Joy or sorrow,seek God

There is no third option but Yes or No,Joy or sorrow,Healthy or sick,being with God or without God,
Light or Darkness,Good or Evil.
Some people say they don,t want to believe in God, or they choose do not good but evil.
But they don,t know what come as result of believing not in God or doing not good but evil.
This is the result what come: if you don,t believe in God:comes condemnation to you,curse,sicknesses,
Evil attacks,sorrows , suffering and death.
Man need to believe and obey God to get saved from sin and from evil.
Two greatest commandments to believe and obey are :1.Love God with all heart,with all mind,with all spirit,with all strength.2.Love your neighbours as your self.neighbours are people you see daily.
then are ten commandments to believe and obey in bible in exodus 20:2-17.
There are needful:Good thoughts,good words,good deeds.There need refuse and be away from Bad thoughts,bad words,bad deeds.
The result of good thoughts,good words,good deeds are: Healthyness,peace,joy,life ,and etc.
The result of bad thoughts,bad words,and bad deeds are :sicknesses,sorrows,suffer and death.
Is terrible:come tortures,and so many bad sufferings.
So if you don,t do good you will do evil.If you do good for yourself and others,evil will go away.
So you see there is not third option: but yes or no,joy or sorrow,healthy or sickā€¦!
You need do good thoughts,good words and good deeds,and it will come peace and joy and other good things.So do peace and joy and peace and joy will be with you.
Believing and obeying God is important and lead you to all happiness,to all truth,to heaven and earth.
So seek God and seek truth and you shall find.
Pray with all heart and you shall receive in faith.

God bless.
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