Obama approval lowest ever recorded....

Obama approval rating is the lowest ever recorded for a president this long into there time in office.
The number 1 approval goes to George W. Bush at 86%.
Obama is not so popular these days. Only 46% approve his job as president; 66% disapprove of his Nobel Peace Prize.
His policies and the Democrats in Congress continue to get lower and lower as Americans look to the Republican Party in 2010 and beyond!
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u are right geoboy,the man doesnt deserve the nobel prize,unemployment rates in the usa are above 10.5%,he did nothing in the palstenian-isreali peace talks,american troops in afganistan are facing alot of troubles,us dollar is loosing power in exchange with other currencies,camp delta(guantanamo prision)is not yet closed,so what did he do since he came to the whitehouse man?????????????handshake
Obama follows Bushs Lead...

- Continue the War in Iraq
- Continue the War in Afghanistan
- Continue to ingnore hot spots like Somalia
- Continue to allow Middle Eastern Oil over Domestic
- Continue to support China Cool Pollution for American Goods
- Continue to allow GITMO to be Open
- Continue to resist Nuclear Power
- Blame First world Nation for Global Warming

Bush should of got the Nobel Peace Prize?
Thanks 1234..Now you can see the mistake made a year ago with the election of Barack Obama. Him and the Democrats are plummeting its no wonder the Republican Party comeback will be swift and fruitful for the next two election cycles.
There is an old saying that ignorance is bliss. He is living proof. My understanding is that the comittee that selects the Nobel Prize selected him before he ever took office. He could say that the sky is green and the grass is blue and the same percentage of people would vote for him. "Don't take the blue pill". His election night rally was like watching Jim Jones pass out Kool-Aid. Every time I see him on T.V. or hear him on the radio, I can't help but think, "Hey! Look! Something shiny!.....his followers, including the media, look like a cross between "sheep going to slaughter" and zombies.
HA HA HA ....WAY to go 1BAMA1.
You got that right all the way brother!!!!!
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