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Want To Be A Genius?

Like to know it or not, you most likely have an average IQ but fortunately, there are a few things you can do to change that. Your IQ peaks in your early 20s and remains more or less the same as we age but, that doesn’t mean it cannot be improved. In fact, intelligence can be increased quite a bit. idea

Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills and includes the ability to reason, solve problems, remember information, and be creative. professor

Doing courses and reading books are two ways to broaden knowledge but there are seven more surprising ways to boost your brainpower. wow

Train your memory
Keep your brain busy.

Look at other viewpoints
Consider other people’s points of view and listen to arguments that make no sense to you. Try to make some sense of them.

Find Motivation
You have to want it so bad that you will never give up, so bad that you are ready to sacrifice time, money, sleep, friendships, even your reputation.

Do Cardiovascular Workouts
Cardiovascular fitness can raise your verbal intelligence and improve long-term memory, according to a study from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Increased cardiovascular fitness was associated with better cognitive scores.

Play Video Games
Video games can actually stimulate the growth of neurons and promote connectivity in the regions of the brain responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation, and strategic planning. Video games can reverse the negative effects of aging on the brain as well.

Mindful meditation can increase the neuroplasticity in the brain, according to a study from the University of Oregon. Participants in a five-day study were led through a guided meditation for 20 minutes a day, focusing on breathing, posture, and mental imagery. This practice significantly improved attention and fluid intelligence.

Right, now you can chase Einstein! typing
cats meow cats meow

Comments (41)

Too much work. I’ll remain as a low IQ person and that’s alright with moi grin

Catfoot applause
my cats don't really care how high my iq is....just as long as they get fed.....cats meow cats meow
This is not really for you, it is for males and single women. You get your IQ boost every night when you go on-line with a brain.laugh rolling on the floor laughing
wine hug
Hi Mischief, so all this research was in vain.sigh Hey, do your cats has some worthwhile IQs?idea
laugh hug
yeah they're pretty smart but they're also cute so they don't have to use their iq's often.....wave laugh
I was looking for guinea pigs. But it's ok. I'll find some.
wine hug
No thanks. Being a genius sounds like work!

Drawing is my meditation. I finally decided to try drawing my favorite cartoon character yesterday. Here's my first attempt.
Embedded image from another site
Actually, I don't think a high IQ is a good thing. It no good starving because your IQ is telling you that you're too clever to work.doh
cheers wave
I don't think it is your IQ determines if you work or not, Cat, economic necessity does laugh

And although a high IQ certainly is of benefit to one, other factors such as common sense and work ethic are also necessary traits.
Intelligence compensates with the tendency to underestimate itself. It sees things as more challenging but then achieves them with less effort which is where the laziness comes from, the laziness and philosophy.
Hi Cat wave

Interesting info but I don't think I ought to worry about my my age! laugh

Actually...there was a lady from SA who was always boasting about her high IQ and EQ..laugh

Anyway...the workouts and the video games are not for me!

Meditation is the only thing I do on a regular basis innocent
sometimes folk with very high IQ cannot fit in at school or in adult life. They do not all end up with the best of jobs etc. and feel alienated
BD that picture is genius banana banana
Read every blog and become a genius?

Let in a new point of view today idea

Like opening a window to the weather outside may not be good weather may be hot or cold but better than sitting in an airless room

but those who know that already do and those who don't never will sigh
damn., bonkers or genius ?

make your mind !

*hurt face* it is quite possible to be both
shut up bonkers !
Men are intimidated by women Geniuses. I don't want to play dumb just to get a man. scold laugh banana
Hi, Cat;
But EQ is more important than IQ. I feel. wine
Hi Molly,
Hmm, but it is amazing how many people with higher IQs under-perform.
wine hug
Hi Chesney,
True and also leads to boredom and stagnation.
cheers wave
Hi Daniela
Yep, I remember her. Btw, she's still around. Another handle but always high up on the pics when I log off.grin
wine hug
Hi Red,
Yes, people with high IQs often have poor communicative skills and do not adapt easily.
wine hug
Hi Fritos
No, try another source of viewpoints. On the blogs, you will find only two viewpoints. You either love Trump or you hate him and neither make any sense to me.laugh
wine hug
Hi Boggie
The insane often have high IQslaugh
cheers wave
Of course. Sanity and IQ are different things like love and hate, not opposite ends of the same scale.mumbling
wine hug
I am with Mimi.. banana
You will have to be more specific in the future, there are more than one being bonkers around here. Also a few bonkers around her. Don't be vague.laugh
cheers wave
Hi LaFonda,
Strange! I would have thought something like that would be easy to fake; given women's expertness in that field.laugh
wine hug
Hi July
Yes, you're right. A high IQ is not enough.
wine hug
Hi Kal
I think you are too modest.laugh
wine hug
As you said. When you are too clever to work you starve. I've seen it too often.mumbling
Hi Cattie, it does not take a genius to know that he's a genius but it takes a genius to know that he's not a genius.laugh
All sage advice, CF. But my case is, sadly, hopeless, but perhaps not serious, as Sir Winston said. All that touching Big Little Vierk as a younger man shaved off dozens of points. Plus my vision seems to be going as well.Yikes.
Hi Not4U
It is strange how many people with above-average IQs do not reach their potential.
cheers wave
If every genius could tell that he is not a genius, there would have been none on earth.laugh
wine hug
Don't you think I suffer from those defects as well?rolling on the floor laughing
cheers wave
"BD that picture is genius"

I appreciate that, Red bouquet

....but it might be premature. I said that it was a drawing of my favorite cartoon character. What I didn't say is that my favorite cartoon character is Scooby Doo.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Actually, I also wanted to comment on it but it slipped my mind by the time I came to the end of the comment. So now that I have that inside information; I thought the ears were too short for a rabbit but now that I know it is a dog, I think it'd brilliant.laugh

But jokes aside. WellDrawn.laugh
Good thing I didn't say Bullwinkle!

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