Poor, pour, pore...

Some people say English is a difficult language to learn. Okay, you're right. I had no choice, it's my native tongue and though I'm learning new words, I often forget others.
My parents were born in the US and English was my father's first language where Italian came second. For my mother, it was Italian first, English second.

English is a second language to most of the people I come in contact with. For some, it's a third or forth. Many people from Haiti speak French, Creole, Spanish and English.
I've generated many friendships via internet and many came to me over Skype asking for help to learn English.

Just because I speak English doesn't qualify me to teach it!

It's been suggested, if I retire and want to visit China for several months at a time, I could supplement my income by teaching... English. I shudder (and not stutter) over the thought of that.

Poor, pour, pore...

I did have success with getting a few friends to say words with the same ending and they picked up speed. For example:

bay, cay, day, fay, gay, hay, jay, kay, lay, may, nay, pay, ray, say, tay, way
Sometimes they would get tripped up but I emphasized they all rhyme.

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When I tried to learn German, (my mother never taught us) to learn what gender things were likeconfused had me giving up. I know a table is a she laugh laugh
First feast fist fast(fast)

Used I a sentence

Fast first before a fast fist (ing) then feast.
I'm happy to teach English to young asian woman

Then only need a few simple sentences
What... "Me love you long time GI"
By the time you retire, my best guess, is that your wife would probably have an easier time teaching English to the Chinese population. That's only because she will know Mandarin a lot better than you
and still know English a lot better than the students.
Jim, when I went to China, I had people come up to me in public (typically at the mall) and ask if I was American. Not knowing what their intention was, I refrained from commenting most of the time, but some asked if I could help them with English.
Usually, it was students who are book learned. They read & write fluently but their teachers weren't native speakers or... had British accents. They wanted to learn American English.

Little did they know were have no less than 4 different dialects.
USA has 4 different dialects.


Please explain that to me

Thought they only used bastardized english

Chat, that's interesting. Most of my TEFL students have generic American accents and although I try to remember to say things like pass and grass and glass the American way for their sake, many of them copy my pronunciation when I forget, they love my accent. I do keep scrupulously to American spelling, easier than trying to explain that U is not mch tilized in the Nited States.

English isn't so bad, needs you to go through thorough thought though.


Main reason so many people want it is that it is the commonest second language in the world.

As there are over 400 million native Spanish-speakers, Spanish is the second most popular language in the world. Between the two of them, in theory anyway, I will be able to make myself understood anywhere ....
Noticeably different accents/dialects
New England area, New York, Southern States (Carolina, Georgia, Alabama), Midwest, Appalachian region.

I knew a woman from middle America who pronounced window, "Windah"
Some Southerners say "Win-der"
"Open da win-der"

American Blacks often have their own version of English.

In New York, you would hear caulking pronounced 'corking' or a sofa as a 'soffer'

In the South, 'all of you' is pronounced Y'all and amazingly there's a plural to that... Y'alls

When we moved to Florida in the 1960's I went to the corner store to buy candy and the cashier lady asked if I wanted a 'sack' after hearing me say huh? she realized I wasn't from around there and asked if I wanted a 'bag' to put my candy in.

Over there, down the road or any unspecified distance (in the South) is referred to as 'yonder'
Biff, in the mid 80's I worked for some South African partners who had strong but different accents. My boss always have trouble ordering Coke at a Burger King restaurant. It sounded like 'key-yaok' After repeating himself and they still didn't understand, he would ask for Pepsi. The response was we only have Coke. His reply was "Okay, I'll take that!"

"English isn't so bad, needs you to go through thorough thought though."

Yeah, say that 20 times really fast...
EXRED, my son-in-law is from Italy and complains to my daughter she cannot get the word gender right... I'm told there are many different uses depending on the sentence.
She can speak some Spanish and the rules are much easier.
Talking about English
You found here ( after the last place you were on got shut down ) saying you got alot to say.
I remember how pronounced you announced it.
Can you remember after all your sayings to this day
English didn't come from America dunno
How come you think it does dunno
Can you remember after all your sayings to this day
Does a comedian remember every joke or funny quip he told? Seriously doubtful.
If something I said was important, please go to one of my blogs and call it to my attention.

English didn't come from America

People say America is a melting pot. No more than a chocolate chip, Macadamia nut cookie with raisins is a homogeneous mixture.
Different Ethnic groups have settled in different regions of the United States and created their own version of English. So, what's your point?

You found here ( after the last place you were on got shut down ) saying you got alot to say.

Connecting Singles members were complaining about ex-Matchdoctor people coming here LONG BEFORE I made my first blog, comment or forum post.

Do you remember warnings to newbies about needing a thick skin? I listened.

As longs as I follow the guidelines (rules) for blogs I have every right to be here as the next member. That means no matter how many times you come to my blogs to complain or write spinoff blogs about me... other than showing your dislike for me, it's meaningless.
Of course it's a she! As is a computer, a ball, or an eagle. Instead, a car, a sofa and the floor are male (I'm spanish).
Chat, are you imagining me with the kind of accent which could cut biltong? I suspect I have a more neutral accent than you do snooty you can even call my bluff, I have a vlog up on my profile.


And ja, the SA accent can be verry strong. I lived in Scotland for 15 years and as some Scots are not enamoured of the English, I often deliberately thickened my accent when I was meeting people for the first time to avoid misunderstandings. Then I thinned it down again so we could understand each other.

Very strong accents of any origin (or is orinje now the official version?) are hard going but I like mine and 19 years on in no danger of losing it. But it isn't very strong, I've never had a problem ordering coke even in the US. yay

biff, I've already seen your Profile Video and thought your accent was somewhat mixed.

One of my associates came over (from South Africa) some 30+ years ago with the other crowd and we chat on a daily basis. I'm always asking him to repeat himself as I cannot catch every word he says.
Say "Rusks" a few times. My dog was taught to search and destroy at the 'sks' command.. laugh
Not to mention... to, too, two

Oh, I just mentioned it.
Can you read the red writing, if you read the red written script, then you are good to go lol
English is a hybrid language. The most damage done was when Wiliam the Conqueror's viking ancestors stayed a bit too long in Normandy and brought French (a very decadent form of Latin) with them in 1066. Thus the horrible variety of spellings (Noah Webster didn't patch it well enough).
Lately I, too, have been interested in Chinese, though I was stationed on Taiwan 71-72. Unfortunately, I find the documentation very poor, mostly non-Mandarin influenced (Brit).
English is the easiest language, that is all i speak. banana
Yankee4you: "Gratitude"(meet us in the poems)

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