First post: finals and friend's wedding

So I am kinda nervous about how this will work. I feel like its almost impossible to catch someone's attention by a few sentences and a picture, but we will see. I'm not sure what to really put in a blog, but I figure just talking about what goes on in my life might give people a better insight into who I am and what I am looking for.

Unfortunately, not much has been going on. Just finished up with my last week of classes, which was stressful but exciting. I have three finals left. I should be completely done with this semester by Wednesday at 3:30. I only made it to the gym twice this week, both of which were just short workouts. I plan on going in tomorrow, before heading to the library for the better part of the day.

So, one of my best friends just got engaged and wants me to be in the wedding. Its been an interesting couple weeks lol. I am excited for her, just not so much for the dress style....or color. Oh well, its only for one night, and I am glad that I get the chance to be there for her.

Well, its back to working physics for a couple hours, and then off to bed.
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