I was remembered the first time i joined here, one of lesbian girl from Uk IM me and said i was so cute and she like me, she also said she been to Thailand and it was a nice place. At first i did not know she's lesbian or bisexual so i accpeted talking with her and i also think how nice she's talking with me.

She told me i'm so cute and i said to her, you also so cute as well, i talked with her for a while, she noticed i did not know she's lesbian so she introduced herself and said she's lesbian or bisexual and she likes women or prefers to date with women.
My goodness!!!!!!!!!1...frustrated frustrated

I was shocked, i felt my head became biger and my body became cold coz it's the first time i experienced lesbian firted with me.If i honest, i have no ideas with lesbian women or how they look or their style.

I have no ideas she's trying to first with me even if she saw i'm straight.roll eyes roll eyes blah blah stuck stuck
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As long as you do not go ahead with it your not lesbian. But explain to her you prefer dating guys. This happened to me but as long as you do not pursue it.
Hey, of course i dont interest....roll eyes
moonie: dear there is nothing wrong in being a lesbian..actually they don't like it being like them anyway..but of course they cannot do something about it coz its a strong feeling of wanting same sex thing..i know coz i have friends like them but i don't judge them for what they are...they are also human like us..they have feelings too...it's ok if u dont like to mingle with these people but u must also know how it feels if u were to put in their shoes...just a comment from ur blog..i hope it will help u understand them moonie...teddybear teddybear
Hey, filipina32single..

I understand her coz he also told me she used to have few boyfriend when she was hightschool but they were cheated and hurt her so she does not interest in guys anymore..sad flower sad flower
Yellow1 dude, ya mean you explained to a lesbian that you prefer to date guys!?
Filipina, OK you might come from a backwater country but Im not sure that excuses your views on the gay community. "...they dont like being like them"...etc etc...you got many gay friends? the ones i come across dont have a problem being gay, ya know. i think ya need to take a good look at your prejudices.
In real life (not on Connecting Singles), I met at least two women this happened with. One was married so I didn't suspect her at all. In retrospect I did notice they were a little tomboyish from the general population, but this is not always true. I wouldn't worry about it. If they tell you they like you, all you have to do is be "straight" with them. They were both really nice people and I liked them as friends.
sanfranguy....you should look to yourself...saying moonlove comes from a backwater country....we can,t all be from the bloody US of A...and she,s predjudice...a**hole,get a life
San Fran Sick- o my gush put your freakin shirt on Dude,

No there isn t prejudices at all she isn't like you, where she deals with it on a daily basis. Fact is this may be her first interaction and she's obviously uncomfortable about it.
I think telling her that she's straight is the way to go.
this sanfranguy is not from sanfrancisco he is a pakistani, who was such a jerk he had to take down his profile, now he is back parading around with some gaymans pic PATHETIC!!!
Sanfranguy:I based my comment according to my experience and Its my own opinion.And everyone has the right for their own opinion. I don't think you should comment like I'm in a backwater country and I should be careful with my prejudices coz it's not you I'm talking about...It's my friend..OK...?????I'm not here for arguing or debating an opinion against anyone...I'm here for friendship..I hope you do too...grin
woww, today is a bit relax coz i done with 5 exams, only one left for tomorrow.yay yay yay
Im not concerned about the views of bay, he's a bum who comes from a deprived part of town but OK he cant help that. You other two jerks, its not Moonlove im referring to. If you think that holding views which clearly discriminate on the grounds of sexuality is clever and part of free speech then you are sick and I am sorry for you. Read Filipinas post again and next time you comment on mine make sure you get the right reference, you a holes.
Hey moonlove does it makes that lesbian girl less human than u? I dont think so.
I agree with philipina that others which are not different should never judge. This blogs can make lot of people get hurts.

@ sanfran . .
Didnt ur parents ever teach u some manners? Shame on u!
Moonlove how can u be friends with this sanfran guy ? He is such a LxxSER
sure i got manners, i also got eyes and a brain which maybe is lacking with some others here. sorry, but when someone talks about how "they can't help it", (referring to gays), this is the basis of prejudice. the majority of gay people who are confident in themselves have no problem with their sexuality and why should they have? thats the point im making. its a bit like saying "they cant help it so we should feel sorry for them". if you cannot see that then im sorry for you too.
Actually Mr. Sanfran Guy,,NOT ALL wanted their sexuality like what we are talking about here...I mean they are not proud of it coz in some countries its not yet accepted most especially within the family itself where being a bisexual or gay is hardly acceptable to their moral standards...I would also like to open your eyes that YES..it's still happening and not all are happy about being what they are..well u do only had a chance to meet a gay person but i do have more...we talk and share our views and experiences how other people condemned them..It's not that easy..I hope you see this comment the other way around...This is about being sympathetically with what other people will feel...like human being...we all do have the right to live...I didn't mean to sound like I'm prejudicing...I'm not saying ALL are not happy...I mean SOME..i know u know the difference between the two... peace
Thank you for explaining and of course I realise that in some countries there is still a prejudiced view. However, this fact doesnt't make it right. As a human rights lawyer I spend my working life fighting prejudice and injustice so yes, I am quite used to that.
Now u got what I'm trying to say...well as a human rights lawyer...is it right that u focused more on what i have posted rather than concentrating of what moonie thinks about the gay community????she don't know how to deal with them and as i read her blog I have this feeling of sadness for my gay friends that there is another person from millions who can't accept them as they are..well these friends of mine are the true and best friends for me...It's easy to say NO if u dont like a person...But treating them like they have a kind of communicable desease is really unjustifiable...so i hope u cud help her understand gays more Mr.sanfran...Im just a concerned and humble human of the earth...we don't need to study law to be human for humans...don't u think?????????? peace
sorry Kisih, you know i dont mean to hurt anyone, it quiet interetig when lesbian flirt with me,because it said straight on my profile!bouquet sad flower sad flower
Well Ms F32Single, I do now get what you are saying, its coming thru loud and clear. Maybe you should be a lawyer. You certainly don’t need to study law to be a human, in fact many would say that studying it makes you less human, but when you specialize in a certain area it raises your awareness of issues, that’s all. I don’t know much about Ms Moonlove but Im glad you have some gay friends who are good and true. They say every girl needs at least one gay friend! And actually this kind of blog is good too, these are important issues.
and by the way, bay dude, when you say "gaymans pic". you do realise that in itself displays offensive attitude towards gay people?, since you are trying to insult me. think about it my friend. overt prejudice is not a nice thing to display.
NO shirt guy is not such an overt offense???
hey blain, go easy, being comfortable with your own skin is no great crime man.
hello moonlove ..... you know we all love you and appreciate you so much

