28 marzo 2011, a la(s) 11:07

It's so f*cking annoying. Yeah I find it f*cking annoying. My Buenosairean friends surely noticed; it's f*cking cold!
I have noticed I don't like transporting myself to places on my own. Maybe cos I roamed the f*cking Earth on my own for too long. Now I need someone to pull me out of my place. I'll go anywhere :)

Look at my old driving instructor, he's teaching a woman how to drive,I think he's a corrupted f*ck. And the smell from that perfume transports me to times of good and hope; but of course, it's my own perfume that I smell.
YOU SEE, COS I HAVE FOUND THIS SOLUTION TO THESE 'SCENT' ISSUES. Since perfumes transport me so much to times and feelings; whenever I feel the scent in someone, I go ask them. 'Excuse me, your scent reminds me of a beautiful time in my life, would you be so kind of telling me which perfume is it?' I've discovered it works amazing with girls, mostly when they say they're not wearing any perfume, to which I respond 'oh, so it's all you ;)'
And when it's a bloke, I just go ask them and they give me a weird look.

It's so f*cking cold. Some time ago I was living here with this swedish chick, and she could take cold as if it was spring. It was zero degrees and she would wear skirts, for f*ck sake. I never liked her, but that was so f*cking hot. I find it really sexy when girls can take cold as if it was nothing ?

It's a mix between my perfume and my shampoo; it all creates a honeyish sweetie atmosphere around my head area, so I whif it up my nose and causes me that state of mind where deep spiritual romantic connections build up in my brain, so perfectly fit, so destined to be, that it gives me an erection. There's gonna be a long, long road, one more time, I need to build up my fate.
Sometimes I like to cross myself in front of a church or an image of a Virgin, USING MY LEFT HAND. I know it's frowned upon and "wrong" but I've always been some sort of rebel. Not without a cause but because I.M f*ckING LEFT HANDED PEOPLE, HOW ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO f*ckING DO IT?

I've always been the black sheep for some questions in life. I was born left handed. I was genetically planned to be part of a minority. I was born to be Part of the few who are different and do things completely opposite to what others do; because when you're left handed, everything is backwards, upside down.

Can anyone tell me if Frank & Hennes,or whatever it's spelled, is a decent shirt designer, to a shitty Dior level? See, I've found these shirts at a good price and I'd like to get my hands on a couple of those.

I have this thing with falling in love. It's morphine, falling in love is morphine. But the thing is,no one has been able to keep me in that state. Why blame me for that?

Oh, by the way; I.m wearing a leather jacket. I'm so cool. No, not really. i'm just another a**hole. Srsly peeps.
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