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Keeping It Up

It is easy to start something new. Anybody can become an entrepreneur, singer, writer, designer, illustrator or whatever. But few can keep it going. mumbling

Many people start businesses but they don’t exist after a year or two. It appears that people put too much emphasis on starting something and do not always know how to keep it going. Look at our aspirant writers; they start off at breakneck speed; writing for days, weeks or even months. Then, suddenly they drop everything to do something else and blame it to a lack of inspiration but that is not it. The truth is they don’t know what to do next. professor

Most of our stress is born from the uncertainty of the future. What will happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year? Friends and family can spend the entire day to convince you that the world will not end tomorrow but you won’t listen to a single word if you are in the wrong frame of mind. The answer is to concentrate on the present. Think about what to do next. Not next as in the next few months but next such as in immediately now. Forget about the past and disregard the future. Make the best of NOW! So okay, maybe the world will end tomorrow but don’t waste your time on shit you cannot control. idea

Don’t set goals that you cannot achieve on your own. You don’t want other people to control your destiny. It is your life; drive it yourself. Don’t give the wheel to somebody else. Focus on the things you can control. Be flexible. Shift the goalposts if you must. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Keep on experimenting and adjusting. If it does not work you can always fall back to the old ways. The secret is to keep going, never to let up. thumbs up
cats meow cats meow

Now make your day worth the while.wave

Comments (17)

banana banana banana agree I agree totally teddybear
I'm big on setting goals and then taking baby steps to achieve them. Repeatedly.
Hi Red
Some say don't change something that works well but if that was the general attitude we would still be living in caves. They worked well until something better was invented.
wine hug
Hi Unfayzed,
Babysteps are fine. As long as you keep moving in the right direction.
wine hug
Are you trying to shut down CS wave
laugh Not in such a way that you would notice itlaugh
I googled your heading for this your blog and came across VIAGRA doh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Red,
Not surprising is it. rolling on the floor laughing
wine hug
never touch the stuff rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I cannot imagine a woman needing it.grin

But then I suppose a dildo may go flabby after prolonged use.devil
A friend tried it once but the pill got stuck in his throat. He walked around with a stiff neck for a week.grin
Hi Catfoot....well I started playing guitar at 12...and here I am still twangin 54 years later! Haha grin cheers
Hi Robby
Hmm, I also started playing the guitar at about that age but I have not played it seriously for almost fifty years. I discovered that playing the organ is more rewarding. Just to avoid any confusion I should mention that I'm not referring to just any organ. I'm talking about the sex organ and specifically the female variety. of itdevil
grin cheers
Haha...well Catfoot, I can proudly say that I also mastered that organ at a very young age and have never stopped practicing my skills with ever since...yeehaaa grin banana handshake

good on you for "keeping it up" conversing
Great Robby,
Keep it up!banana
cheers wave
Hi Lou,
Hmm, one of the essentials of life.professor
wine hug

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