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Blood of our allies on Trump's hands

Well, it certainly didn't take long.
Trump has a talk with the leader of Turkey and Trump pulls our advisors out of Syria.
Today the next day after Trump pulled our advisors out of Syria, Turkey attacks the Kurds,
who helped us conquer ISIS.
Despite bipartisan protest from lawmakers in DC, Trump has had a hand in the deaths of the Syrians civilians and destroyed the trust of our allies. thumbs down

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Putin's puppet.barf
It's on record Trump states he knows more than our Military Generals. As usual, he blurted out government policy via Twitter.

Top story on Yahoo! news today was: Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, who has been one of President Trump’s strongest allies in the Senate, on Wednesday said Kurdish fighters in Syria had been “shamelessly abandoned by the Trump Administration” in its sudden decision to pull U.S. troops from northern Syria, leaving America’s longtime allies in the fight against the Islamic State group exposed to an attack by Turkey.
The generals who controled Bush and Obama don't control Trump .
Our allies would do well to listen to the report & commentary of Walter Cronkite after Tet ('68) and watch films of the fall of Saigon ('75).

US usual allies get sick of being dragged into the shit , we are aware NZ trade routes to the US go through shitty countries like Afghanistan . Deny your generals a sacrifice too many times affects trade .
You arm chair generals don't know what stupid shyt Trump has planned. I'd be genuinely curious what would happen if congress did declare a war.. wink

"You arm chair generals don't know what stupid shyt Trump has planned."

Annddd... we're to believe that really thmart Leftitht fúcktards nerd are exclusively privy to such information tinfoil hat

rolling on the floor laughing

My gut feeling, is that this is about $$$$. The president of Turkey likely offered Trump $$$$ to pull our soldiers out. Thus, he literally sold out Kurd lives for $$$ the next day.
It's likely the same reason that Trump tried to get Tillerson to free a Turkish money launderer, who laundered money for those who wanted to illegally deal with Iran.
People simply don't understand how corrupt Trump is.
"People simply don't understand how corrupt Trump is."

Refer to my comment on bojack's comment above roll eyes


Why Fact-Checking Doesn't Faze Trump Fans. When confronted with contrary information, ideologically motivated trumpets sometimes simply dig in further on the initial, incorrect point or view of a fact.. roll eyes

Blood of our allies.

Starting with Vietnam (maybe earlier - Shah of Iran) the U.S. has demonstrated an uncanny knack of backing the losers in insurgencies.

I've felt for decades that were I the leader of a country dealing with an insurgency and I was offered counterinsurgency (coin) aid from the U.S. I'd take it as an omen uh oh that I'd best make nice, negotiate or offer concessions to the Communists, Islamic Radicals or whatever group is insurging handshake
May even be time to get the hell outta the country while the getting is good gotta go
(The Shah doped out the trend & acted prudently. IMO.)

Thanks for your admission of being open to being a sellout.
Perhaps that's why you've been on the side of the Trumpers.
I didn't vote for him but he's turned out to be better than I expected.
OTOH - I'd not have expected much from Hildy and the bar was set low either way.

I know Lefties IRL less afflicted/obsessed by TDS than others wink who grudgingly(!!!) admit the same, except they use the phrase "less bad" rather than "better" laugh

Trump did say he did not like US troops in wars here there and everywhere. He wants them to fight to safeguard US and not the whole world.

I can remember him backing out one such incursion of late as he said it would have hit civilian innocents, remember that???

He is not a war maker but he is a protector foremost to his own country
"I can remember him backing out one such incursion of late as he said it would have hit civilian innocents, remember that???"

I most definitely remember that, fedex thumbs up
I also remember thinking that the 150 anticipated collateral damage dead folks owed their lives to The Don making that call rather than Hildebeest.

History doesn't reveal its alternatives, but based on her record in the Senate & State Department (We came. We saw. He died.) I'm firmly convinced she'd have done it.
Damned right I remember that cheers

"Now, the Kurds are fighting for their land, just so you understand, they are fighting for their land. And as somebody wrote in a very, very powerful article today, they didn’t help us in the Second World War, they didn’t help us with Normandy"

First off I would like for you to notice a popular trick that Con Artists use, "Repetition". I highlighted the phrase from the above in italics to make it more obvious.
Next, who is this "somebody" and how can they be so sure there were no Kurds fighting the Nazi's or Imperial Japan during WW2? Also, why would this draft dodger who "knows more than all the Generals" need to quote this "somebody" in this "very, very powerful article"? Shouldn't this Military Genius have this knowledge already without quoting an article by "Somebody"?
He has given a long rope.

Let's see where it will end. frustrated
You arm chair generals don't know what stupid shyt Trump has planned. I'd be genuinely curious what would happen if congress did declare a war.

what a load of rubbish , have you had family in these never ending wars ? I have , Afghanistan for one . You can shove your shite where the sun don't shine and so can Jim . Jim will never have family of his own in these shitehole countries in uniform ,the childless can be very brave with other peoples children . The mark of a coward . Big brave Jimmy alright
Embedded image from another site
Big brave Jimmy knows more than your president Dong , you smarten up sonny
Lefties (here & folks I know IRL) are raising the "abandoned allies" arguments raised by conservative war-hawks about leaving Vietnam 50-some years ago.

One of 'em is a vintage Vietnam protester.
When asked if we should still be expending blood & treasure in 'Nam supporting our allies there ... *crickets chirping*.


