growth rate has he achieved , tax take has increased because millions are now working because of his policys an not needing handouts . The US is booming , where is the wool Jim , just who fails to see . If he was doing badly I would say , you are being foolish . I have been running business since 1979 , I have an accute understanding of how economics affects all of us , I have skin in what Trump is doing . What you keep saying is crap about Trump . Go find your pretty graphs Jim , the ones that fit your view .
Zero ! He has passed no laws that had anything to do with increasing jobs.
Indeed, he has harmed the tourism businesses and farms.
He has attempted to take credit for the continued increase of jobs as the result of the Obama recovery from the great recession. The economy would be doing even better, if he didn't screw up the tariffs.
Literally a monkey as president would have gotten similar financial results. The monkey would have also benefited from the policies that Obama initiated.
Keeping abreast of the tarriff's Jim ? the one's against airbus , ok'ed by the wto because of the EU subsidizing Airbus announced last week . Did that slip your mind ,perhaps you just missed it . Who are you kidding over the jobs , Obama said they were never coming back , like a lot of things , he was wrong . Its a great pity Obama's presidency allowed the FAA to be corrupted , Boeing may well have been able to take advantage of the protection afforded by Trump , rather relentlessly heading towards bankruptcy , which sooner or later need taxpayer support as its too big to fail , good one Obama . Just one example off OB's effect .
Interesting read Jim. A newsweek link just below your OP article led to this article leading to more links to articles detailing among other things Trump juggling financial numbers... The more one digs the more one will find.. roll eyes

I remember the building at 40 Wall Street when I was in New York in the early 90s, before Trump took over, and dug some more..

Continued in my next comment..
Continuing to dig..

From the Bloomberg article above, among many financial scammers and criminal tenants are two now defunct Trump scams.. roll eyes

Continued in my next comment..
Continuing to dig..

Continuing to dig, Trump's website inflates the renovation to $200 Million.. roll eyes

Thanks for all that Jack.
The deeper one digs, the more dirt there is on Trump.
He is extremely dishonest and a fraud.
His own lawyers determined that he is incapable of being a witness,
because he simply can't tell the truth. He has deceived MANY people.
They may not have, if he did not take action, stand up to the anti 'too big to fail' people
and offer loans as bailouts. That moment had a great positive effect on the economy
and it has continually improved since. While you may not understand math, and thus
dislike graphs, the graphs clearly show a consistent improvement in the economy since that time,
which we are still benefiting from.
Obama's accomplishments in the face of an uncooperative Republican Congress are recognized by
top presidential historians who have ranked him as the 8th best US president the country has ever had.

While the economy has continued to improve, it has nothing to do with Trump. Indeed, the only change in direction of the economy since Trump became president (with the help of Russia)
has been the inflation directly tied to Trump's tariffs. Thus, while there are more jobs,
those people who have jobs can afford less. In addition Trump's tax cuts for the rich have driven the
deficit much higher, weakening the US government, and giving the top 1% an even greater separation from the lower 99% than has ever been seen in the history of the USA.
They are the opposite of economic accomplishments. Top presidential historians rank Trump as the worst US president in history.
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