When is a thief a thief?

For how long can we call a thief a thief? When somebody was caught stealing we call him a thief. If he’s sent to jail, we still call him a thief. But can we continue to do so when he’s paid his debt to society? Or is it once a thief, always a thief? confused

One can argue that being a thief indicates a flaw in character. It is probably true but once the person had been punished, is it fair to hold it against him for life? dunno

For reasons I can perfectly understand employers are reluctant to employ people with a criminal record but is it the right thing to do? Are we not forcing him back to stealing when we refuse to give him some way to earn an honest living? doh

Many years ago I employed somebody like that twice a week to work in my garden. That was way below his abilities; he was a chef before. I guess working for the much lower wages of a gardener frustrated him because one day he absconded with my electric drill, jigsaw and angle grinder. very mad

Everybody said it was my own fault as I knew he was a thief - which may be partly true but I say if he was properly and gainfully employed in what he was trained to do, this would not have happened.scold

How can we ever rehabilitate criminals if we cannot accept them back into society? Should we not take some of the blame when such a person becomes a habitual criminal? How else can he survive in this world if nobody wants to give him a chance to prove himself?mumbling
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Have a great day!wave
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When is a thief a thief?

After graduating in prison for about 5 years, only then is he/she qualified to exercise their rights of not being caught.laugh
My Arty is a thief!

For stealing Mimi’s heart heart beating heart wings

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Hiya Bea! applause
Good to see you in the blogs again hug bouquet
Hi Unfayed,
I have heard many similar stories. Maybe little boys consider what belongs to their parents as common property.grin

wine hug
Hi Luke, Yes, I'm led to believe that the prison system in many countries is just training centers for criminal activities.doh
cheers wave
Hi Bea,
Hmm, I agree with just one chance. It is unlikely that he wants to change if he repeats the crime.
wine hug
Hi Mimi
One of my agents reported seeing him in Nebraska. He was said to be with a woman of Asian origins. We'll send him to you as soon as we can locate him again but I fear that the said woman is keeping him prisoner in her bedroom.grin
Hiya Cat, rehabilitation is important but it probably needs to be done in steps.
Firstly a job where they get to earn some money and self-worth but where there is nothing to steal.
Then gradually give them more responsibility as they earn it.
Hi Molly,
You're right of course but how often does it happen? I'm sure you read Lukeon's comment. Generally, a petty thief comes out of our prisons as a well-trained thief.doh
wine hug
Catfoot, there are at least 4 other Asian houses ( Asian Invasion! ) around him, within 200m radius!! Please ask your intelligence agents which one house exactly?? roll eyes

your thread brought a song to my head

Loco In Acapulco - The Four Tops (Buster)

the song explains being rich, from being thiefcheers
Cat, many probably do.
But does that mean any chance at rehabilitation should be ignored?
If that happens, those petty thieves who hated prison and want to go straight will never get that chance.
Hi Pedro,
I'm familiar with The Four Tops but I don't know the song you are referring to. I'll listen to it later.
cheers wave

its a movie too, the movie ''buster'' they get super rich from robbing
According to my latest intelligence, it is you holding him prisoner in his own bedroom. If he wants to be liberated, tell him that we can send a swat team... and a negotiator in case they fail.devil

I trust that you're feeling better.hug
wine hug

they get super rich

heres the song and it's a movie too

Loco In Acapulco - The Four Tops (Buster)

Catfoot some people are just thieves and there is no rehabilitation would/will do any good.
Thanks for the link, Pedro.
I'll look at it later.
Hi Bear,
When he goes back inside for the second or the third time, I'll agree with you but the first time it may well be worth trying.
wine hug
I think every single person in prison should have to do work. As well as staving off the boredom, it would also teach them skills and make them into more useful members of society.
agree Molly I have always advocated that. Paid a wage too which board and lodgings took out and money to help their families on the outside.

Not only do we keep prisoners on the state we keep their families too, something wrong their
Red, I don't think anybody should get anything for nothing.
If I were dictator, there would not be one person getting social welfare and lounging around all day drinking and eating fast food. Everybody would have to work and be encouraged to better themselves by upskilling.
I was brought up with the notion that it does not matter what or why you steal, it remains theft. Whether you steal 10c or $10, the punishment should be the same because it is the same crime. As I grew older other factors started to fall into place and I see things differently now. Not that I think dishonesty is ok now but I'm more lenient towards it.
cheers wave
Hi Multi
I have always been in favor of getting inmates to work. They should earn their keep while inside. It is not right to expect taxpayers to provide habitual criminals with free boarding & lodging, medical services, and recreational facilities.
wine hug
Hi Molly,
Right again! New skills, providing it is of an honest nature, can only be an asset on his release.
wine hug
Hi Red
Hmm, the family if the prisoner is yet another burden on the taxpayers.
wine hug

There are some people that you just cannot help...because they don't want to help themselves.

...not all thieves are like that...

...but there are some out there that are...

So offering them a job..

offering them even more than a job....only goes so far before they revert back.

I am not sure if it is psychological or what...but I have seen a person squander such great opportunities to only steal from people, manipulate, and totally have no respect toward them.

Yes, certain jobs should be reserved for people with certain disabilities. Few people are disabled to the extent where they cannot work at all.
wine hug
You know, when I was young we used to carry off stationary. I never had to buy pens, pencils, rubbers, copier paper, and the likes. Of course, it was not stealing; we told ourselves that it was fringe benefits but in fact, we were no better than any other thief. Only we were not prosecuted.doh
Hi Johnny,
Quite so. They are too lazy to work 8 hours a day and too used to easy money. Once they are in that groove there is no cure.doh
How can we ever rehabilitate criminals ?

Oh,there is a worldwide free program for the "big ones". We make them politicians and later we elect them presidents. and we adore them.


Morning Cat, wave
Who's this 'We adore them', Bo ? uh oh

Is it that difficult to see who's trending?rolling on the floor laughing
Hi Not4U
Whatever you say. As long as he gets a chance to redeem himself.thumbs up
Hi Secret,
Ouch! that's tough. Though I cannot fault your argument, a little compassion would not be entirely unwelcome.
A valid opinion just the same.
wine hug
Hi Pedro,
Do you mean like Ronnie Biggs, ?Jack Mills, ?Bruce Reynolds, and company? Then I must get it.
The Great Train Robbery was the robbery of £2.6 million from a Royal Mail train heading from Glasgow to London on the West Coast Main Line in the early hours of 8 August 1963, at Bridego Railway Bridge, Ledburn, near Mentmore in Buckinghamshire,
That's the one. I was 11 at the time. Last when I heard Ronnie Biggs was signing T-shirts in South America for a living. He spent his cut of the loot on getting away. He avoided extradition by knocking up and marrying a Brazilian woman.doh
cheers wave
Hi Butcher,
Quite! Drugs will make a thief out of anybody. The dependancy has to be fed.doh
cheers wave
Hi Itchy,
Interesting. So it is important who he steals from.hmmm

I'm not sure if I understand the rest of your comment confused but there's no need to elaborate.laugh
wine hug
Tah FurryFoot, nice to know I don't always have to explain myself hug lol
but no, the importance isn't who they may steal from, but I know how differently people view things when its on their own door step.
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