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Insanity is not a disgrace or a crime. The only reason why the insane (and not we) are locked up in asylums is that we are more than them. See, that is how democracy works. The majority rules and to hell with minorities. That’s right! The winner takes it all. tongue

It is not a requirement for CS members to be insane but it is a definite recommendation. Be kind to insane members; they will soon be the majority and then they will treat you the way you treated them in the past. You know that story about ‘do to others’… I think it is called Karma. Here on the blogs, you can be driven to insanity without a vehicle; 100% free of charge. Remember that later when you want to become part of the majority. hmmm

If you’re not born that way, don’t despair. It is inheritable; you can get it from your children. Another way to become insane is to spend prolonged periods in the company of the insane. Don’t take them too seriously or you will be driven insane before your time. giggle

Not everybody can be insane. If you cannot get it in the normal ways don’t try to bash your head frustrated into a wall. That causes brain damage and is not to be confused with insanity. The insane are not retarded, brain-damaged or stupid. In fact, some of them may have very high IQs. idea

The insane are masters of manipulation and perfectly capable of impersonating sane people… until they comment. If you’re not sure, tread carefully. Put a tame comment on his/her blog and see how it pans out. If the OP insults you without reason, you found one. Run for the hills. A more subtle approach will be to wait for a comment on your blog. If it is an insult, you found one. Run for the hills. hole
cats meow cats meow

The moral of the story?
Sane, level minded people know how to behave towards other people. That is why they are not in asylums.professor

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Welcome to politics and religion blogs and the deeply disturbed individuals who post them!

Insanity is fun!cheering
Welcome to politics and religion blogs and the deeply disturbed individuals who post them!

I would also like to add " the deeply disturbed individuals who read them".
catfoot ~ When I was doing my Counselling /Therapy one of the first things the lecturer said was
'Insanity is the greatest coping skill that we have'

Meaning of course that when we can't cope anymore, we can crack, and go in to another world that shields us from reality. Ironically, so called insane people with deep Depressions and psychosis are usually lovely sensitive souls who can't cope with the madness that is around them.

Living in todays world is not easy and America [plus all other EU countries] are now giving out anti-depressants to one in four people. Not saying I agree, Counselling and other therapies should be tried first but it shows how many people are deeply anxious and depressed in todays world. wine
What the hell happened to channel 999 ?



You feeling alright Fluff comfort

But you know what....
I always knew someday, you'd show me you're nuts roll eyes

"note" you're NOT your scold

Not so much fun when you're mad. very mad
cheers wave
Hi Unfayzed,
Especially when it comes in faked Pidgin.

Checked on the spelling of 'Pidgin'.thumbs up

Pidgin, spoken in Hawaii for decades, is now listed as one of the official languages in the islands. Then there is Nigerian pidgin, Chinese Pidgin and probably a few more.

One has to be careful of your spelling on this site lest one is taken for illiterate. The long arm of the blog police is never shorthanded. grin
wine hug
Right now I'm ready to plead insanity. One can only hope it is of a temporary nature.doh
wine hug
Hi Boggie
Regrettably, channel 999 had to close down due to licensing disputes. The same content will be broadcasted by several other stations. You will just have to keep on turning that dial.laugh
cheers wave
Hi Cattie, I may have a clue for you re the identity you're trying to find. You're in the right time zones; maybe to far north. Look further south at the island. There may be a Middle East connection.
Hi Itchy,
Not nuts. Neither mine nor another. The correct term is criminally insane.

Don't worry I just needed to vent. My blogs will return to normal now.
wine hug
Hi Bea,
You know, you may be right. I had a very adept visitor from that region the other day. laugh
wine hug
What is normality? dunno Aren't we all a little insane? dunno

Maybe it's just more visible on the internet. Our dark side comes out and takes us over. devil laugh
I often act silly. Is it a sign of insanity, Catfoot? hmmm
Hi Xanthea,
It's the first I see you on my blog. Welcome to my humble abode.

Yes, I also think we are all insane to varying degrees. As I said on the blog: "The only reason why the insane (and not we) are locked up in asylums is that we are more than them."grin
wine hug
Hi Kal
I act silly all of the time and in 67 years nobody has ever told me I'm insane. Silly yes, even nuts - as recent as in this blog rolling on the floor laughing - but never insane. So there is a chance here for somebody to make history.laugh
wine hug
for a guy who wants peace on the mame fighting...wanting the past to be in the past you dont half love to stir the big spoon with a blog such as this!!

Insane is not only acting out...but insane is also staying silent when there is something to be said

roll eyes
Perhaps I should spend more time on here. There seems to be an underlying message or is it messages? confused
Insanity could be defined by running around the blogs trying to figure out WTF is going on...but I've finally got it! I think. After looking at that Twitter acct. it all makes sense.

