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Mood altering substances 2

Being popular among the poor does not make me a great prospect for a relationship. It does not make me the worst either.
As you know when people advertise to find a mate as we are doing now we have something that is called a "personals profile". That only shows how big this problem is. Anything that gets in the way of large numbers of people spending large amounts of time seeing a doctor is being removed.
As I wrote earlier medical progress is wonderful but so is having lots of choices. If a person does not have lots of choices they do not have freedom and if a person does not have freedom they are a slave.
With every crime there is motive and opportunity. I have explained motive. The opportunity comes from taking advantage of a child.
Everyone wants good health and everyone wants access to healthcare however that does not make it right to empty someone's pockets because it is seen that they are about to walk past the distillery.
It is too easy to say that one is opposed to this, that and the other thing because of a concern for others. That is not the human condition. That is not life. The flower does not put out a bright color and a nice smell to benefit someone else. It wants to be pollinated. In many cases, the overwhelming majority of cases it is easy to tell oneself that we are the wonderful one and that someone else is bad in order to have things our way, to benefit ourselves while being oblivious to the deprivation of others.
If someone drinks a lot and if I tell them that it is healthier if they drink less it must be understood that them drinking less serves my interests because if they drink less they will be being more careful with their health. Part of that is seeing the doctor more often which contributes to medical science which benefits me. It must be understood that your motives in supporting high taxes and prohibitions are selfish.
Who is poor? The people who are poor are the people without slaves. You may think of many people as being poor when really they are not because although in terms of owning material things they may have very little if they support laws which take away people's right to enjoy their own life so long as they are not harming others then they have slaves and people with slaves are not poor.
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