"American mothers cannot bear enough sons to police the world."
- Paul Harvey

First of all, the US personnel that were withdrawn weren't infantry.
They were advisors, not actual combat personnel,
and the president of Turkey would not dare attack while they were there.
So, it was an open invitation for Turkey to attack after they were withdrawn.
Is that the way our allies should be treated ?
I bet there would be outrage, if that's the way US troops were treated by our allies.
While they may not have fought at Normandy, they fought with us more recently
to fight & capture ISIS fighters.
you know jackshit Jim , advisers go with the troops , we had one killed in Afgahnistan in Kabul . Many US advisers have been killed over the years .
I never said it was impossible for one to be killed.
Try reading my actual words.
They go into combat Jim , call it by any other name you like . Try reading a little , Shelby Stanton's book ' Berets at War , you might just grasb what betrayal really is
Sounds familiar. Where might I've heard it before confused


GOT IT! Now I remember. Nothing new under the sun.

"They were advisors, not actual combat personnel,
and the president of Turkey would not dare attack while they were there."

Sooo....The U.S. lends out it's armed forces as human shields so our allies won't get attacked for fear of causing U.S. casualties which would bring down the wrath of the U.S. dunno

That's not the only reason they were there, and they weren't shields to take the bullets, but they did effectively prevent Turkey from attacking.
That's why they attacked literally the day after they were removed.
Turkey one way or another will create a safe haven in that area . Its been done before , they have enough balls to do it . The dutch had no balls and handed over their safe have in Jugoslavia leading to 30,000 killed . The area the Turks are taking over is now under new managment . There could be no delay between US leaving and the Turks entering ,otherwise ISIL may have taken advantage , to big for your pur-blind mind to understand .
This is SO much a trip down memory lane daydream
Makes me wanna sing choir

very happy
Yup! Just switch out a few as well as at Woodstock back in the day.
Especially that part, "C'mon Wall Street, don't be slow..." Some things never change.

HELL! War-hawk Lefties NOW even look like '60s vintage war-hawk 'Publicans THEN!
Never saw THAT comin'!
Go figure confused

Gee. Even though it's much more recent.
It seems some forget 9/11 on our soil
and the beheadings.
The Kurds in combination with our advisors were
doing a damn good job. Why disband before it is complete ?
And what? We were supposed to ignore the Tonkin Gulf Incident?
Those Commie sum'bltches attacked the USS Maddox! Right? wink

If we'd not looked weak & never yet abandoned our 'Nam allies to a Commie bloodbath, the dominoes wouldn't have fallen & those Islamic sum'bltches never would've fúcked with us devil

Never should've ended the draft sigh
Lefties woulda gotten straightened out if they'd been given given the opportunity to contain Commies in 'Nam!

This is SO retro very happy

None knows kurdish or arabic communties what they are. Easy speaking here :) . But what about will happend syrian refugees who live turkish border bcz of kurdish terroist.. this operation is spring peace and aims sending refugee to homeland back .. kurdish people came from iraq 3 years ago and fired syrian arabic people .. neither arabic country nor europe goverments didnt accept syrian refugee .. But turkey 10 million syrian refugee accept .. right now this war is for syrian refugees so that they can go home bcz there is belong syrian people . Not iraq kurdi nor armenia.. turkish present today said this . If u are aganist this case then i open my gate send all 10 million syrian refugee europe so cleverly
General Jimmy does not care for Syrian refugee's , he only wants a way to crap on his president . Doubt he can understand Turkey is allied to the USA , the Kurds are not US allies .
The US advisers were with the Kurds, or with Turkey ? roll eyes
Which one fought to destroy ISIS ? roll eyes
PKK killed over 30000 Turks , you care nothing for Kurds Turks or Syrian's , its just a box for you to stand on in your hate for Trump .
"...its just a box for you to stand on in your hate for Trump ."

Of COURSE it is, ep! Why Wouldn't it be? Everything else is ::verymad:

Suspect it's induced/inspired by CNN.

A buddy & I occasionally stop at a fast food place where CNN is on.
EVERY freakin' time we go into the place..."Trump this"..."Trump that"..."Investigate Trump"..."Impeach Trump" infinitum... ad nauseum barf ... EVERY freakin' time!!!
It's now a running joke - what will the CNN talking heads be lashing Trump with THIS time? yawn
You know - like looking in on the blogs typing

Ain't any wonder there are more Florida pythons than CNN viewers (Not literally. But the way both numbers are trending, it won't be long.)

Whether CNN or daily blogs - It finally just becomes background noise. Like looped elevator music.
No one believes it, pays any heed or gives a damn. playball Not really, they don't.
It's just noise. Or a way for 1/2 dozen or so folks to kill some time on a singles site blog.
About as useful as doing crossword puzzles - only less educational.

It's a GOOD thing, in a way.
Like I said to the buddy at the fast food place - They gotta fill 24 hours with SOMEthing - as long as one hears the Trump background noise loop (or sees the daily blog) one can rest assured nothing of any Real significance has occurred.
No S has HTF smile
No one has Dropped The Big One very happy

It's the e-town-crier equivalent of ... "**** O'Clock, and All's Well!!"

Trump has had a hand in the deaths of the Syrians civilians and destroyed the trust of our allies.

It'll take a long, long time to regain the trust of our allies now.
We bailed on 'Nam & Commies blood-bathed our erstwhile allies.
We took in our lap dog Shah when he skipped Iran & turned it over to insane Islamic fanatics.

We were gonna leave Syria (and other elective war sites) at some point.
Their fate was sealed when we went IN & intervened - just a matter of when.

The world's now used to it. It's seen it enough times - ain't no thing.
It'll be OK, Elsie comfort You'll see smile

Besides -
We gotta cut our Mideast misadventure losses to get ready for the NEXT one...
Canada, Norway, Denmark & such picking a bone with the Russian Bear, making the Arctic a NATO issue & sucking Big Brother Murka into slugging it out for 'em...

Pay ESPECIAL(!) attention @ 7:20 - 7:50 --- Seriously, Y'all.



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