Domestic cats roaming in urban settings....

Compared to dogs, cats....well, there's really no comparison. Still, I like most cats. Have had a few, but now with Bravo, couldn't keep another. But the reasons for keeping a cat indoors in urban residential areas far outweigh the usual vapid logic---"little Poopoo is much happier coming and going through her flap in the doors. It's cruel to confine her indoors." Ectoparasites, cat calling all night long, fights, marking neighbor's living areas, predators, etc. On this last item, our foxes and coyotes will take any domestic kitty. And the ospreys and eagles here can grab and fly off with all but the largest ones. Sure, you have a farm in the country, let the mouser do her job. But puleeze, be a good pet keeping citizen.

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If only dogs would cover their own shit.... wink
In Florida outdoor cats get killed by bobcats. It seems that cats are bobcat's favorite food. dunno
A woman I know lost 3 of her cats to a bobcat in the 4 months that I was down there this year.
Other people in the neighborhood also lost cats the same way.
Not to mention cars....the idea that letting cats roam would be ok if they were in their natural habitats but they aren't and so they roam without knowing the real dangers out there...I don't let my cats out because I would rather have them alive than allow them to roam freely where they might get run over.....wave
Cats are part of the urban wildlife now. Generations come and go that have never been inside a house or come within touching distance of a human. When I first needed one for rodent-control, I would set kibble outside. It always got taken, and eventually I "had" a cat.
All, thanks for the good points. One of my brothers lived on a pacific island, and while visiting, I used to grind my teeth watching him feed a gaggle of feral cats daily. Near a popular beach with lots of kids/pregnant women no less. Don't know where he got the notion, but it wasn't in an AA meeting, if all get my drift. On my first yearly visit, several of these walking parasite reservoirs would show up for munchies daily. On subsequent visits, it looked like a scene from the 90's Broadway popular play. My public health training and instincts were severely tested, as were my brotherly concerns for a family LEGEND. In the Chinese sense of INTERESTING times. I often see signs posted on local utility poles, with a heartfelt plea to call if anyone sees dear little kittybuns. Cute picture always takes up most of the advert. Revealing, in Psychobabble terms. Always tempted to display my deep dark reaches of sociopathy by lettering over little snuggle's photo, the words--- "goes nicely braised in the wok, with olive oil and garlic". Goddess help me.
Isn't that dogs? I've seen them getting skinned alive in China, not a nice view, also I never tried their meat but felt tempted to. It's a traditional dish over there.
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