i have had a strong church background .... and this is sin..in the eyes of the cloth

i had much prejudice towards gays and lesbians...

when i reunited with my old friend D L from from the 60s.. and we had a party..... we talked and i expressed typical evangelical thoughts...about gays and lesbians

D L challenged me... and said...


SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT .... judge not..... wine
Love each other? No. This is a play on semantics. He might have added the modifer, "Make to love to each other." But gays and lesbians often use the words your friend told you.

I'm not judging it, I can't. But semantics are semantics.
Typo...I meant "make love to each other". And again, I don't have a judgement, just saying the correct words should be used for a point.
so...presumably the point you are attempting so eloquently to make, Ms CHSeeker, is that you think God does mind if two same sex people "love each other"? or "make love to each other"? or what?
The point was from PhoenixRising's post. He said to ponder the question if "God would mind if two people love each other." Obviously the answer to that is no. The question that should have been asked, the real question, was would God "mind" if two people of the same sex "made love to each other", not "love each other". No one can argue that it's not wrong to love another human being. People disagree about whether one should make love to someone of the same sex. As I am Christian I lean to that belief system but I really don't know what to think about it all and know that I am not anyone's judge. I deeply empathize with someone having to deal with loving someone society tells them they should not.

Gays often say "it's not wrong to love each other". Of course it isn't. That's why I said it was semantics...kind of a straw dog argument.
I have no problem telling someone that I'm straight and prefer not to hang out with them, you may call that prejudice?
I call it choice...
Besides I have always been conscious of NOT being Misinterpreted by friends, parents, office workers, etc... cool
Hi, i done with exams, yay yay but my hand still shaking coz too much writingbouquet bouquet
finally i see u r making some sense. U are smart,U know about law, but u need to understand. This is not a court, about who is right or wrong, there is no judge here,so its just a matter of opinion. And 10people can make 10 different opinion. Cant u see?
It's really true that God doesn't mind if two people with the same sex love each other.. but what is not acceptable to God's will according to a priest which I heard and registered on my mind is "wanting to have physical contacts with that person"...but for me having the same desire as two people who are in love is a human instinct and need...well I do met a lot of straight people but they live their lives like they don't care for anybody except themselves....cheaters,greedy,selfish,inhuman,taking the lives of other people for their own personal intention...these are not also acceptable to God right???? My point is......AS LONG AS YOU DON'T BUG OTHER LIVES,YOU NEVER STEP ON SOMEONE'S DIGNITY, YOU NEVER KILLED ANYONE,AND MOST ESPECIALLY YOU ARE NOT LIKE A DEAD FINGERNAIL OF THE SOCIETY...(Meaning u are useful)..There's is nothing to question about other people on how they want to live their lives...GUYS THEY ARE ALSO HUMAN LIKE US......And I also believe that human beings are accountable for their action so these people will know how to justify themselves in front of God when it's time to meet Him..I love everyone...no discrimination to every human being that God has created...
Kasih, so im finally makin some sense!? whoa girl, that could mean either ive learned in one blog how to write or you learned how to see beyond the obvious....be cool, im just joking. actually i agree with you and calmseeker, we are not here to judge but its an interesting debate all the same. in any good debate you need to hear AT LEAST two sides of the same argument, otherwise its all just "yeah, yeah, i agree with that", boring boring. thanks for the compliment, nothing super smart about me but i do have special interest in prejudice issues.
After reading all of the comments here I realize that what seems to be taboo to some people is considered the norm to others and just basically accepted by others for what it is.

I said all the above to say to Moonlove that a person can always introduce you to things that is not within your norm but you always have the option to say NO that is not me or what I want. Its like drugs if the seller approaches you, you don't have to buy and even if you do you dont have to take it. That doest not mean you have to hate the seller or go to the police about their business. Just say no and leave it alone.
Diz shit mad funyy ! LMAO
I know a country where a law is about to be passed to either imprison gays for life or punish them by death!
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