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Ways in which people are being offered the enjoyment of cruelty by victimizing me: For example virtually all of the wall paintings (murals) from ancient Egypt depict people and animals in profile. A wall of a building or a room ends in a corner and a corner comes to a point. A wall on it's own also comes to a point.

If an image of a man or a male animal on a wall is shown in profile and if that man or animal has an erection then that erection would be pointing towards the sharp corner of the room or the sharp corner of the building or other structure or towards the end of a wall which can also be sharp. In those paintings or murals virtually all of the people and animals are shown in profile.

This is being done to threaten me with being stabbed or cut or speared or otherwise injured or killed unless I perform a sex act with a man or an animal. This is an example of me being publicly threatened, coerced, sexually abused and in fact slowly murdered in a conspiratorial way which amounts to international organized crime involving billions of people.

It is far, far beyond all reasonable explanation to explain why any artist would choose to do a mural in which every living thing is only shown in profile, never mind every artist doing the same thing in every painting for 2,500 years.

Through the ages a single person is being slowly murdered one by one. When one dies another is chosen to be victimized. That person is currently me. The enjoyment comes from singling out a person to be victimized.

We have the expression, "corner store." This expression is not used in everyday life. People will say that they are going to the store or they might say the name of the store. People do not say that they are going to the corner store. Many things are not available at the store. The expression "corner store" is in use to offer the enjoyment of cruelty by threatening me with having the corner of the store put up my behind or into my body by me being stabbed.

The expression "corner store" is in use to offer people the enjoyment of cruelty because it is used to coerce me to steal by implying that a way for me to avoid being cut or stabbed or perhaps speared or being required to perform a sex act is to steal. This is true because if one "stores" a corner of a building up their behind or in a hole in their side or if someone else does that to them that would not be a good thing. Me being coerced to steal is me being murdered.

People should be allowed to buy MAS freely if they wish. The prisons all over the world should be emptied and the people set free. Prostitution should be fully legalized and unregulated. Prostitution is illegal because the most common situation is an older man using those services instead of spending his savings at the doctors office. Prostitution can be an opportunity for women because there is less risk of injury compared to many other types of work. That is another reason for why it is illegal, to increase injuries to women so that they need a doctor.

The insurance industry should be abolished entirely. There should be no licencing requirements for any occupation. There should be no such thing as a criminal record.

There is no such thing as addiction. Addiction just means that something that someone enjoys which ordinarily would be inexpensive and easily obtained is being made unavailable.

There should be no minimum speed limit on secondary roads so that if someone has had a few drinks they are free to slow down and drive as slowly as they need to in order to get home safely. The roads should be for everyone.

There are many, many thousands of other ways in which I am being victimized. If you have read all of this so far you might be thinking that I have no friends, that I am completely alone and so on. No actually I am very popular among the poor and there I find many, many friends. Being popular among the poor - see next bog

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This is the most original blog in 2019, to date.
are you perhaps on any mood altering substances?......confused
To M4_mischief, Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I want you to know that I am currently looking for any and all public speaking engagement opportunities.
You have not taken into account that most drug addiction in the US is the addiction to prescription drugs.

Art done in profile did not continue into the age of the Grand Masters. Regular portraits were more common. Think La Gioconda or David. Are they a danger to your wellbeing?
s*xual art in ancient times was simply a representation of fertility and life. I don't think it was to force you to have sex with animals
I'll keep you in mind bs if I ever have a need to hire a public speaker......laugh
I think, in fact I know we all perceive things how we envisage life is or should be.

All minds act independently unless in a crowd or on a mind altering substance.

Are you suggesting all artist were on mind altering substances to join up in the same era confused

The IRS screwed me out of 70 k this year and then had the gaul to do it again a week later. I got that last part back and Im gonna get the other part mostly too. Im gonna make em stand in corners and draw profiles all day.very mad very mad very mad devil
Are you serious.?confused
Is that for real or just sarcasm?
capricorn62•20 hrs ago•Unknown, California USA
Are you serious

Im not gonna make em stand in corners but I wish I could. Seems these days im constantly having crazy bad luck.

uh oh doh dunno
I don't know if this is funny or disturbing.

I think Christopher Walken should narrate. #youtubegold
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