English As A World Language

No language in history has ever dominated the world quite like English does today. professor

Until fairly recently, the history of English was very similar to that of other global languages: it spread through a combination of conquest, trade, and colonization. But then, at some point between the end of WWII and the start of the new millennium, English transformed from a global language to a universal language. conversing

So, do we still really need another ‘world language’? I think English is ready to take that position but is the world ready for that? dunno
cats meow cats meow

It's a fact, even the half bell can make himself understood in English. grin
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I think it won't take long for Chinese language (Mandarin, Cantonese, etc) to take over.
Maybe Kal,
but somehow I doubt it, Many Chinese speakers already can and do speak English while very few people who can speak English (outside the East) can speak any of the Chinese dialects. It is simply the numbers and ease of implementation.
wine hug
Come to America where the phone messages say:

"Presione dos para Inglés"
Hi Chat,
laugh Press 2 for English rolling on the floor laughing

But it can't be that bad. The last figures I got under my eyes showed that the English speaking Americans of European descent made up for 77% of the population. And then a large portion of the remainder can speak English.

I'm pretty sure that 'Presione dos para Inglés' must be exceptional. laugh
cheers wave
Haai Cattie, maybe as an international business language as it is now but I cannot see it displacing the other languages. The best it can do (probably) is to be an second language to non native English speakers. dunno
que? ...

Uno, dos, tres.! I find this very spanish...
Hi Bea
Sure thing, I was indeed referring to an international business language. One spoken language all over the planet will be an unreachable target. Very few will give up their mother's tongue, I for one won't. The local languages will always be there.

But there is so much talking about developing a language that will be understood by everybody and I think that will be counter-productive. We already have such a language. thumbs up
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Hi Bogs,
laugh rolling on the floor laughing
Yep, it is a problem.laugh
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Sounds like English
It's the language of business and the fact that the English language expresses life least is what makes it so broad. Although everyone speaks the same language nobody understands one another. It's a bit like the tower of Babel. Nobody can express the majesty of creation in words but English is the truly irreligious, business-like language. An emotionally depthless and spiritually dead language that spreads around the world on the understanding that there is to be no understanding. Tis not the language of subtlety.
hi Chesney,
I have always found English as you described here but I thought it was because it was only a second language to me. I cannot always find the words to describe something as accurately as in my mother's tongue. If you tell me that it is a natural phenomenon with English, I feel much better.grin
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It took quite a few seconds for the penny to drop!doh
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rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Classic Luke, Classic
So typical South-Africanlaugh
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I agree Cat. Maybe that is a precursor for a one government world too. Maybe...a one currency world too coming.


Ah Johnny,
I hope not. Actually, I cannot see a single currency, government or language as a viable possibility. I'm more thinking of English as a second language - a business language - to all.

cheers wave
I am with Kal on this. More and more people are learning Chinese these days. Mandarin is anyway the most spoken language in the world.

But I choose English anyday over Mandarin. laugh

Cat, bouquet hug
Yeap! It's called Renminbi or Yuan. wink

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Hi Nice,
I think you scored a Bull's eye! The Internet will see to it.
cheers wave
Hi Kal,
What's that? Monopoly money?laugh laugh
wine hug
Hope your country and mine will never experience what Zimbabwe did (fingers crossed).
So the one you think it's Monopoly money will remain just Monopoly money. wine
Except kids,many old people also like English nowadays... Someone said learning a foreign language can prevent dementia. When I hold an English book at bed, I recognize the words ,don't understand the meaning of sentence and get drowsy easier. But for the" prevent" purpose, I should read after sleep. maybe it can work ... laugh wine
Hi July
I often fall asleep while reading. Strangely, I cannot remember what I read the few minutes before I fell asleep. Often when I wake up some 15 - 20 minutes later I have to go back a page or two to catch on again.laugh
cheers wave
I would rather speak Irish, it's my native language
I prefer picture books, and colouring in books
Hi Pedro,
Quite, and I'd rather speak Afrikaans. I cannot see other languages fall into disuse. People will still speak their mothers' tongues. I'm thinking of English as a world language; a common language that people of different cultures can understand each other. Something like when all non-English speaking countries have English as a second language.
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Have you tried to paint by numbers? Very rewarding I am told. grin
cheers wave

there is so much we want to know, but we will never know IMO until the time is right, so IMO everything is ''timing'' can you see my point of view? conversing
Hi Pedro,
I fully agree with you... what were we talking about? Oh yes, the forgetfulness! I forgot something but I can not remember what it was.doh
cheers wave

Hi Pedro,
I fully agree with you... what were we talking about? Oh yes, the forgetfulness! I forgot something but I can not remember what it was.doh

the human race needs gel more and infuse, what do I mean by this?
Hey Cat. wave
Sorry if that I dredged up feelings of revulsion. I'm starting to lose my appetite as well and will probably skip breakfast.

Is it BF time there? I just finished supper.hmmm
Almost 10:30 am. Time to plan lunch I suppose.dunno
Almost 7:30 PM here. I ate an hour later than normal.
anyway, I must go. I have to take my old man home. His car is in for panel beating. He's a menace on the road. People over 90 should not be allowed to drive.
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Hi Multi
I read somewhere that many Mandarin speakers do not understand Cantonese and vice versa. So, within China, there are people who cannot understand each other. And then there are some more dialects.doh
wine hug
Hi Rizla,
Thanks for a well-informed response. thumbs up
cheers wave
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