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Hold on to your seats kiddies...

Hold on to your seats kiddies... because MANGO SEASON is just around the bend.
Grocery shopping today and mangoes from Central America around $1 each.
I found a different variety from Mexico that's $2 each.

My tree bears over 300 per season... so many I have to give most of them away!

The photo is what's coming up this season from my place.

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Comments (15)

As I've stated many times in the past, I love mangoes.
They are my favorite fruit.
In the past 30 days I have bought about 20 of the large Mexican ones
at $0.59 each at ALDI. Yum ! It's been my dessert each night .
Go Man-Go!: laugh
I need to climb that tree and get me some mangoes. laugh
Chatillion....I’m sending a truck round! grin
Jim, remember one thing: Orange in orange out!

fiorenza, this has been going on for years.

LaFonda, no need to climb. I have a 20 foot long pole with a loop at the end.

robbyreal, anytime... but you have to bring your own bags.
I envy you with the mango tree. I grew up in a mango tree and always was a mango sticky child, yummmm. I got yelled at a lot for getting so high in the tree. What I would want more than the mango tree is an avacado tree.

Does your wife make mango jam and freeze a bunch of mango bits? Mango smoothies?

My daughter-in-law brought me a bag of rose buds for rose tea. Of course the directions are in Chinese. Most the gifts she gives me have Chinese instructions so I have to wing it.
Fay, we had a freezer full of peeled and sliced mango. When it was too much, we froze them whole.
As good as they were, it because too much!
Hi Chati wave

Although I saw some Mango trees have started flowering, Mango season is not here yet. Oohh.. I love Mangoes. I posted about Mangoes I had quite often here on blog. head banger

Btw, the type of Mango of yours is the same as that of my neighbor's.
We are in Miami today and my wife is in the backyard picking mangoes
Will the mangos from Central America still be able to make it to the USA after Donald has built his wall?
Yes, they will be coming through the underground tunnels that were recently built.
Jim, mangoes at Aldi are 49 cents each.
I tried the one from Mexico and though it's nearly the same flavor as the ones from my tree, it has a softer texture... less fiber.
We were in Miami again last Sunday and got more than 20 mangoes to bring back. I left 10 in a bag at the office (to share) and they were gone when I checked in the afternoon.
Hopefully, one person didn't take all 10. devil
I had business in downtown Miami today and we are at the house for the weekend.
40 mangoes on the ground and 30 of them are keepers!

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