I Don't Care

who you are
what your skin color is
what your religion is
what your culture is
what country you are from
what your IQ is
what your hobbies are
whether you have great hair or not
whether you're single or double confused
whether you worship trump or not

All I am asking is just tell me how to stop the phucking cats getting on my house roof..!

I am sick and tired of cleaning their phucking shites! frustrated

Seee.. only on cs do I use the F-word. giggle

Comments (16)

Put some catnip in pots up there grin or pepper hot stuff, that should get rid of them.

I have used the F word more this last year than all previous but only for my own ears laugh laugh
Try pepper spray...
Are you sure? I thought it can make cats high and love to play even more. dunno

Spray it on to their eyes or what? hmmm
doh oops could have that wrong, spray pepper were they sit grin
Kal, I just Googled it... the answer is pepper suppositories.
One dose and they won't return!
Cat's usually dig a hole, shit on the ground and cover it.
Some weird cats you're talking about.
Chop the tree branches or remove whatever the cats climb to get on the roof...or get a pet red-tailed hawk, great-horned owl or eagle as a pet.

Cats have a habit of using roofs as a meeting place to procreate. laugh
I'd prefer cats around the place than rats and mice anyway.
OK, K. I'm all the wrong things. Short, straight, old, fascist and the worst---white, dude. But for about EU 30, you can get a high powered ten crank BB air rifle. .177 CALIBRE. Rarely kills them, unless really lucky shot. But they tend to avoid your place after getting hit a few times on the back side. Great kitty pain crying noises when hit. Better than winning the doll at the amusement park.
It seems to be quite a major CATastrophe!!
However, until they attempt to scratch your eyes out or bring other bodily harm maybe try to be friends with them. A water pistol might help chase them away without harming them.
Maybe A little teriyaki sauce in a stew might do. It may taste like chicken anyhow!! rolling on the floor laughing
Isn't it about time the cat had a different picture dunno
Looks like the one you put up a while ago rolling on the floor laughing
Bout time you took care of the pu**y miss KAL
It obviously likes you peace
P.s. cats pick us for a reason.
And the reason is always a beautiful one peace teddybear teddybear teddybear
Nope Daears, that one was not the one I put up before. This one was.

Can you see the difference?

I will come back to give you all my responses. Now I simply have something to take care of. I appreciate all the comments. Thanks. teddybear

rolling on the floor laughing Obviously, you've never owned a cat. If you've ever tried to give a cat a pill, from the FRONT end, you'll want NO PART of a kitty suppository! (You'll likely bleed to death before you get THAT little task completed!) laugh
A picture with the cat in your lap miss K laugh
They're cuddly and soft too peace teddybear
Hi everyone.. wave

I know I said I would come back to give you all my responses. But I change my mind. I wouldn't do that. And I wouldn't listen to any of your suggestions as I have found a better solution.

I will find and hire a detective to find me people who love eating cat meat. laugh
4MaryB: "Happy Birthday! "(meet us in the ecards)

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