North Hollywood Shootout

I learned from an Uber driver yesterday that I'm currently about three blocks from the scene of the crime. I remember it well and at the time I thought how oddly appropriate that it happened in Hollywood since to me it looked like a movie. But in this movie they were using real bullets--an estimated 2,000 of them, and real blood.

There was a movie made about it (of course there was) but it couldn't compare to the real-time news footage.

Anywayyyyy, I was close to having a smoke yesterday, paying for an Arizona iced tea and peering over the cashier's shoulder at the cigarettes on display....
I could almost hear them calling out to me, "Come on, one more won't kill you!"

Actually it might. Maybe that's the attitude I need to adopt. The next one just might be the final nail in the coughin'. Pun intended. Today is 16 days.

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I have a high-school friend who smokes up until he puts his head on a pillow for the night.
He's got a lung tumor his doctor says is inoperable and his attitude is "I enjoy smoking, why should I stop?"
It's good to know you are trying to quit.
Sixteen days is amazing. Keep at it!

I'd forgotten about the part where you're looking for something--ANYTHING--to do with your hands! That's just another maddening part of the process.

You've invested a lot of effort to get where you are. Don't give up!
"Keep up the good work - 16 days & counting". That's your lungs & arteries talking. thumbs up
Thanks all for the words of encouragement. I had a moment yesterday and it was after stuffing a quesadilla from a Mexican food truck into my gaping maw. I sure was tempted, but made the right choice. I shot some heroin instead.

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