Notre Dame Our Lady

Where does one begin to measure the loss of one of the famous structures next to the Pyramids of Egypt or Angkor Wat
How human nature takes things for granted and in a spark of unforeseen mishap 800 yrs of beauty going up in flames.
Can it be resurrected like the Phoenix and remotely come back better than ever?
It's unfortunate the church was made mostly of wood not stone like the Pyramids.
Even as crazy as Hitler was and his attitude towards religion he spared this majestic cathedral which shows how prominent God is in European life.
Today we can ask where is God now knowing that yesterday was Palm Sunday and the highest holiest moment of the Catholic church which is Easter next Sunday.
Where will be the fiery spirit of Christ in the hearts of people be, come this weekend?
France and pretty much all the Christian world may just have to come to terms with how they see their God.
Although God should be found in the temple of our minds and hearts more than a building of fine art.
Nevertheless, we can mourn over the loss but, as it states in Ecclesiastes 3 There is a time for everything under the sun. A time weep and time to laugh A time to mourn and A time to dance A time to tear down and a time to build.
The Cathedral in time can be rebuilt but, broken hearts and lives are a different story.
Our Lady Notre Dame will always live as long as people hold onto her value within.

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Quite a few years ago York Minster was hit by a bad fire but over time it was rebuilt/restored and so will be Notre Dame.
Thanks for honouring our great Lady...which will be restored..I'm sure..and informing us of its history. sad flower
Yep I see all the points but a flashing thought in my head ( some people in France demonstrate against poverty and injustice) and now being asked to put into fund to rebuild confused

What comes first History Old Buildings or PEOPLE just passing thoughts teddybear
When that old building is more than just a building but also an important symbol it can become a rallying point.
I have no doubt the burning of the Notre Dame, and its aftermath, will have enormous impact on France, its politics and protesters.
The rebuild funding, it is not as much a financial request but one of the saddest parts of this whole saga.
It is the environmental disaster that is laid bare.
Not that monies are not appreciated;
France for the next few hundreds of years could never ever rebuild that roof, ever!
because "we don't, at the moment, have trees on our territory of the size that were cut in the 13th century."
Regardless of which pole is melting faster, regardless of one thinks climate change is a hoax or not, regardless, it does show that we do damage that we can not repair or repay ever in our lifetime.
You're too right Red..uh oh

They're talking about millions to restore it and over 20 years to do so...??doh

In the meanwhile...they are still protesting on the Champs Elysées..which are closed every Sunday...preventing people from going to work (including my nephew who happens to be working there!!!)grin
You have a point Meta about the trees! grin
Well they needed 21 Ha (50 acres) of oak woods including 300 to 400 yea old trees to build it in the first place where they are going to find that amount and quality these days to rebuild it.
Daniela yep London is being virtually been closed with banners flying against the government for not doing enough about climate change.

Lots of other countries too the people are up raising about corruption of their governments.

The world will change through the ordinary people theve had enough.

It is a shame about the fire and artifacts lost, but starving people come first in my book.
I agree to that Red .thumbs up teddybear
ah is sad to see such a fire destroy such a lovely building .im sure it will be repared but like red said the amount of money people speak off seems immoral as so many suffer in poverty in same country maybe

London (CNN Business)France's three wealthiest families are coming to the rescue of a national icon, spearheading a fundraising drive to rebuild Notre Dame that has topped $700 million.
The billionaires behind luxury giants LVMH Group, Kering and L'Oreal on Tuesday pledged a combined €500 million ($565 million) after a massive fire ripped through the Paris cathedral.
LVMH (LVMHF) and its CEO Bernard Arnault have promised €200 million ($226 million). The donation has been matched by the Bettencourt Meyers family, which controls L'Oreal (LRLCF).

The Pinault family, which operates luxury conglomerate Kering (PPRUF), has pledged €100 million ($113 million).
The three fashion dynasties have invoked patriotism and shared cultural identity in explaining their generosity following the devastating fire.
Other French companies have also written big checks: The oil and gas company Total (TOT) has promised €100 million ($113 million), while tech and consulting firm Capgemini will give €1 million ($1.1 million).
Combined with other donations from companies including French bank Crédit Agricole, the total amount pledged by business and wealthy donors has reached $700 million.
No matter how much money any entity can throw at a wound it will always remain.
Physical wounds will heal over time but, emotional wounds will last forever. The story about this fire will be passed down from generation to generation. Much like the twin towers brought down on 9/11/01 in the US. The difference is the cathedral didn't lose 3000 lives. Yet today 18 years later who outside of the US really cares?
Very sad.
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