It's become a guilty pleasure. The CS Roast I mean.
head banger
Hi DeeDee,
This blog has been on display for 24 hours and so far only you raised a complaint. Maybe we must test this blog to see if it is offending.

Does this blog implicate anybody by name?
Does it imply that anybody specific is insane?
Does it hint that anybody specific is insane?
Is it defaming anybody's character?
Does it resort to name-calling?
Does it insult anybody?
Does it do anybody short?
Does it contain derogatory or offensive references to sex, gender, ethnicity, or s*xual orientation?

I'm sure any sane person will have to answer 'no' to each of those questions. So how does the blog hurt you? Only somebody with a guilty conscience will feel uncomfortable with the contents of this blog. I can recall that the last time you were on my blog you resorted to name-calling while you knew that I don't want it. Is that why the blog bothers you?

There are plenty of blogs here and there is no rule here that stipulates that you must read all blogs. Methinks you're just spoiling for a fight again which is something that I have noticed you are very good with.
wine hug
Hi Lucy,
It's not that complicated, I assure you.laugh
wine hug
It's not a roast. But it's good to see something jumping out when you cast a stone into the bush.laugh
cheers wave
Yes, Cat, I agree. (But I did check under the bed before writing this. laugh )
Dont be silly Cat if i wanted a fight i would leave you with no doubt that thats why.
Because im upfront and to the point.
Im not one who carefully crafts a blog to insult "the majority" as you state most members here will become....thanks for the diagnosis Dr!!
The truth love a fight urself hence the blog..

Guilty conscience ?? confused
Hell no....if i were insane id spend all my waking hours trying to come up with blogs like these grin ....rather than have a life wave

Tar a!!! wave
Have to correct you....people are not send to asylems anymore.....they end up in remote villages in rural areas. No one knows how they got here but every now and again another one drifts in.
O this is richlaugh
A fellow blogger say most are idiots and that is fine.
I say the majority will be insane and it is a problem.
It must be the word 'majority' that is offending. I shall have to avoid the word in future. doh
laugh rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Lucy
Well, I hope you remembered to powder your nose before you looked under the bed. grin
wine hug
Hi Ek,
Does not surprise me at all. The more they spend on welfare services the less there are to steal.
wine hug

Anyway, I must be off. I'm already an hour late.doh
Hey Cat,
Sorry, I should have specified by saying the Twitter Roast. No, this more a general , (majority-ruling) observation.

"They called me mad, and I called them mad, and damn them, they outvoted me." - Nathaniel Lee

The Idiot blogger is just attention seeking he/she who lives in his mothers basement.

You used to post great blogs but alas that shop has sailed.
Anyone here ever sailed on a shop?
Embedded image from another site
laugh laugh
I am insane. I don't deny it . But I can manage without any kind of medication. Once in a while letting my insanity out here helps.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

If not I would be locked up in an asylum. grin

So deal with it love. You don't want me Locked up, right? laugh

Cat.bouquet hug
Hi BD,
Yep, democracy can be a bítch.laugh
cheers wave
Insanity is bumping your own 5 year old blog then deleting your own comment in the hope no one notices
Forgetting the blog list shows the time of the last comment and the posters name

Wow OldBlue wow I thought I was the only one who noticed that. But my sanity told me to shut my mouth up. laugh
Hi DeeDee
See, there you do it again! Is your vocabulary so limited (question, not an accusation) that you cannot maintain a decent argument without abuse. By saying "The Idiot blogger is just that" you are implying the blogger in question is an idiot and calling him "an attention-seeking he/she who lives in his mother's basement" is an absolute insult accusing him of spunging off his mother while derogatory implying that the blogger is homosexual or bisexual which is strictly spoken none of your business.

The only reason why it's still here is that the OP did not seem to mind but I do. I'm leaving it there as a monument to a poor lexicon. If you wish to tell him so, do it on his blog, not mine.

Every few days somebody on the blogs makes it known - either by blog or comment - that everybody on CS is mad, insane, nuts or any other equivalent of the word but you want to pick on me. Why not on them too? The answer is simple. This hits home or as they say, the shoe fits and you don't like it.

Yes, you're correct, that ship has sailed. You know why? Because you, and a few like you, made a habit of abusing my blogs to further your private agendas. And I'm tired of it; until it stops I'll communicate with you (collectively) in the language you understand best. Get off my back and I'll get off yours.

If you don't agree with me, you're welcome to say so but if you have nothing else constructive to contribute, move to another blog that you like more. Nobody forced you to read mine.
wine wave
Well miss frog
His blog title did explain his action

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

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