C.S. spam mail and scammers

I have solved the problem with the amount of scammers and CS fake mail from beautiful woman half my age who have fallen in love with me and the ones offering to put millions into my bank account

Move to south America thumbs up

I guess it's like the wall on the Mexican border no one wants to move south wave

Not a single e mail


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I have tried to send an e-mail to Mr trump outlining my situation and offering him my idea for only 1% of the cost of building his wall

so in effect saving America billions of $

The plan is to make USA a state of Mexico

Move the border from Mexico to Canada and NO ONE will be looking for a green card

Unfortunately my e-mail has bounced back unread and un delivered

So I am offering to share this idea with any north American who wishes to share in this multimillion dollar scheme

I obviously will need all your personal details and bank account numberswave
Maybe you shoulda picked Nigeria....then give accolades to fellow scammers.....laugh
Well I did consider ontario but it already has a large indigioous Nigerian population

Which begs the question

Is a Nigerian scammer who is second generation canadian by birth stereotyped by ancestory or geographical location

No its just the country that seemed to start the scams....so yes its stereo-typical but india seems to be running a close second and that includes phone calls....I got a call the other morning before it was daylight and it was a persons voice then a recording telling me that my visa had been compromised by 600.00 and I just hung up....a) they aren't gonna call me before its daylight and b) I knew I didn't even have that much in my account and c) I don't have a visa card.....you have to be on the ball with these sons a bitches and I cant believe im not on the scammer do not call list cause not once have I ever fell for their scams but I pissed more than one off....laugh
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